What Is An Americano Coffee: What Is In An Americano Coffee Explained

American coffee is a coffee drink that owes its name to the place that made it famous.

In fact, in the United States, it is the most requested drink in bars and in offices; there is always a jug containing this steaming beverage, ready to be poured into mugs or classic tall cardboard glasses; in short, it is undoubtedly a drink known by all.

But have you ever wondered how the much-loved Americano was born? Here we are to tell you everything you need to know about the Americano.

what is an americano coffee

History Of The Americano

American coffee is said to have originated in Italy during the Second World War when US soldiers began to dilute the iconic Italian espresso with hot water because they found the flavor too intense.

The result? A coffee to sip, savor slowly, much more similar to what they used to drink in their country of origin.

Americano Taste

In appearance, American coffee sometimes retains the cream on the surface typical of espresso preparation and a strong taste, but certainly diluted due to the addition of boiling water.

Its flavor is less aromatic and less concentrated. Obviously, the result of a different taste and texture than the classic espresso coffee is due in particular to the blend of American coffee and its differences compared to the traditional blends used for espresso.

How Is Americano Different From Regular Coffee

American coffee (in short. ’Americano”) is a drink obtained by infusing roasted and ground coffee seeds.

It is prepared similarly to how a “normal’ coffee is prepared, but unlike the latter, it contains more water which is added later.

On a technical level, the Americano should not be mistaken as a synonym for “long espresso,” which instead is the result of a greater flow of water.

Americano tastes different from filter coffee (drip coffee or brewed coffee) but has a similar intensity.

The intensity of the American coffee is different depending on the number of shots of the powder dispenser, which provides the necessary dose for an espresso) and/or the amount of water added.

Nutritional Values Of Americano Coffee

Americano coffee, of course, contains caffeine, a well-known substance with a stimulating effect.

This substance has a similar effect to adrenaline and is considered a good antioxidant. However, due to its exciting action, it cannot be taken in large quantities.

As can be imagined, the consumption of American coffee is completely not recommended for children, heart patients, people with severe hypertension, those suffering from anxiety, and above all in therapy with anxiolytics, as well as people suffering from severe gastrointestinal disorders.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women and those suffering from moderate digestive system disorders (e.g., gastritis), on the other hand, must make limited use of it.

The American does not provide relevant doses of calories or nutrients. The total energy depends on the amount of added sugar or other calorie sweeteners (honey, syrup, etc.).

In the United States, they sometimes stain American coffee with milk cream (rich in calories, cholesterol, and saturated fat). This is obviously not recommended for those suffering from overweight, for example.

American coffee does not contain lactose, gluten, or potentially allergenic molecules, and there are no contraindications for vegetarianism and veganism.

However, for a healthy adult individual, it is usually advisable to consume one-two or at most three servings a day of Americano.

Americano Caffeine Content

It is impossible to make a precise comparison between American coffee and espresso, as they are two decidedly different drinks, just as the way of consumption is different: the espresso is in a cup, to be drunk all in one gulp on the contrary.

americana espresso
Americano Coffee

American coffee is a drink to be enjoyed slowly, perfect to accompany afternoons of study, chats without haste, or readings.

One thing, however, is certain: American coffee can contain up to three times the amount of caffeine of an espresso!

In fact, we must take into account that in American coffee, the percentage of caffeine is even higher; let’s see why.

The first reason is that being prepared by infusion, the result in the cup is more intense and more concentrated (even if from the flavor, compared to normal coffee, it would seem the opposite).

The concentration of caffeine depends on the blend chosen and the type of preparation.

The faster the preparation process, the less caffeine will be extracted from the powder, and since the length of American coffee is much greater than all other varieties of coffee, it is easy to understand how in long coffees it is found in greater quantities than in short ones.

But is the American, therefore, harmful to our health?

As with all other types of coffee, the cup of American coffee can only hurt (in healthy individuals and adults) if the amount of caffeine consumed is excessive, so just don’t overdo it!

A fragrant hot cup, perhaps in the morning, is absolutely not harmful, on the contrary. It is a charge of energy appreciated by many people, and it is also the perfect opportunity to fill up on taste!


