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How To Make Armenian Coffee – Armenian Coffee Recipe

Armenian Coffee is one of the most unique and sacred coffee cultures in the world. If you’ve tasted Armenian coffee, you’ll know that it’s nothing like you’ve ever tasted before. The way they craft their coffee is so special.

So, through this article, we’ll be telling you all you need to know about Armenian coffee, so let’s get into it!

armenian coffee

How To Make Armenian Coffee

Many Armenians will start the day with a cup of coffee, but Armenian coffee normally comes from Colombia as the country is not able to grow coffee. To make Armenian coffee you’ll need a good roast, a coffee pot, and some patience.

First, take the beans and grind them into powdered sugar; you might have to do this by hand if you don’t have a home grinder. Then, you will mix the coffee powder with water and sugar (if you like), then you have to put the mix over a direct flame in a pot until it reaches boiling point.

Then, when it’s ready, it is to be served in a small 3 oz cup and enjoyed right away. This is one of the next coffee experiences I have ever tasted, and the thick and full-bodied coffee is truly amazing.

This way of making coffee is very popular in Armenia and has been around for generations.

Actually, the way of making coffee is very similar all over the middle east.

Is Armenian coffee strong?

Armenian coffee can be put next to Greek and Turkish coffee. Like these coffees, the flavor is very, very strong, and it is a normally unfiltered coffee with small serving size. It is normally black coffee making it very strong. This is very common throughout the Middle East, with small strong coffees. So yes, Armenian coffee is quite strong.

Does coffee grow in Armenia?

No, unfortunately, coffee does not grow in Armenia; rather, most of the beans that Armenia’s use come from Colombia. Any coffee the country grows is kept for domestic consumption, but there are not big farms like the ones found in South American countries.

Is Turkish coffee Armenian?

Well, they do have very similar ways of making coffee, and the coffee does taste the same, but they are not exactly the same. Turkish coffee is not Armenian, as there are small tweaks to the way they do things.

Aremnian Coffee Review

So, if you were looking for some Armenian coffee to have inside your own house, here are our favorite Armenian coffee beans on the market today. This brand is also the best Armenian coffee brand!

These are some of the best coffee beans you can use for Armenian coffee. They come from Colombia, which is where most Armenians get their coffee from. These coffee beans are quite cheap and will allow you to get a high-quality Armenian coffee experience.

Coffee Shift Arabic Coffee Beans Review

Also, these coffee beans have low acidity and a sweet vanilla coffee with hints of walnut and a smooth finish. The taste of the beans is truly amazing and should not be overlooked.

This coffee is fair trade coffee and is 100% Arabica whole bean coffee! Overall, if you are looking for some coffee beans to make Armenian coffee, this is the best Armenian coffee beans!


So, there you have it, our guide on Armenian Coffee; we hope you enjoyed this article and were able to learn something useful about Armenian coffee. Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy your CozyCoffee!

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