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5 Cup Coffee Maker Reviews – Should You Buy One?

There is no better time to discuss what 5 cup coffee makers are than now. During the coronavirus pandemic, we are encouraged to stay home, remain several feet apart, etc., Remaining home as a family or as an individual who craves a cup of coffee throughout the day to help remain stress-free.

The caffeine chemicals in coffee affect the brain’s cellular chemistry Coffee doesn’t just help to keep us awake and alert, but it also affects the neurotransmitters in the brain to help fight off symptoms of stress.

When you need a cup of coffee quickly, you can turn to your 5 cup coffee maker for a smooth cup of ‘joe.* Modern 5 cup coffee makers are found in various styles, prices, and varied functions Using a 5 cup coffee maker is a machine that works great in an office or at home.

Multiple cup coffee makers are economical because they lessen any waste associated with brewing coffee. They provide quality extraction that makes your coffee quality better, and it remains fresh. One machine that brews 5 cups of coffee from one vehicle is a storage space saver, more so than one large bulky coffee brewer.

best 5 cup coffee maker

Top 5 Five Cup Coffee Makers

  1. KRUPS Simply Brew Compact Filter Drip Coffee Maker
  2. Capresso 5-Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker
  3. Gevi 5 Cup Coffee Maker
  4. Hamilton Beach 5-Cup Switch Coffee Maker
  5. Kenmore 80509 5-Cup Digital Coffee Maker in Black

Below is a quality sample of 5 models of the leading 5 cup coffee makers with descriptive ideas on how to make your brand choices easier.

1. Best 5 Cup Coffee Maker – KRUPS Simply Brew Compact Filter Drip Coffee Maker

KRUPS is a German-made appliance maker that has been in business since 1840. It has made its superior mark in the U.S The KRUPS coffee makers are known for their visual appeal and their ability to last year after year

KRUPS Simply Brew Coffee Maker is a popular 5 cup glass coffee carafe. With the word simply in its descriptive name, it lets you know that it will provide a quick cup of -joe” when you need one. This KRUPS 5 cup coffee maker operates by simply pressing an on-off button to start and stop its brewing feature.

It makes 5 cups of coffee with a permanent sanitized coffee filter, which means that you will not have to keep buying paper filters. This sleek-looking square top design coffee maker is small enough to fit atop any counter space or to ergonomically fit inside a cabinet.

The KRUPS Simply Brew Coffee Maker also features a non-drip spout. You can also grab a cup of coffee even when this carafe is still brewing. It has an automatic function that keeps your coffee at the right temperature for up to 30 minutes.

⦁ Great reusable coffee filter – Easy to use
⦁ Dependable automatic temperature gauge

⦁ No auto shut-off feature

2. Best 5 Cup Coffee Pot – Capresso 5-Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker

The Capresso brand coffee makers began in the country of Switzerland. Over the years, they have made a great impression in the coffee making industry. Capresso is known for its innovative design and quality coffee-making machines. The Capresso 5 Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker exemplifies its innovation.

Brewing a good-tasting cup of coffee is determined by the amount of time that water is in contact with the coffee grounds. The Capresso 5 Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker brews coffee in less than one minute per cup. This limited amount of brewing time means that each cup of coffee will never taste bitter.

The Capresso 5-Cup Mini Dnp makes five cups of delicious coffee using a gold-tone filter that eliminates the continual use of paper filters. If you want a cup of coffee as soon as you open your eyes, then you can program the Capresso the night before or at any programmed time frame.

This mini drip carafe features a non-stick hot plate that remains warm for 2 hours, at which time it will automatically shut-off. It has a drip-free pouring spout as part of its glass carafe design, also featuring an ergonomically designed handle. On the front bottom of the coffee maker is a programmable 24-hour timer as well as a digital LCD clock display.

Great space saver Easy to program Brews hot

The carafe is more delicate than it looks Should be washed by hand.

3. Best 5 Cup Coffee Maker With Auto Shut Off – Gevi 5 Cup Coffee Maker

Gevi is a neophyte in the appliance-making industry; Gevi is an American brand name that, during its twenty-year history, has created great innovative and engineering quality appliances and products.

The Gevi 5 Cup Coffee Maker is a one-touch control brewer. Simply open the water filter tank cover on top of the coffee maker Inside is a removable basket holding a sanitized permanent filter. There is a transparent water level on the side of the coffee maker. When you make your 5 cups of coffee, fill the water line to 5.

