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Chamomile belongs to the Asteraceae family and is closely linked to sunflowers, mangolds, echinacea, and certain other flowers with an appearance similar to daisies. The name chamomile comes from the Greek word Chamaeleon. which translates as ‘ground apple.’ Chamomile tea is a popular herbal tea that is known for its ability to calm.

In this article, we’ll be telling you everything you need to know about the Chamomile tea, from the best camomile tea, to the best brand of chamomile tea to a in-depth buyers guide!

best chamomile tea brand

What is Chamomile Tea?

Chamomile tea is great for when you need to relieve stress or just wind down from a hectic day. It is excellent as a before bedtime tea as well and is enjoyed as a popular afternoon tea because of its wonderful floral taste. Due to the high amount of essential oil in them, the chamomile flowers are quite helpful for soothing frayed nerves easing you into relaxation and aiding in healthy digestion.

There has also been some indication that chamomile tea can lower blood sugar for diabetics and may reduce chronic inflammation, which, when lasting for a prolonged period of time, can prove to be harmful. While it is possible for some people to have an allergic reaction to chamomile tea, this is not common, and it is normally quite safe to drink and won’t result in any nasty side effects.

Product Review: Best Chamomile Teas

1. Best Organic Chamomile Tea – Traditional Medicinal Organic Chamomile Herbal Leaf Tea

This Organic Chamomile Herbal Tea by Traditional Medicinals is truly a worthy tea made from the finest chamomile flowers supplied by the Nile Valley of Egypt. It is further 100% organic.

This caffeine-free tea is notable for its honey, floral tones, and rich aroma. It is excellently packaged in sealed tea bags that are ideal for making fantastic cups of herbal tea.

All that’s needed to make that ideal cup of tea. All you need to pour freshly boiled water over a tea bag and allow it to thoroughly steep for 5-10 minutes with a lid on top. Due to its being both caffeine-free and organic, you can savor 3-4 cups a day and infuse your body with its healthy properties.

Furthermore, the Traditional Medicinals brand is well established with a history of 40 years of helping people stay healthy by incorporating the benefits of various herbs and plants into their products. You should also be aware that the company supports sustainable sourcing and thus manages to create safe and beneficial teas that taste fabulous.


• The marvelous soothing and calming effect
• Made using herbs of high quality obtained through ethical trading partnerships.
• Truly excellent floral flavor with hints of honey.
• Caffeine-free


• The flavor is a tad bitter.

2. Best Tasting Chamomile Tea – Celestial Seasonings Best Chamomile Tea

Presenting the ideal way to kick back and relax after a long and trying day. Celestial Seasonings Chamomile Herbal Tea is caffeine and gluten-free, plus it has a pleasant floral taste and fresh aroma along with its lovely golden-yellow color. There are absolutely no artificial flavors or preservatives.

A nice thing about this particular tea is that the tea bags are stringless and are stacked in recycled boxes.

Certain drinkers of this beverage have often said that chamomile aids their digestion, so they frequently consume this after a meal. All you need is a cup before going to bed, and you will have a relaxed and contented sleep and awaken fully rested and refreshed.

Celestial Seasonings is dedicated to bringing you delicious flavors and the best quality of herbs, botanical, and teas since 1969. So this is a long-standing tradition.

Guaranteed to provide balance to your life, this tea includes the best herbs, teas, spices, and botanicals available. Just place a teabag in hot water for 4-6 minutes, and you will find that you have yourself one excellent cup of tea.


• Caffeine-free
• Gluten-free yet has great flavor.
• No artificial flavors or preservatives.
• It helps with digestion and lessens fatigue.
• Floral taste


• It may have a bitter taste.
• Chamomile tastes not strong enough.

3. Best Chamomile Tea Brand For Sleep – Stash Tea Chamomile Herbal Tea 20 Count

Stash Tea Chamomile Herbal Tea is made from high quality blended chamomile flowers and is a premium herbal tea with a distinct sweetness marked by a subtle apple-like flavor. It has only GMO-free ingredients and is considered a high-quality tea.

This is a wonderful blend that tastes absolutely delicious no matter when you drink it. Whether it’s during the day or at bedtime. Even makes a fantastic iced tea in the summer.

Sit back with a cup of this tea, and you will feel the comforting calm taking over, relaxing you until your worries and cares seem far away.

The Stash Tea Company has been operating since 1972. They make sure that each tea bag you buy is packed in stay-fresh foil wrappers to ensure that it remains fresh for a long time

All you have to do to experience an ideal cup of this wonderful tea is to steep it for 3-5 minutes at 190-209 degrees Fahrenheit


• Has only GMO-free ingredients.
• Teabags are individually packed.
• Tea can be iced or hot and still tastes great.
• Caffeine-free


• Each tea bag has a low quantity in it.
• The flavor is weak

Buyers Guide

There are a vast number of types of chamomile tea that are currently on the market. Of these, two specific types of chamomile plants are used in the making of this beverage. These are the German chamomile known as (Matricaria recruit), and the Roman Chamomile referred to as (Chamaemelum Nobile).

While both plants are distinct in their individual ways, they are both chamomile and are used to treat essentially the same type of health problems. However, German chamomile is the plant that is most commonly used.

So what chamomile tea is the best?

chamomile tea brands
Tea From Sochi, Россия

Which Brand of Chamomile Tea is Best?

Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile Herbal Leaf Tea is widely considered to be the best chamomile tea available. This is due to the fact that this is a business with an excellent reputation; the taste being floral with honey-laced throughout is great and smells great too, and the tea is 100% organic and non-GMO.

This brand is considered to be top of the line by many seasoned chamomile tea drinkers.

What is a Good Chamomile Tea?

Yogi Tea – Comforting Chamomile (6 Pack) – Soothes Mild Tension is a good chamomile tea. Not only is this tea also 100% organic and certified non-GMO, but it is kosher with a mild, pleasing flavor that can be increased by using two tea bags with every cup if you should find that it is not strong enough for your tastes.

Excellent for anyone who likes their tea to not be overwhelming. Sometimes even your tastebuds need to be soothed by a gentle brew.

Which Chamomile Tea is Best For Sleep?

Fortnum and Mason Camomile and Bee Pollen Infused Tin are by far some of the most flavorful teas. The bee pollen, licorice root, and a nice dose of Fortnum’s very own honey provide a gentle sweetness that doesn’t overwhelm, and since the main ingredient is chamomile, it is an excellent aid for sleep and also can help with digestion.

Chamomile has antioxidants and has been proven to cause drowsiness, and consuming chamomile tea is known to provide a better quality of sleep, in general; this is something we all need a little help with from time to time in today s faced-paced world.

Is It Okay to Drink Chamomile Tea Every Day?

Yes, and then some. Most people can consume 3-4 cups of chamomile tea every day without having any ill effects. This is because of its many healing properties. Chamomile tea is a beverage that people have been drinking for centuries, and it has proven to be an excellent natural way to cure many illnesses.

People may have been drinking chamomile tea for quite some time, but it is only fairly recently that science and the medical profession have begun to fully appreciate the many health benefits that are reaped by those who drink it regularly.

what is the best chamomile tea
Tea From Sochi, Россия

So how can drinking chamomile tea daily have a positive on your health?

• Lowers blood pressure – Chamomile tea can notably lower high blood pressure, which in turn can help to alleviate hypertension headaches, and increase heart health, thus lowering the chance of cardiovascular issues developing.

• Reduces inflammation – Many diseases such as depression.

• Alzheimer’s and quite a few other physical conditions carry low-level inflammation with them. This is a type of inflammation that should not be confused with the acute inflammation that occurs when you sprain an ankle or cut yourself, which is considered a good thing because it helps you to mend.

The above-mentioned inflammation is called chronic inflammation and is negative in that if it persists, it can eventually wear your body down.

• Improves sleep quality – Having a cup of chamomile tea every night before going to bed can actually help you to fall asleep more quickly and to remain asleep for a longer period of time.

• Relaxes you – If you consume chamomile tea every day, particularly in the evening time, it can help you to relax. So it won’t hurt to make chamomile tea a part of your nightly ritual.

• Decreases risk of cancer – While there are no guarantees that if you drink chamomile tea every day, you will not get cancer, you may just decrease your chances of getting the disease. The reason for this is that chamomile tea has lots of apigenin, which is a cancer-killing flavonoid. This should work especially well in preventing prostate cancer and breast cancer.

• Helps you lose weight – Replace other beverages such as soda with a cup of plain chamomile tea. This makes it a great low-calorie beverage and can be a big help in keeping you on a weight loss diet.

• Improves complexion – If you consume chamomile tea on a daily basis, it can help you fight off rashes and skin irritation as well as give you a clear and healthy complexion that requires no makeup to glow.

• Eases anxiety – Daily use of chamomile tea can help balance the two main chemicals in the brain that are responsible for causing anxiety. It’s been known to help with depression and to ease tension.

best quality chamomile tea

• Lessens the risk of diabetes – Whether you currently have diabetes or are worried that you might be developing it, a daily dose of chamomile tea protects against type 2 diabetes. This doesn’t mean that it can take the place of insulin or any of your other medications, and you must continue taking them while drinking this tea.

• Eases joint pain – Can provide relief from joint pain in your back and knees May also be effective on the elbows and various other parts of the body.

• Slows osteoporosis – Because of its effect on your estrogen levels, chamomile tea can prevent or slow osteoporosis. It may further increase bone density, which helps create a stronger body skeleton.

• Reduces digestive issues – Can help relieve the pain and discomfort caused by ulcers and upset stomach or gastric distress. It can further help ease indigestion and add reflux, which can lead to esophageal cancer down the road.

• Improves heart health – Keeps your heart strong Flavonoids help lower the chances of heart attack and heart disease so prevalent in today’s society.

• Reduces cholesterol – Lowers bad cholesterol levels while having no negative effect on good cholesterol.

• Improves immune system – Chamomile tea has strong antibacterial properties, which boost the immune system and help it to continue working the way it should. This lowers your chances of getting coughs and colds and the congestion that comes with them.


Drinking chamomile tea has been proven to be a beneficial influence on one’s health and well-being. With more studies being done every day, we are finding this fact to be verified time and again. With all of its many advantages, however, selecting the brand and flavor that is right for you can be a confusing prospect.

Ultimately, as is almost always the case with various teas, it comes down to a matter of personal preference. We hope that our recommendations have been helpful, along with our Buyers Guide. A sincere thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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