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Best Coffee Maker Under 100 – Best Budget Coffee Maker In 2023

A delightful cup of coffee is a product of multiple aspects, including the machinery used to brew it. Often, excellent coffee makers equate to an astronomical price tag ranging from hundreds to thousands. 

Moreover, many coffee enthusiasts agree that buying expensive coffee makers allows you to prepare the perfect shot as they work more efficiently than inexpensive ones. 

However, those sentiments do not mean that availing cheaper alternatives is a terrible choice. In fact, there are multiple coffee makers under 100 that can stand their ground against the expensive ones.

Below are five of these best-rated and budget-friendly coffee makers:

best coffee maker under $100

Comparison Of Our Favorite Coffee Makers

Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker
  • Easy-to-use once you familiarize yourself with it.
  • Large brewing capacity, perfect for bigger crowds.
  • Settings remain even after unplugged.
Hamilton Beach ‘The Scoop’ Single Serve Coffee Maker
  • Inexpensive.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • Produces coffee with a more refined taste than most pod machines.
Keurig K-Mini Single-Serve Coffee Maker
  • Perfect for single person usage.
  • Light and small, you can easily bring this anywhere if you want.
  • Brew your cup of joe quickly.
 Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer
  • Very versatile in terms of brew size and coffee route.
  • Small size, perfect for smaller countertops.
  • Very simple to use, it only has two buttons, but it can do a lot.
Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Single Serve Coffee Maker
  • Amazing versatility.
  • Richer Coffee.
  • Automatic Features.
  • Durable.

Top 5 Coffee Makers Under $100 2023

1. Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker


One of our best picks is the Cuisinart DCC-3200P1, a product that has been out for years already. It is sleek and stylish and would definitely fit in most kitchens. 

What I like about this product the most is that it enables the coffee to maintain its temperature for hours as long as the carafe is on the heating plate.

DCC-3200P1 has a 24-hours programmable feature that lets you set the time for it to start brewing. This feature matches it very well, considering that it does not brew coffees that quickly. 

I can now let it concduct my morning shot a few minutes earlier before I arise! It also has an auto-shutdown (select from 1-4 hours) and self-cleaning characteristics that are pretty convenient, especially if you are a busy person.

This machine comes with a permanent golden filter that can be reused indefinitely. However, this filter is quite bad for finer grinds, so it is best to use paper filters if you aren’t using coarse grinds.

Another interesting addition to it is the tone button that allows you to mute the five annoying beeps when brewing is done. 

Personally, this feature is excellent during the days when some people in my flat are on a day off and in need of some extra sleep.

What I found annoying about this device is that it lets out too much steam, and it condenses on the front part of the coffee maker. 

That is rather dangerous for the machine as it can ruin it in the long run. Another thing is that the coatings of the heating plate are quite subpar and can be easily removed after a few months of heavy usage. This is the best drip coffee maker under 100, and the best cheap coffee maker.


• Lots of feature to fiddle about
• Easy-to-use once you familiarize yourself with it
• Large brewing capacity, perfect for bigger crowds
• Uses ‘shower head’ holes to drizzle water to the coffee grounds during the brewing period
• Settings remain even after unplugged


• No water reservoir, which means it will use all water inside it to brew the same amount of coffee
• Poorly designed carafes that may not please lots of users
• Quite complicated to use at first, especially if you are not a tech user
• It would produce a different peculiar plastic-like taste in the coffee if not ‘pre-brewed’ with water a couple of times.

2: Hamilton Beach ‘The Scoop’ Single Serve Coffee Maker

Single-serve coffee makers are convenient, especially when you live in solitude. 

However, they might look pretty expensive if you are on a tight budget. Furthermore, modern single-serve coffee machines use k-pods or k-cups, which is at least three times more expensive than regular coffee grounds. So if you are looking for a single-serve coffee maker that is pocket-friendly, then Hamilton’s Beach ‘The Scoop’ might be your best bet.

Hamilton Beach’s ‘The Scoop’ is a relatively cheap alternative for mainstream single-serve coffee makers. It is very affordable, and you can get this device for just $50 or less. This machine only brews ground coffee, so this might not be for you if you are looking for a coffee maker that uses k-pods.

