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Best Coffee Beans For Cold Brew In 2024 – Good Coffee For Cold Brew

In recent years cold brew coffees have gamed popularity among even the most seasoned coffee drinkers. Unlike traditional coffee, where hot water is used to draw caffeine and flavor from coffee beans, cold brew coffees need time as they steep beans in cold water for anything up to 24 hours. Because of the slower process involved, cold coffees are far less bitter than traditional coffees.

Besides the less bitter taste, cold brew coffees can provide you with a much heavier set of flavors and body, Such as tastes like dried spices, chocolate, and nuts. In this article, we will recommend five of the best cold brew coffees on the market and answers some key questions people have about making cold brew coffees.

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Quick Answer: Best Beans For Cold Brew

1. Best Cold Brew Coffee Beans – Tiny Footprint Organic Cold Brew Coffee

As you can probably grasp from its name, they produce this cold brew coffee in an environmentally friendly and ecologically conscious way, ensuring that the harvesting and manufacturing of this coffee will affect the environment as little as possible.

Tiny footprint ensures that their coffee is earth positive and carbon negative, Offsetting their carbon footprint by being heavily involved in reforestation projects in Ecuador. Outside of their dedication to saving the planet, they also produce incredibly high-quality coffees sourced from this area of the world-famous for its flavorful bean.

This product is impressive; they roast it using drum roasters that are German engineered to ensure a classic taste from your cold brew every time. Unlike many of its competitors, this cold brew coffee has floral undertones and is a little sweeter and fruitier despite still keeping a heavy coffee taste.

Customers also comment on the cocoa kick that comes with this rich coffee. Because of its complexity and its flavorful floral tones, it makes it a particularly interesting cold coffee brew. But this quality comes at a price that is higher than most of its competitors’; people are content to pay this premium for the quality they receive, and it’s an environmentally friendly pact.

There are some other factors that you will need to consider before purchasing it. For example, if you’re more accustomed to drinking traditional coffees, you might actually like the bitter taste of these cold brews. This coffee is slightly more acidic and gives you a sharper taste than many of us cold brew competitors. This is the best coffee brand for cold brew, and the best type of coffee beans for cold brew!


• It is proven to be both environmentally and ecologically friendly.

• A rich and flavorful fruity and floral undertone makes it an interesting coffee.

• Extremely easy to brew.


• Some fans of cold brew coffees may find it too bitter.

• It’s definitely one of the more expensive brands on the market.

2. Best Coffee Grounds For Cold Brew – The Organic Cold Brew Coffee

This is another of the most popular cold brew coffee products on the market, although it is a relatively new player compared to many of its competitors. Once you taste busy, it’s cold brew; it’s impossible to ignore its quality. Manufactured and engineered to produce a smooth and consistent taste, this coarsely ground coffee is far less bitter and then most other brands.

Bizzy have also dedicated themselves to providing their customers with a variety of different tastes and roasts to allow them to tailor their cold coffee brew to meet their needs. You can buy anything from a cold brew coffee all the way to a dark and bold tasting draw.

This variety sets the busy brand apart from many of its competitors; they provide three high-quality products that are all certified as sourced in Nicaragua and Peru under USDA organic.

Once again, because of its organic nature, Bizzy cannot be described as a cheap product, but you do get what you pay for. When reading reviews of this product, you consistently hear about the rich cocoa and coffee flavor of the cold brew. Despite its lack of acidity, it’s still as complex as many traditional coffees.

Most busy enthusiasts love the company’s dedication to sourcing only the highest quality ingredients for their three high-quality coffees. This is the best cold brew coffee grounds, and just overall good coffee for cold brew!


• A flexible brand that offers multiple flavor options.

• It offers a consistent taste as it mixes very smoothly.


• Some reviewers comment on substandard packaging when compared to some of its competitors.

3. Best Coffee To Use For Cold Brew – The Cold Brew From Stone Street

Recognized as one of the market leaders in the cold brew coffee circles purchasing this product means you’re confident that you’re going to get a high-quality coffee. Compared to some of his competitors, they have invested heavily in providing packaging that ensures this coffee remains fresh as long as possible. It comes in a high-quality craft bag that provides three layers of seals.

Outside of providing high-quality packaging Stone Street has dedicated itself to developing the technology behind cold brew coffee, providing their customers with a balanced and minimally acidic profile. This coffee is rich and smooth with a slightly sweet aftertaste, meaning it appeals to a wide range of customers.

