Bang Flavors List: How Many Bang Flavors Are There & Bang Flavors Ranked

Not everyone has unlimited energy to do a hundred pushups or another set of weight lifting in the gym, and having caffeine in your system is the perfect revitalizer for your body to achieve your gym goals. That is why people love energy drinks, and to be specific, why people love Bang Energy Drink. 

Popping a can of Bang energy drink wouldn’t just help you at the gym, but you can also use it as an early morning boost or a midnight dose of energy. Energy drinks are very versatile, as you can drink them at any time of the day for a dose of caffeine without needing to endure a bitter cup of burning hot coffee. 

bang energy drink flavors list

Bang Flavors List Ranked

  1. Pina Colada
  2. Frose Rose
  3. Champagne
  4. Cherry Blade Lemonade
  5. Power Punch
  6. Miami Cola
  7. Root Beer
  8. Peach Mango
  9.  Purple Guava Pear
  10.  Black Cherry Vanilla
  11. Citrus Twist
  12. Wyldin Watermelon
  13. Purple Haze
  14. Bangster Berry
  15. Blue Razz
  16. Sour Heads
  17. Candy Apple Crisp
  18. Radical Skadattle 
  19.  Lemon Drop
  20. Birthday Cake Bash

Bang Energy Drink Flavors & Caffeine Content

The usual serving size of 16 fluid ounce (fl. oz.) can of Bang Energy contains a total of 300 mg of caffeine, and that’s 18.75 mg per fl. oz. To compare the caffeine level of Bang energy drink to other caffeine-related beverages. Arranged from least to most with caffeine amount per serving size and per fl. oz. in milligrams:

· The famous Coca-Cola Classic soda or Coke has 34mg per 12 fl oz can or 0.35 mg per fl oz.

· A can of Red Bull has 80mg per 8.46 fl oz can or 9.46 mg per fl oz.

· Monster Energy drink has 160mg per 16 fl oz can or 10 mg per fl oz.

· Starbucks Triple Shot Energy has 225 mg per 15 fl oz can or 15 mg per fl oz.

From these numbers alone, you can definitely conclude that Bang Energy is a better kick in your system than any of the other beverages listed above for reference. 

There is more caffeine content per fluid ounce in Bang Energy with 18.75 mg, unlike its closest competitor (Starbucks Triple Shot Energy) with only 15 mg.

Bang energy drinks are served in a variety of flavors, from a standard lemon to a crazy birthday cake flavor. 

Aside from giving you the energy, it’s also going to suit whatever palate you have. It’s not your normal energy drink with a conventional taste, that is for sure.

If you want to grab a can of Bang Energy, here’s a quick guide to the flavors they offer. It is categorized per theme, so you can easily find the best flavor for your tongue. We also explained some flavors that have unique names so you wouldn’t be confused about what it’s like.

Booze Flavors

Alcoholic drinks would not give you energy but will drain your energy. If you want to enjoy the bar while you’re working on your sit-ups, here are booze-flavored Bang Energy drinks for your workout. 

You don’t have to worry too. None of these flavors contain any real alcohol content.

1. Pina Colada

2. Frose Rose

3. Champagne

new bang flavor
Bang Booze Flavors

Drink Replica Flavors

Since there’s already a lot of famous and existing refreshments that a lot of people love, Bang Energy converted the taste of these famous go-to drinks into energy drinks. 

You could never go wrong with any of these choices, as you already know how these flavors taste like.

4. Cherry Blade Lemonade

5. Power Punch

6. Miami Cola

7. Root Beer

Fruity Flavors

If you’re a fan of fruit-flavored drinks, these Bang Energy drinks are obviously inspired by normal fruits or fruity drinks. It’s a mix of tropical and energy!

8. Peach Mango

9. Purple Guava Pear

10. Black Cherry Vanilla

11. Citrus Twist

12. Wyldin Watermelon

13. Purple Haze – It’s not obvious from the name, but Purple Haze is a grape-flavored energy drink.

Bang Energy Drink Tier List

14. Bangster Berry – If you don’t know what kind of berry it contains, surprise! It’s a combination of blueberry and strawberry.

15. Blue Razz – This sweet and sour drink is a lot similar to blue raspberry, named Razz, to make it more unique.

Candy-Inspired Flavors

Candies are really popular as it is sweet and best for your dessert. To make an energy drink more loveable, Bang Energy has incorporated the candy taste into its beverage. It’s a candy powerup!

16. Sour Heads

17. Candy Apple Crisp

18. Radical Skadattle – The term Skadattle is derived from the candy Skittles. This drink is also flavored from that candy, hence the name inspiration.

19. Lemon Drop

Crazy Weird Flavors

The names of these Bang Energy drinks are wild and crazy, that’s for sure. It’s unusual, and you wouldn’t be able to know how it tastes like. 

However, no Bang Energy drink will fail you, so don’t be wary of trying this.

20. Birthday Cake Bash – It’s hard to believe that a cake can be made into a drink, but Bash Energy did great with making this taste just like a cake batter with sweet vanilla.

21. Key Lime Pie – This doesn’t taste like lime, but more of the sweet and creamy Key Lime Pie itself.

flavors of bang
All Bang Flavors.

22. Rainbow Unicorn – This drink doesn’t taste like a mythical creature, that’s for sure. It’s more of a watermelon and bubblegum taste.

23. Cotton Candy

24. Delish Strawberry Kiss – Unlike what the fruity name suggests, this can of Bang Energy actually tastes like a slice of sweet strawberry shortcake.

25. Star Blast – This Bang’s sweetness is comparable to gummy bears with a tropical undertone.

You can directly buy your energy drink on Bang Energy drink’s official website or your local store. More than what’s on the list, their flavors are constantly updated a lot. 

Some may be unavailable at the moment, and new ones might pop out. However, don’t worry as they are most likely to produce brand new flavors in the market rather than eliminating products. 

Bang Energy is a company that loves to spice things up, especially the taste of their energy refreshments. It’s a good way to keep us all anticipating for what comes next from them.

If you want to catch these flavors before they’re gone, you better try them now and buy a can of Bang for yourself! 

Don’t forget to look out for the new ones too, as we might get another addition to the crazy weird Bang Energy flavors collection.

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