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Atlas Coffee Club Review – Is The Atlas Coffee Company Any Good?

We have been hampered down inside our homes for a while because of the global pandemic and are already dying to have a vacation of some sort.

Since we still can’t, we turn to our blissful cup of coffee to escape from our dire day-to-day life with a few moments of relaxation. What if I tell you that your coffee can also “take you places”?

The Atlas Coffee Club feeds the wanderlust of coffee enthusiasts by providing the best coffee from different origins around the world thru their monthly subscription service.

So, what takes it apart from other coffee subscription services?


Product Review

The Atlas Coffee Club carries us on a “coffee journey” as it brings us outstanding single-origin coffees from all over the globe.

You could be savoring a smooth Brazillian coffee today and brewing a bold Kenyan coffee next week. They reach as far as Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Honduras, and Ethiopia.

Experience the best of “all worlds” as you embark on this unique expedition that you can relish from the comfort of your own home.

Atlas Coffee Club Coffee Beans
  • Beautiful Coffee From Around The World.
  • Freshly Roasted.
  • Experience Coffee Culture From Around The World.

Coffee Selection

Atlas Coffee Club offers one coffee origin per month; it shifts monthly and rotates from over 50 coffee regions around the globe – it will be a while before you run out of new coffee places to “visit.”

With the coffee preference aside, these are the things that you can customize on your coffee selection:

Roast preference – you can choose from 3 options: All Roast Types, where you let them decide what roast type to send you; Light-Medium with notes of chocolate, fruit, citrus, and berry; Medium-Dark with full-body, chocolaty, rich, and bold notes.

Grind Type – Whole or ground: Atlas knows coffee connoisseurs have coffee grinders at home to ensure that the beans are fresh before brewing. If you choose ground, take note that it’s a fine grind, the one that’s used for espresso machines.


Atlas roasts their coffee daily and ships them out on the same day, so you can expect to receive it in 3-5 business days.

On their website, they recommend allowing the coffee to properly degas within seven days of roasting before brewing it for optimum flavor. Other shipping customization includes:

Shipment size – you can choose from a 6oz half bag, 12oz single bag, or the 24oz double bag, which is good for 60 cups.

Shipment frequency – you can also select how often you would want to receive your coffee: either every two weeks or every four weeks.

Skip a shipment – after selecting your shipment frequency, you can also skip it at any time and manually pick a different date on when you would like your next shipment to be.


One striking thing about Atlas Coffee Club is its attention to detail when it comes to its packaging.

If you’re a person who likes to read the labels of your grocery items and likes to keep their pretty bags and boxes (for whatever project you might need it for in the future), then you are in for a treat. These are what you’ll expect from your subscription box:

A beautifully designed coffee bag – Atlas Coffee Club is known for its brightly patterned coffee bags with nothing else written on them aside from the coffee’s country origin on each side. Executive Director Jordan Rosenacker explained that their coffee bags are designed specifically for each country.

Their Ethiopia coffee bag, for example, is designed to “paint the flavors” of the birthplace of coffee, celebrating its citrus and berry flavors. Their coffee bags reflect every region’s tones and geographies to immerse us in each countries culture.

A lovely postcard – completing the “coffee culture immersion,” you will also receive a photo of breathtaking scenery along with interesting facts about the country where your coffee came from.

The borders and hues of the majestic scenery seamlessly match the design of the coffee bag.

It is also an actual postcard: it has a space to write a note, and you can send it to a fellow coffee lover who will receive a 50% Off promo code; ain’t that sweet?

An informational card – another card in the box will give you further details about where exactly in the region your coffee came from, its coffee history, the altitude, coffee process, and coffee notes. It also includes expert details like roast level, suggested brewing methods, and tasting notes.


The 6oz half bag, which is good for 15 cups, is priced at $9, the 12oz full bag that’s good for 30 cups is at $14, while the 24oz double bag is $28.

Buying a bag of beans from your local grocery store might be cheaper, but for all you know, it could be sitting on that shelf for weeks, and it’s probably not single-origin.

The Atlas coffee is carefully selected coffee by coffee experts, and it is always fresh; you can already tell that as soon as you open your Atlas coffee bag for the first time.

If you’re new to a subscription service and are a bit unsure on which to choose, you can opt for the half bag first, although the price of the full bag is more practical and affordable even compared to other coffee subscription services.


Each origin provides a coffee experience distinct from the others. Their Camo de Minas Brazil coffee has notes of blackberry, brown sugar, and chocolate, while their San Victor Guatemala coffee is smooth and balanced with dark cherry, nougat, and milk chocolate notes.

Atlas coffee beans are exquisite and impressively high quality; they even have a “freshness guarantee”: you can let them know if the coffee you received isn’t fresh, and they will send you another bag for free, a guarantee that’s hard to beat, I should say.

Overall Experience

Navigating thru the Atlas Coffee Club website is a breeze. It is a pretty straightforward space where you can get from account creation to check out effortlessly.

Once you sign up, you will also be enrolled in their rewards program automatically – you’ll receive points for the “miles” your coffee has traveled, the countries you “visit,” referrals, and gifts purchase.

You can use these points for vouchers and free shipping. Receiving their package is like gifting yourself for all the hard work you’ve done.

They put effort to not just sell us coffee but enlighten us about the coffee we drink as well as helping coffee farmers around the world: it says on their website that they pay local farmers above fair trade prices.

It made me feel good realizing my purchase is somehow able to help sustain micro-lot farmers. I’d say they took my overall coffee experience to a vaster level.

Buyers Guide

Is Atlas Coffee Good?

To say that Atlas Coffee is good is an understatement. It has garnered a lot of positive reviews from individual people who’ve tried it and has found its way on the top lists of experts from Forbes and USA Today.

With high-quality coffees curated directly from a variety of unique origins around the globe, expect nothing but a perfect cup of brew every time.

Who owns Atlas Coffee?

Entrepreneur and musician Michael Shewmake quit his corporate job and founded the Atlas Coffee Club in 2015.

In 2020 Shewmake talked about how he started in his Picuki account and said, “I’ve been insanely fortunate to have met and joined forces with some of the most amazing and talented humans, and together we are building something we are collectively proud of, everyone’s about your ability to dodge punches, everyone is going to get hit in the face, life is about being able to take hits and keep going..”

To this day, he runs The Atlas Coffee Club with his co-founder Jonathan Miller along with several talented contributors; you can check them all on their website.

Where is Atlas Coffee located?

The Atlas Coffee Club sources its coffee from 50 different countries around the world. All these coffee are roasted in Austin, Texas, to ensure that the beans are freshly delivered to our doorstep.

How do I cancel Atlas Coffee?

With all the great things about the Atlas Coffee Club, it’s still not everyone’s cup of tea (or coffee).

There is nothing wrong with wanting to savor the same exact coffee that your taste buds are already attuned to for the rest of your life. Canceling your Atlas Coffee subscription is as easy as signing up for it.

It’s a flexible, no-fuss process. You can cancel anytime, change your preferences or skip a shipment with a few hassle-free clicks on their website.


Enjoying wonderful coffee and receiving an amazing gift monthly – it’s like having this fabulous friend who loves to travel, and thru his coffee, we get to share his adventures.

More than just a subscription, you’ll find the Atlas Coffee Club to be a remarkable learning experience.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this review; I hope it helped you in deciding whether the Atlas Coffee Club is worth the try; keep safe!

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