American coffee is made up of one or two espressos, the result of a blend containing mainly coarsely ground roasted seeds of the “Robusta” variety, with the addition of more boiling water.

There seems to be no universal rule as to how much water to add. in the UK, for example, it is between 30 and 470ml.

In the main areas of Australia and South Asia, the American is called “long black’, while the shorter and more similar to an “espresso is called “short black.”

Compared to American coffee, long black is prepared by reversing the phases, then first the hot water is poured into the cup and after which the espresso is pulled out of the machine.

In the western part of the United States, on the other hand, the term “Caffe Italiano” is used when you want to consume a drink made from espresso and water in a 1:1 ratio (25 or 30 ml + 30 ml = 55-60 ml).

Hot water for American coffee can be drawn from the espresso machine or from a separate kettle.

You can also use the capsule coffee machine to prepare the American, at least in some models. Some espresso machines have a built-in hot water dispenser, while others use the vaporizer tube. The separate water heater is considered useful but only for commercial purposes.

It allows to particularly reduce the use of the espresso machine, preventing the pressure reduction in the circuit.

Not everyone knows that to restore internal pressure and temperature, the espresso machine has a higher energy consumption than any other kettle.

How To Perfect A Americano Coffee

The secret the experts say lies in the blend; in fact, they recommend preparing it using the Arabica blend, which is lighter than Robusta but with an incredible aromatic taste.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the grinding of the grains: this must remain coarser than the grinding that would be done to obtain an espresso coffee.

The water must then be heated until it reaches a temperature of 93-94 (and therefore not boiling) and the coffee placed inside the special conical filter.

caffè americano
Americano From Starbucks

The ideal doses? About 4 grams of coffee for every 150ml of water, the equivalent of a cup. Through this process, the water will flow slowly through the coffee filter absorbing all the aroma and organoleptic characteristics for a maximum of 3-4 minutes.

When It Is Drunk?

Americano is mostly consumed when you want a long, coffee-flavored drink. Many buy it to take it away and enjoy it on the street, perhaps on their way to work.

American coffee can also be made from the same blend used for strong espresso, especially when a shorter drink is preferred, consisting of a single shot of powder (instead of two), to avoid giving it excessive strength or using blends as much, to read.

For preparations with the same blend of espresso, a ratio of 1:1 between pure drink and water is preferred, pulling the coffee directly into the cup containing the hot water in order not to compromise too much the consistency of the cream.

Variations Of The Americano

• Iced Americano: summer trendy drink to be enjoyed when hot, it is the same drink (American coffee) created using cold water instead of hot water.

• The “caffe crema”: The cream coffee is served in a 200/250ml cappuccino cup (very often larger than the one usually used in different countries) filled about 3/4 full with a long coffee extracted from the machine for espresso with a double filter holder and a dose of 14/16gr in about 30/40 seconds.

Obviously, a coffee grinder with a very different setting from that used for espresso is used to perform this extraction. Even if the beans are often the same for cream coffee, the grain size used is much larger.

The pressure extraction of the espresso machine allows you to create a cream similar to that of espresso but with a slightly lighter color. Its taste is very similar to an American!

• The “red-eye”: also called “shot in the dark,” is a coffee that you drink when you really want to wake up!

A part of American coffee is combined with strong espresso for a “caffeine bomb* effect So famous that it has even become the name of a beer, the Red Eye Coffee Porter.

Americano with Milk

Most coffee drinkers prefer a dark but smooth taste. The bitterness left in your mouth after that first sip of pure coffee makes your day complete. Some prefer other coffee mixtures and still enjoy that tasteful cup.

A lot of coffee preparation includes milk. So, what is an Americano with milk? That’s an espresso added with milk, be it full or non-fat, for an intense yet rich flavor.

You can always ask a barista to add a little milk based on your preference for a balanced yet flavorful anytime-of-the-day drink. With bitterness being toned down, coffee with milk still gets the fullness of each drink to kickstart your day.

Hot or cold Americano added with the right amount of milk still makes a perfectly blended cup of bliss.

Every coffee concoction is made according to each drinker’s liking. What is an Americano with milk for each coffee drinker?

It has a bitter yet smooth taste which brings the right blend of coffee with milk added.

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