The Charli Dunkin: Everything You Need To Know

The Charli Dunkin

Charli D’Amelio’s favorite Dunkin’ drink has been called “The Charli” and it’s accessible in Dunkin’ establishments and through the Dunkin’ Application’s Buy Ahead feature. Dunkin’ Donuts launches a new challenge for an opportunity to virtually hang out along with Charli, as well as an exclusive Charli-inspired track and special social material. The Cold Brew Dunkin’ … Read more

Niche Grinder: Everything You Need To Know

Niche Grinder

For most people, the best way they start their day is with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Many homes these days have coffee grinders, coffee makers, and more for this purpose. If you are a coffee lover like most people are, you should know having the best coffee grinder and coffee maker at home … Read more

Lavender Latte: How To Make One & What Is It

Lavender Latte

On one hand, you love how the aroma of coffee gets you up and running. On the other hand, you adore how the scent of lavender calms you. So what happens when you have them at the same time? You get the lavender latte, also known as the perfect pandemic beverage. What is a Lavender … Read more

Chocolate Starbucks Drinks: 25 Drinks You Have To Try

Chocolate Starbucks Drinks

Chocolate Starbucks drinks are such a wonderful drink to consider, without any doubt. Chocolate drinks at Starbucks are typically very cheap and make your day a little nicer, and the coffee is just the thing to make you feel energized. Chocolate Starbucks drinks have been around for quite some time. So chocolate Starbucks drinks are … Read more