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1zpresso JX Pro Review: How Good Is It

Compared to their electrical counterparts, manual grinders have always been somewhat slow. The Jx series from 1Zpresso, however, differs from that. These grinders ought to be popular among many prices and quality-conscious coffee drinkers, given their attractive price.

1zpresso Review

About 1ZPresso

About 1ZPresso
About 1ZPresso

The majority of the focus of the Taiwanese coffee company 1ZPresso is on manual coffee grinders. One excellent illustration of how far the limits are still being pushed in the world of coffee technology is 1Zpresso.

Over the past ten years, manual coffee grinders have advanced significantly, they are now a viable, practical, and economical option for any application, including espresso. Many people may have believed that manual grinders had reached their “peak,” but 1Zpresso changed all that.

Taiwanese company 1Zpresso specializes in manual grinders while designing coffee equipment. They were established by engineers who loved coffee to improve upon already excellent hand grinders.

Quick Fact: Instead of using the conventional materials of choice (glass, plastic, and wood), they have constructed various advanced hand grinders from accurate industrial materials like steel and aluminum.

Their products now establish new benchmarks for grind consistency, fine-tuning grind settings, and overall toughness.


The products in the Jx-series look amazing. These grinders are stylish and well-made, but everything has been considered. The basic Jx looks seductive in black and feels excellent in hand, thanks to the large wooden handle knobs. Several of the company’s grinders have a grey-silver finish, and the Jx Pro has the same finish.

  • Size: The ‘Pro’ and the basic model have many characteristics in common, but you’ll notice that the latter is taller and heavier immediately.
  • Adjustment: The adjustment is another significant distinction between the two grinders. You get more straightforward access to the adjustment and more settings on the Pro model.

The Jx-models include a wide rubber band that wraps across much of the body, providing a superb grip. This is significant because the grinder’s diameter is relatively large. Two bearings on the inside give an incredibly smooth spinning motion. As usual, the bearings of 1Z grinders are among the best in the business.

But the overall design, tactile feel, and ergonomics are superb. They have a pleasant hand feel, attractive looks, and a smooth grind. In terms of portability, these grinders could be more travel-sized. The entry-level model weighs 650 grams (23 oz). Its size is comparable to Helor 101 and Comandante C40, thus, traveling with it is still an option.

Compared to some heavyweights in the manual grinder division, the Pro is around 3.8 oz/110 grams heavier. Consider the Q2 from 1Zpresso if you’re searching for a dedicated travel grinder instead.

Is 1Zpresso JX Good For Espresso?

Is 1Zpresso JX good for Espresso?
Is 1Zpresso JX good for Espresso?

It can accommodate pour-over and immersion methods and produces espresso reasonably. Finding a hand grinder that can match the 1Zpresso JX’s capacity, performance, and durability at a comparable cost is challenging.

As a result of all these factors, most coffee lovers would be delighted to get a 1Zpresso JX for their home settings. But keep in mind that the Normcore V2 is something to think about. The 1Zpresso JX only surpasses its capacity, making it a superior choice for regular use at home.

The Normcore V2 is an excellent choice on all fronts from a financial standpoint compared to consistency, weight, and portability.

How Long Does It Take To Grind With 1Zpresso?

How long does it take to grind with 1Zpresso?
How long does it take to grind with 1Zpresso?

Everyone who has used a manual grinder knows how important grind speed is. Grinding beans by hand can take a long time and is laborious. The way 1Zpresso has presented it, though, makes it sound simple. To make turning smooth and straightforward, bearings have first been fitted to the crank.

The huge 48mm stainless steel burrs, which make quick work of grinding, are partly responsible for the quick grind speed. Unexpectedly, the 1Zpresso JX outperforms the JX-Pro in speed. With the JX and the JX-Pro, grinding an 18g dose for pour-over takes roughly 20 and 30 seconds, respectively.


If you’re looking for a manual grinder, the 1Zpresso grinders are excellent and only cost $289. These grinders are incredibly well-built, have remarkable grind consistency, and are quick and easy to operate. While the 1Zpresso JX Pro excels at both espresso and pour-over, the 1Zpresso JX is perfect for pour-over.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a manual hand grinder, either of these models from 1Zpresso will be helpful. 1Zpresso has raised the standard for manual grinders. Their goods are outstanding in every category and reasonably priced (about 2-3 times cheaper than rivals).

They grind rapidly and consistently, have gorgeous designs, and are long-lasting. Why hold out any longer?

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