Add your favorite coffee and place the carafe on the non -stick warming plate. Press the on/off button located on its side The Gevi 5 Cup Coffee Maker gives your coffee its bold yet smooth taste due to its nine-hold spray nozzle.

The convenient spray nozzle evenly sprays hot water over your coffee grounds. The Gevi 5 Cup Coffee Maker features a 40-minute warming function and a 40-minute automatic shut-off function.

Pros: The filter gives better brew concentration
Brews hot coffee with each cup
Programmable shut-off feature

Makes 2 cups at a time

4. Best 5 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker – Hamilton Beach 5-Cup Switch Coffee Maker

Consumers are very familiar with the Hamilton Beach brand name for appliances and American made products. This appliance brand stands for quality innovation and professionalism. These characteristics are exemplified in their Hamilton Beach 5 Cup Coffee Makers with Smart Plugs.

Five times is present in the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker that operates with the technology of a smart plug. Plug the Hamilton Beach into any smart plug that is compatible with Alexa or Sin Voice Control systems

Because it renders five cups of coffee quickly, this popular Hamilton Beach coffee maker is designed with a pause and serve feature. If you need that first cup now while the Hamilton Beach is brewing, pick up the carafe, pour a cup of liquid gold, and place it back on the nonstick hot plate to finish brewing.

Its filter brew basket is noticeable on the front of the machine instead of the top. It can be removed as it swings out for the placement of your filter and coffee grounds. It is a compact coffee maker that can fit on top of any small spaced countertop or a small kitchen cabinet.

Has a long working life
Great space saver
Obeys my smart plug commands
Great pause and serve feature

Pour spout bears watching.

5. Best 5 Cup Drip Coffee Maker – Kenmore 80509 5-Cup Digital Coffee Maker in Black

The Kenmore brand name is synonymous with Sears – a 100-year-old American icon. This long-term history is evident in the quality products that are made like the Kenmore 80509 5 Cup Digital Coffee Maker.

The Kenmore 80509 5-Cup Digital Coffee Maker is equipped with programmable digital controls that are located on the bottom front of this coffee maker.

With the press of a digital button, you can customize your own 24-hour programmable brewing time. You can have your coffee maker brew you 5 cups as early in the morning as you like or as late in the evening as you need to have your great-tasting java. The 80509 features an automatic shut-down function that works on a 2-hour cut-off technology.

The Kenmore 80509 features a permanent metal filter. This coffee maker also features a pause and serve function without any spills. Also, its five cups measuring reservoir feature is transparent on the side of the sturdy glass carafe.

The Kenmore 80509 is also available in several different colors, stainless steel hues to match your decor.

Dependable programmable digital controls
Automatic shut-down feature
Permanent metal filer

Beeps at you when you plug it in

Buyer’s Guide

mr coffee 5 cup coffee makers

The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning is much better than waking up to a loud alarm clock. Arising up to a brewing 5 cup coffee maker featuring the right temperature is almost heavenly Brewing coffee makers that give you 5 cups of great coffee is found in most homes, college dorms, and small businesses.

Most 5 cup models are perfect for a solo drinker, for 1 to 2 persons, or simply because you need cup after cup to remain awake. Compact 5 cup coffee makers take up less space and have become more affordable. For these reasons, a 5-cup coffee maker is considered to be the happy median for multiple cups of liquid deliciousness.

When you invest in a coffee maker designed to make several cups of coffee, these coffee makers have water flowing at speed fast enough to saturate your favorite coffee grinds. Remember that the equation for a good cup of coffee is a coffee maker plus quality coffee and filtered water.

Let’s look at investing in your best coffee drinking interest. How can we choose a dependable 5 cups coffee maker, which one is the best for you. and we will identify the best 5 cups, coffee maker,

How can you choose a 5 cup coffee maker that will suit your needs – Here are a few quick tips.

As we have discussed with the above-named 5 cup coffee makers, they share a basic design. There is a top or front loading water reservoir, top or front loading filter compartments, and a sturdy classic looking front carafe.

There should be an easy off and on button to start brewing liquid goodness. Your 5 cup coffee maker should feature a filter compartment that you can access easily, especially when you are still feeling sleepy.

black & decker 5 cup coffee maker

Also, how much counter space do you need for a coffee maker?

Traditional drip coffee makers can be bulky, so you will want a coffee maker that fits comfortably in your kitchen.

