Espresso Vs Coffee – What’s The Difference?

espresso vs coffee

Over 50 percent of consumers buy prepared coffee drinks. Maybe you’re one of them. You have probably experienced different beverages besides a cup of coffee, making you wonder about the difference between espresso and coffee. For some people, a small cup of espresso is the only ideal beverage, while others think espresso is a waste … Read more

Is Coffee Acidic? – What Makes Coffee Acidic?

Is Coffee Acidic

Many people do not know the truth about what kind of coffee is acid and which is alkaline. Some may even think that they are the same. So we are here to answer the age-old question, Is Coffee Acidic? Coffee makers will tell you that the acidity of coffee comes from the method by which … Read more

What Is A Frappe? – Is A Frappe Coffee?

These drinks are usually confused as ice cream or a simple shake. The truth is that they are in the same family of drinks. But a frappe differs by being a little different and delicious, they very tasty indeed. The frappé is a cold coffee drink made and served in a special and simple way … Read more

Costa Rican Coffee: How To Buy The Best Costa Rican Coffee In 2020

Many countries around the world produce coffee, but none like Costa Rica. Despite it only providing less than 1 percent of the world’s coffee, it still produces some of the most high-quality and respected coffee beans in the world today.   In 1989, Costa Rica made it illegal to harvest anything other than 100% Arabica coffee … Read more