Best Coffee Beans For A Refreshing Brew

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Coffee is not a drink but an addiction. We are not sorry to admit that our day doesn’t start until we have ‘The’ cup of morning coffee in front of us. As coffee enthusiasts, we take our coffee pretty seriously as we breathe in it 24/7. 

Since you are here on this page, you might be like us, too, No?

As an avid coffee drinker, it is pretty easy to differentiate between the taste of coffee. Even though the recipes are exactly the same and the proportions of everything match, the taste can still vary. The reason lying behind it is the type of beans. 

You might have wondered one too many times, ‘Why doesn’t your homemade coffee taste like your favorite cafe?’ Now you know the reason why. Let’s get you acquainted with the best type of coffee beans out there that provide that heavenly taste you are always searching for. 

Coffea Arabica

Coffea Arabica or Arabica coffee beans are one of the most popular types of coffee beans that mark up to 60% of the world’s coffee. You must have seen many gourmet coffee brands advertising the use of 100% Arabica beans since it is considered the highest quality. 


Arabica beans are well-known for their smooth and complex flavor. Unlike other beans, they have a distinct lack of bitterness. These beans and their delicate taste have the whole world under a spell. People who drink this coffee can’t switch to other types of beans without having some withdrawal symptoms, lol.

Besides the humor, the taste of Arabica beans is addictive and hard to resist. We can even compare this addiction to the gambling industry, which has people coming back to the best payout online casino Australia again and again to quench their desire and thirst for more. 


Originating in Ethiopia’s highlands many centuries ago, they may be the first coffee beans ever consumed by mankind.

The name ‘Arabica’ comes from the popularity of this coffee in 7th century Arabia (Yemen of today). 

The only downside to these magnificent beans is their hard-to-grow nature. That’s also one of the reasons for their expensive price tags. 

Since these beans need extra water, shade, and high altitude to produce the best harvest, Most Arabica beans grow in the ‘Bean Belt.’ Bean belt is an area between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn in 50 countries throughout the globe. 

Coffea Canephora

Commonly known as Robusta Coffee Beans, Coffea Canephora is the second most popular type of beans. These beans are round and large as compared to the other bean types. It is a less expensive type of coffee, thus making it budget-friendly to take on a daily basis. Therefore, Most of the instant coffees are almost always 100% Robusta.


Robusta beans stand at a 180-degree angle with Arabica beans due to their harsh and bitter taste as compared to Arabica beans. It also has a strong smell with a somewhat flat and burnt taste. Other than that, they also have more caffeine content than other beans. 


The beans originated in sub-Saharan Africa initially and are now grown widely in Indonesia and Africa. Robusta is also typically popular in Vietnam as a mixture of coffee blends. 

Coffea Liberica

Liberica Coffee Beans are another renowned type of beans that are of high quality. These beans are loved by people who love luxurious and bold flavors. 


These beans are famous for their piquant floral aroma and bold, smoky flavor. These beans are often mixed with other types to subside the taste for sensitive palates. 


Surprisingly, Liberica gained recognition among Southeast Asian coffee producers after the chaos. A fungal disease (Coffee rust) wiped out most of the region’s Arabica crops; Liberica rose to the surface of coffee culture with its bitter and strong taste. 

The beans bloom on a much larger plant as compared to Robusta and Arabica, and most LIberica cherries are irregular in shape. These plants are tolerant of hot and humid weather and, therefore, can be grown easily at low altitudes. 

Today, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines are the main producers of Liberica beans, making up 2% of the world’s coffee supply.  

Final Thoughts

Various types of coffee beans are grown around the globe; however, only a few have made the cut to fame, as we have discussed earlier. Coffee bean types indeed play a huge role in making the taste of coffee. However, their roast profile can change the taste by several degrees. 

If you are a coffee enthusiast, you can experiment with the percentage of roasted beans and settle for the taste that fits your taste buds better

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