Your glass carafe container should be sturdy, perhaps drip-proof, and you should be able to easily place it in your dishwasher. Glass carafes are best used when they are transparent so that you can see how much coffee remains and view its dark roast-like appearance.

To keep your coffee hot during your 5 cup experience, you can choose hot plate models that heat your carafe coffee from the bottom at a safe, low heat. Traditional hot plates in coffee makers would often burn your coffee; modem coffee makers feature an automatic shut-off feature, which is a necessity.

Additional features are customized brew programs and permanent or reusable filters. Programming your coffee, especially with a remove and servo feature, is coffee quality. By simply pressing a button, coffee drinkers can pre-set their personalized brew time, generally designed for up to 24.

This technology further allows you to remove your carafe without any spillage.

Also, permanent or reusable filters are designed purposefully to be environmentally-friendly. The right filters can capture the smallest grind particles and excess oils that tend to keep cooking and will spoil the taste of your java.

Metal filters also have a longer life-span. During the consistent use of a metal filter over a year, most metal filters will pay for themselves. The fewer paper filters that are used help to reduce the carbon footprint

best 5 cup coffee maker reviews

Which Is The Best 5 Cup Coffee Maker For You?

If you are thinking about purchasing a 5 cup coffee maker, then naturally, you are probably a coffee aficionado. Then you have noticed that modern-day coffee makers on all levels are either electronic or digital.

The multiple cups of coffee makers are simplified, which is what you want. Their main goal is to brew a great pot of coffee and to do it quickly. This means that all you need to do is to push a button to brew a cup of coffee and to keep that pot of coffee at the right temperature,

The 5 cup coffee makers noted above have great innovation features to give everyone a great coffee experience, But to help choose the best one for you, let’s look at the quality, convenience, and safety of owning the Gevi 5 Cup Coffee Maker.

The Gevi 5 cup coffee maker with its nine-hole water spraying feature is definitely a game-changer in the taste of your coffee. Its nine-hole showerhead feature helps to disperse hot water evenly over the coffee grounds. This causes a more evenly disbursed saturation that gives each cup a quality flavor.

In this one amazing Gevi coffee maker container, you get features like an automatic shut-off function, a temperature-controlled brewer with a glass carafe, a non-stick hot plate, and a permanent filter. A good cup of coffee five times over is dispensed tastefully from the Gevi 5 Cup Coffee Maker.

coffee maker 5 cup

Then there is the Kenmore 80509 5-Cup Digital Coffee Maker that is designed with a programmable digital control function. If you are staying home because of the pandemic and you have a family consisting of young children, then you have enough to do without worrying about stopping what you are doing to fix some coffee.

With the Kenmore 5 Cup Digital Coffee Maker, you can customize your own brewing time. Its pause and serve feature allow you to pour a cup of coffee and place it back to finish brewing. Then in five minutes, you can come back to another freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Technology today means that every other home feature a smart plug-in device. For this type of coffee maker, the popular Hamilton Beach 5 Cup Switch Coffee Maker that works with smart plugs, this is the one for you. They have become more affordable.

The Hamilton Beach 5 Cup Coffee Maker features a well-lit on/off switch. It is dishwasher safe, which makes using it every day a breeze. Hamilton Beach was the first coffee maker brand to feature a smart plug. As of this writing, many coffee makers with smart plugs come equipped with smartphone applications that are controlled via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

What Is The Best 5 Cup Coffee Maker?

And the winner is technology! From the 5 cup coffee makers identified above. Yes, the Hamilton Beach 5-Cup Switch Coffee Maker is chosen as the best 5 cup coffee maker because it works with smart plugs. First, I may need a robot to fill my 5 cup coffee maker with coffee and water but until then, asking Sin. Alexa or other types of voice command devices to make me a cup of coffee at a specific time is amazing!

The Hamilton 5 cups coffee machines are great when you want to take coffee brewing to a whole new level.

Hamilton has been featured on a popular shopping channel. One of its favorable features involves you getting a compact automated 5 cup coffee maker, and simultaneously you receive a pause and serve the function that saves time and a swing-out brewing basket for convenience.


The best five-cup coffee makers provide the same great-tasting brews as the larger models. The 5 cup coffee makers give you the exact number of cups you require without any waste.

When you want to serve yourself or family members in a quick and easy fashion, then a 5 cup coffee maker is the ideal product. It is all about your coffee drinking lifestyle and the great 5 cup coffee maker features that fit into your lifestyle. On our site we have many more articles, on the best under counter coffee makers and the best water line coffee makers

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