Where Does The Best Coffee Come From? – What Country Has The Best Coffee Guide

Coffee is an amazing beverage that millions of people run to every day for the amazing taste, and the energy boost it is able to give. Sometimes, you want to know where your coffee is coming from and to pick the best coffee; you also need to know where the best coffee actually comes from.

Similar to many other products in the world, the properties of beans that make coffee are mostly determined by the conditions where there grown; these factors include things such as sunlight, moisture, altitude, and soil.

There are many countries that grow coffee these days, so it’s hard to know where you should be looking for high-grade coffee beans. Well, we are here to help; here is a guide on where does the best coffee comes from and what country has the best coffee.

the best coffee in the world comes from

Which Country Has The Best Coffee? At A Glance.

  1. Brazil
  2. Ethiopia
  3. Colombia
  4. Guatemala
  5. Costa Rica

Which Countries Produce The Most Coffee?

  1. Brazil – 58 Million 60-Kilogram Bags Of Coffee
  2. Vietnam – 32.2 Million 60-Kilogram Bags Of Coffee
  3. Colombia – 14.3 Million 60-Kilogram Bags Of Coffee
  4. Indonesia – 10.7 Million 60-Kilogram Bags Of Coffee
  5. Ethiopia – 7.3 Million 60-Kilogram Bags Of Coffee

Which Country Has The Best Coffee?


Well, this really is a no brainer; there is a reason why Brazil is dominating the coffee industry and why it produces a third of the world’s coffee supply. Because the coffee they produce is amazing. Brazilian coffee entered Brazil in 1727, and the hype has never stopped. Brazilian coffee is home to a variety of different types of coffee beans and coffee brands.

Brazilian coffee is quite cheap, so you can find Brazilian coffee beans as the base of many other coffee beans around the world today. The best Brazilian coffee beans will boast a low acidity and have a sweet and nutty flavor. Brazilian coffee is the country with the best coffee and the best coffee country producer in the world right now!

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Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and hasn’t let coffee go. Some of the best coffee bean varieties are grown in Ethiopia. Especially a variety named “Harrar: which is usually grown in the highlands in small peasant farms. The taste of this coffee is well-sought after and has a taste of wine and a spicy or fruity flavor, depending on where you get it from.

Thanks to Ethiopia’s high altitudes, it is able to produce some of the world’s best coffee. Since coffee began, Ethiopia was able to keep its legendary status in the coffee industry and shows no signs of stopping. So, if you were wondering what is one of the best coffee producing countries and the best coffee origin, Ethiopia is your answer!


Colombia is also a giant in the coffee industry, producing around 15% of the world’s coffee supply. Colombia is well-known for its amazing high-quality Arabica coffee beans that are used in some of the best coffees around the world.

Colombia produces coffee of different qualities; these include Supremo and Excelso. Supremo is a special type of coffee bean that uses the large and smooth grains, and has a rich flavor combined with a velvety aroma.

Colombian coffee farmers are also known for the ability to ensure every coffee bean is picked by hand, allowing only the highest level quality of beans to be picked. Overall, Colombia is a giant in the coffee industry and will continue to produce coffee in the near future, keeping its status as one of the best coffee regions in the world.


Guatemala is a well-known country in terms of coffee. It is known for its high-quality coffee bean, which is hard to come by, Guatemala does not produce that much coffee compared to other countries on this list, and that’s what makes Guatemalan coffee so much harder to come by.

Guatemala coffee is grown in very mountainous regions, where it is able to develop an intense, tart flavor, which is unique to Guatemalan coffee beans. Coffee from Guatemala is some of the best, and despite not producing lots of it, it still holds a special place in the coffee industry.

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Costa Rica

Now, last but definitely not least, Costa Rica. This is a country with a long and confusing place in the coffee industry, but these days is one of the world’s top coffee producers. Costa Rica, in 1989, banned coffee farmers from picking coffee beans that were not 100% Arabica, and this made Costa Rican coffee quality skyrocket.

This ensured that every coffee bean was of the highest-quality, and farmers could be fined for not sticking to this rule. Now, Costa Rican coffee has a classic and rich tasting coffee, and the coffee is well-rounded on all fronts. Costa Rican coffee is coffee that is soft, smooth, and has a rich flavor to it.

All these factors combine to make Costa Rican coffee one of the best coffee’s on the market today.


We hope we were able to answer all your questions about where is the best coffee in the world and where does the best coffee beans come from. We hope this article was able to help you, and we hope you have a great day. Thank You for reading this article, and remember to enjoy a CozyCoffee!

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