Made using 100% Arabica beans, all sourced from a single Colombian supplier. Stone Street sources some of the best coffee in the world to ensure its ingredients provide the perfect final product.

Of course, when you’re purchasing a cold brew coffee, there are tons of factors you’re going to consider, but foremost you want a product that tastes good. Looking at many reviews of the cold brew reserve from stone Street will reveal just how amazing this coffee tastes.

Fixing themselves in Brooklyn, New York, stone Street have been a dedicated coffee roaster for over ten years, and they pride themselves on ensuring that every coffee producer that they purchased their beans from is being paid a fair daily wage for their work, So not alone do stone Street provide an excellent quality product it’s also ethically sourced.

They follow a patented roasting process that produces a rich dark roast meaning their cold brew coffee can impart a maximum flavor with minimum effort.


• Produces a rich and beautiful tasting coffee.

• By far the most impressive packaging of any cold brew coffee on the market

• Ethically sourced from the highest quantity providers of coffee beans.


• This product is not cheap.

• It lacks the variety of some of its competitors.

4. Best Coffee For Cold Brew At Home – The Cold Brew Coffee From Chosen Bean

This is a specialty cold brew coffee that any coffee shop should try. The ground in a specific course manner it provides a crisp and cool taste that is nearly unique among other cold brew coffees.

Much of its rich flavor and taste is because of the origin of the beans that the company source. They have searched far and wide to find the richest, highest quality coffee beans for their cold brew coffee and settle down beans from Mexico, Sumatra, Guatemala, and Ethiopia.

Once these beans have been harvested, the company puts them true at a dedicated extraction process to ensure they deliver only the finest coffee to its customers. The end product provides a light but flavors and body full of chocolate and nutty undertones; you’ll also get hints of citrus spice berries and sugar, providing one of the most interesting and flavorful cold brew coffees you can buy.

One thing that surprised me about this cold brew was its strength. All you need is a single mug in the morning to remain focused and alert throughout the day. It’s like having content is designed to specifically energize and rejuvenate both your body and mind.


• Beans have been sourced and ground specifically for the cold brewing process.

Low acidity provides a perfectly smooth taste.

• They have perfectly blended dark medium and light roast coffees.

• Specifically produced in small batches to ensure it remains fresh longer.


• Some people thought it’s a little bitter, which may be down to the use of various roast blends.

5. Best Coffee Roast For Cold Brew – The Cold Brew Blend from Metropolis Coffee

This Chicago beast, a coffee roasting company, has dedicated itself to creating long-lasting and sustainable relationships with their coffee farmers to ensure they can source only the finest and highest quality coffees for their customers. They roast the coffee beans to order, which helps them sustain their commitment to quality and freshness; if you truly appreciate fine coffee, these are one of the most dedicated purveyors of cold brew coffee you will find

This cold coffee brew has been roasted and blended with the science of cold brewing in mind. Using a typically dark and flavorsome bean, you will be left with a rich coffee full of walnuts and a chocolatey taste.


• Bags are only roasted to order, meaning they arrive, offering maximum freshness.

• You can either buy your beans whole or pre-ground


• There’s no denying not that these specialty beings are more expensive than others.

What kind of coffee beans are best for cold brew?

The coffee bean that’s best for cold brew comes down to a matter of preference. There really is no right or wrong, but they make the predominance of cold brews with darker roasts. Because they offer a richer, darker flavor that can combine to provide an earthy syrupy chocolatey or even nutty aftertaste to brew cold coffee, these richer tastes are easier to extract than the lighter ones.

I’ve been drinking cold brew coffee for several years, but once I started writing about it, I’ve deliberately bruised over 50 different varieties in the past year. This has provided me with the opportunity to test dozens of mugs under varying conditions, including different temperatures, brew times, roast levels, and bean origins.

During this testing, I’ve learned what the most defining flavors of a cold brewing coffee can be. I’ve made cold brews using lightly roasted, medium roasted, and even dark roasted coffee beans. I’ve used blends and single origin coffees, and the one thing I’ve learned is that the best kind of coffee bean to use for a cold brew will completely depend on what taste you’re looking for

coffee beans for cold brew

Do you need special beans for cold brew?

