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Best Coffee At Costco: Costco Coffee Reviews In 2024

Some of the greatest things in life are coffee, affordable items, and bulk products.

Fortunately, Costco (wholesale) has all those three – talks about heaven on earth – but if you are overwhelmed with all the coffee to choose from and just do not know what to get, then let me make it easier for you.

Costco offers a wide variety of coffee products that will surely satisfy your taste buds and hit your high caffeine tolerance, be it Arabica or Robusta; from medium to high roast, they have got it! So, let’s find out the Best Costco Coffee.

best costco coffee

And do not get me started with products that are from the top coffee producers in the world!

If you are still not convinced with their product quality, then you might want to know that some Costco coffee brands are roasted by Starbucks themselves, flashy, isn’t it?

Dunkin Donuts Ground Coffee
  • Medium Roast.
  • Fat-Burning Coffee
  • Amazing Taste Every time.
Starbucks French Roast
  • 100% Organic Arabic Beans.
  • Yummy Taste.
  • Easy To Use.
Costco Kirklands House Blend
  • Local Brand.
  • Great Aroma.
  • Cheap & Easy To Buy.

Well then, let us now hail the queens of Costco coffee!

1: Dunkin Donuts Ground Coffee

First on our bucket list is Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend Ground Coffee; surprised, aren’t we? But don’t be, because this famous brand just knows how to stir a well-blended cuppa coffee.

I don’t know about you, but drinking Dunkin’ Donuts coffee without the temptation to buy a donut is already a reason for me; some fat-burning coffee and no donut calories to burn is the best matching snack.

Another convincing offer is that it contains 60 cups of medium roast, rich and smooth flavor of beans, enough to make your mouth water with just the thought of it; no wonder this made Dunkin’ Donuts famous.

It is best to try this with any Keurig K-cup brewer to get that nostalgic, original feel, and for $40, it’s like you are spending to get two months to awaken by the specially blended premium Arabica beans, well that’s if you would only spend one cup a day which I doubt, not with this classic favorite.

2: Starbucks French Roast

Our second queen does not need any introduction; the name itself is already enticing; give a round of applause for Starbucks French Roast! For those who are conscious of what they take in, then have a sip of this 100% organic Arabica, now you are guilt-free while drinking your coffee.

Not only that but for just $40, you would get six bags of 10 ounces containing a smoky, dark roast that will surely knock you awake; forget moving like a sloth because when you drink this coffee while it is hot, you’ll surely get to do a lot.

If bittery charred taste is what you are looking for, then this is the thing for you. Imagine not having to wait in the long lines anymore and just enjoying an instagrammable coffee in the comforts of your own home; now that’s when dreams become a reality.

Just with the brand itself, you would already feel that something good is about to pop out in their boxes, and did I mention it was available since 1971? My oh my! If Starbucks French Roast was a dress, it definitely doesn’t go out of style.

3: Costco Kirklands House Blend

Third and last, we would not be able to complete this list without Costco’s very own Kirkland’s Signature House Blend; the brand has many other coffee varieties such as Colombian Supremo and Breakfast Blend, that variation also deserves a toast.

After trying Starbuck’s dark roast, you might want to indulge in some smooth and balanced taste of medium roasted beans for a change.

It just has the right consistency, and every flavor you’ll need is in it, just waiting to be set free; if Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, then Kirkland Signature House Blend is the same thing but in a cup, and 2lbs for just $23?

Come on; there is no losing in this deal. This fair trade certified blend is a well-rounded brew with a clean finish; it’s just what you need after a tiring day. Who says caffeine is just for waking you up?

Sometimes you also need to relax and just smell some good aroma; now, that is the way to end a day as smooth as a coffee. There are a lot of options to choose from in Costco in terms of coffee – it is the boutique for coffeeholic’s – plus they are way cheaper than buying from well-known coffee shops.

They have organic beans, different roast levels, and even products originating from huge coffee producers such as Colombia; there is really nothing more to ask.

Although, since everyone’s taste are different it is difficult to tell which among these divine Costco coffee stands out the most, but for the sake of utilitarianism and those who wants their caffeine level high and not too dark then the winner would be Kirkland’s Signature House Blend, with this coffee you’d understand what Hannah Montana was saying about “you’d get the best of both worlds” truly this coffee serves everyone, even the picky choosers.

Another interesting fact about Kirkland is that it is also roasted by Starbucks in Seattle, Washington. Sadly, this secretive brand does not disclose its coffee origin, but thank goodness they are not keeping this coffee to themselves.

We are yet to find out the other roasters for Kirkland coffee, but in the meantime, while we are intrigued, and hunting let us just enjoy their creation.

Buyers Guide

If you are a newborn coffeeholic, a curious case, or just searching for a coffee that is fit to your liking but is not certain on how to know that it is “the one,” then here are some steps to finding your Costco coffee soulmate.

Types Of Beans

To take on a journey, you must first know your destination, ask yourselves about what you like in your coffee, how it should taste, how dark you want it, and other factors that are important for you.

If you prefer strong coffee, then you might want to go with Robusta coffee beans instead of Arabica. Arabica is from high altitudes but grows best in a tropical climate such as South America and Africa; this has a slightly acidic but smooth taste, while Robusta beans are from low-lying areas that are greatly produced in the South, mainly by Vietnam, which has a strong bittery charred taste.

Already a lot of information, right? But that is just about the tip of the iceberg; there’s more coming your way because how a coffee will taste is often determined by the roasting level.

Weasel coffee farm, Vietnam

Lightly roasted beans (green unroasted, starting to pale, early yellow, yellow-tan stage, and light brown) contain the most caffeine, but if you want that strong kick of coffee, then try medium to high roasted levels (brown, first crack, city roast, full city roast, Vienna light French roast, full French roast, fully carbonized, and immanent fire) including this in your coffee order doesn’t only make your coffee perfect but it also makes you look like a pro.

Additionally, check for the coffee roaster and the date of roasting since it will extremely affect the taste of the coffee beans.

Coffee roasters ensure the quality of the coffee beans, giving them a nice grind, and of course, nothing is better than freshly roasted beans; it is like eating fruits; the fresher, the better.

So, try looking for these details on the packaging of coffee brands; some of them even indicate how quickly you should consume the product. Some well-known coffee roasters around the world are The Barn, Coffee Supreme, Seesaw Coffee, Gardelli Specialty Coffees, Solberg and Hansen, Square Mile Coffee Roasters, Bird Rock, Black and White, Counter Culture, and Dragonfly Coffee Roasters.

How To Choose The Right Coffee

With all this knowledge about choosing the right coffee, you might even get to be the top notcher of the coffee bean exam if there is such a thing.

When all is said and done, and you are tired of reading all the labels and product descriptions, try roaming around Costco for extra cardio because some Costco coffee brands offer a free taste – another goodie for our tummy- so you might want to try those before buying a coffee, it also saves you more time and effort on analyzing the product details, after all, it is the taste that matters.

When it meets your expectation, grab the bag, get it in your cart, and let the fun begin. With that being said, try mixing your coffee with milk, cream, or sugar; get crazy! Be your own barista and play with flavors; who knows, you might get that savor that others would also love.

With its addicting smell and the power to wake your spirits up, no one can deny that coffee is worth all the investment.

Lucky for you, you do not have to go on an adventure in different coffee shops or to travel in Paris just to have that peaceful moment; a small single step is all you need to reach Costco and open the doors to coffee paradise.

What’s more is you’ll get to save your money with Costco’s affordable bulk items and spend more on the things that matter, like a grinder, perhaps? Whatever it is, just have a good coffee day ahead. Thank you for reading.

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