I need a coffee connoisseur to tell you that the coffee bean is incredibly complex, even more so than the finest wine. There are a huge number of variables that add to the complexity of the coffee bean, and the answer to whether you need a special beam for a cold brew is difficult.

Here are just some variables at play

• The coffee bean variety.
• The region in which grown,
• The elevation where it is cultivated
• How The bean is selected.
• What processing method is used
• How to bean is roasted.
• How you’re being packaged and stored
• Just to name a few

Thankfully, all the factors listed above, while important, are not as essential to cold brewing as they are to traditional coffees. The process of cold brewing is very forgiving, much more so than making a drip coffee.

Because the coffee you use is far cooler and you have an extended time to brew it and being able to use a more coarse grind, all these factors allow you to take greater advantage of the coffee bean to produce a full flavor.

good coffee for cold brew

Can you use flavored coffee for cold brew?

As I mentioned previously, I’ve experimented on cold brew coffees for over a year now; during that time, I also tested some flavored cold brews, and here are my favorites.

A French Vanilla cold brew coffee

As this remains one of the world’s most popular flavored coffees, the first cold brew coffee I ever made was French vanilla. Vanilla lends itself perfectly to coffee, offering a detectable but simple sweetness to any roast. I was very impressed with the quality of my French vanilla cold brew coffee, to the stage where I continued to experiment with it.

A Pumpkin Spice cold brew coffee

Just before the holiday season, one of my friends asked me to make them cold brew coffee With that in mind. I indulged and made a pumpkin spice cold brew. The result was simply delicious, and it made starting my cold day with a cold brew much easier. While they would consider this a pretty basic addition to any mug of coffee, it is tasty and makes drinking and brew in the morning much easier.

A Mocha cold brew coffee

If I’m making a cold brew for someone who’s relatively new to coffee, I introduce them to a mocha. The addition of a hint of cocoa to the coffee takes away its slightly bitter taste and helps coffee newbies deal with the strong flavor of a cold brew coffee.

A Hazelnut flavored cold brew coffee.

I’ve always considered this one of the most underrated flavors to use in coffee. I think it matches perfectly with the dark bold flavor of a cold brew coffee While he’s a little self is never a flavor of choice for most people; it’s delicious when mixed with the right coffee beans.

How to choose the best coffee beans for a cold brew?

Obviously, choosing any of the five coffee beans we’ve listed above will provide you with an excellent cold press coffee at some point you’re going to want to experiment yourself when this day comes. I highly recommend choosing one of the following coffee beans for your cold brew. If you become a true convert to cold brew coffee, the next logical step is to grind your own beans to provide you with even more flavor.

Robusta coffee beans

They produce robusta coffee beans in Africa in the Middle East. As you can probably tell, they provide a rich and robust taste that is perfect for cold brew coffees.

Arabica coffee beans

By far the most commonly used coffee bean in the world and is especially popular in North America because it provides a lower acidity level and a more delicate flavor, and being slightly sweeter than other beans But a dark roast arabica makes an excellent cold brew for coffee.

Excelsa coffee beans

Although it has been recently reclassified, I don’t consider these beans to be a member of the Liberica family. They are distinctly different, and most coffee connoisseurs agree. These beans are a worthy addition to any cold brew coffee.

Liberica coffee beans

I highly recommend researching the history of this coffee bean, but outside of its fascinating story, these beans are a true treat. Growing very specific dictates the beans produce fruit and flour undertones and have what we can only describe as a unique aroma.

does cold brew go bad

What grind should I use for a cold brew?

As you mentioned earlier, the perfect cold brew coffee is made using a medium ground coffee bean. The only way to truly achieve this is to use a bird grinder as a blade grinder creates too much friction and heat Bird grinders use twin cutting discs that grind beans quickly and use wireless friction heat. Does it operate at a slow speed?

They keep the bean more intact and provide a more consistent medium, and The key to high-quality cold brew coffee is grind consistency is; this ensures that there’s no variation in your taste

If you count yourself a coffee aficionado and you’ve yet to create your own cold brew coffee, then you don’t know what you’re missing out on. As there are some high-quality pre-ground blends available on the market that are perfect for making cold brew coffees.

Once you get used to the process, you can decide to make cold brew coffees from your own beans However you decide to create your concoction; cold brew coffee is unique and is a growing trend that you’ll see and even the most top-end coffee shops in the world.

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