The main feature of this appliance is that it comes with a scoop with a fine mesh filter bottom. That scoop will serve as your measuring equipment as well as your permanent filter when you are brewing your cup of joe. 

This scoop is usually enough to do the job of filtering when the grinds are coarse. However, if you are going to use finer grounds in it, it would be best to use an additional filter lest you want some leftover coffee grinds in your morning shot.

Hamilton Beach’s ‘The Scoop’ has only a few buttons, which makes it fairly easy to use. It has a bold control that brews a full-bodied coffee when you found the regular brew too flat for your tongue. 

You can also customize the brew sizes to either 8 oz, or 14 oz. Lastly, it has an auto-shutdown feature that turns off the machine if you ever forgot to do it. This is the best coffee maker under 100 dollars, and the best affordable coffee maker.


• Inexpensive
• Produces coffee with a more refined taste than most pod machines
• Stainless steel body
• Interesting Design; you can invert the brewing tray when using shorter cups to avoid messy splashes.
• Easy to use


• This device uses coffee grounds only. This device is not for k-pod lovers
• Finer coffee grounds can still pass through the fine mesh filter
• It isn’t easy to clean, but it’s also not difficult, so this is just a minor issue

3: Keurig K-Mini Single-serve coffee maker

For people who are always on the go, k-cups are convenient factors that can keep them going for the day, and sometimes a few minutes are too important to miss, so using ground coffees for brewing is not ideal for them. Besides, k-cups are not only for coffee lovers, but it also caters for cocoa enthusiasts and other hot beverages.

If you are looking for a k-pod coffee machine below $100, then Keurig K-mini might be one of your main choices.

The Keurig K-mini is a straightforward and compact device perfect for people who don’t want to figure out how to use more complicated coffee makers. It is also suitable for people like students who don’t have wider spaces in their dorms or apartments.

The K-mini has only a single button, the brew button, which starts the dripping process when pressed. After successfully brewing, the machine will automatically shut down after 90 seconds.

Lastly, the brewing size of k-mini depends on the amount of water in the reservoir, meaning you’ll have to put fresh water in the tank every time you use it. This Keurig is the best coffee machine under 100, and the best low cost coffee maker.


• Perfect for single person usage
• Light and small, you can easily bring this anywhere if you want
• Easy-to-use (perhaps the easiest in this list)
• Brew your cup of joe quickly


• K-pods taste
• You can get another product with the same functionality at a lower price
• K-cups pollution

4: Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer

Unlike the previous coffee makers, Sboly is a versatile single-serve coffee device suitable for people who like to drink both k-cup coffee and ground coffee interchangeably. 

It is priced much lower than the single-serve coffee’s leading brand in the market, which is a wise buy if we consider what it can accommodate. Sboly comes with a k-cup tray and a ground coffee filter with a lid, which is essential to avoid having leftover grinds in your cup.

Despite being well clad with many features, Sboly is compactly built to occupy smaller spaces within your kitchen. 

It is constructed simply with only two buttons that you can press when using k-cup or ground coffee. Even with only two buttons, you can control the boldness of your cup by controlling the amount of water you put inside the tank.

What’s great about this machine is that it has a wide variety of brewing sizes to choose from. 

You can control the water inside the tanks then, that’s it you have a cup of coffee with that same amount. Furthermore, it comes with a free insulated tumbler where you can put your coffee!

What’s annoying about this machine is the inconsistency of brewing temperature. Sometimes it would brew a not-so-hot coffee, and sometimes, it would do it well. 

That is a critical flaw that can significantly affect your coffee experience. Another thing is the opening of the tank, which is quite narrow. The narrow space may lead to pouring mess, particularly when its user’s hand is shaky. This is the best value coffee maker, and is just an overall good cheap coffee maker.


• Very versatile in terms of brew size and coffee route.
• Inexpensive, the price is basically a bargain in contrast to other single-serve coffee machines
• Free mug
• Small size, perfect for smaller countertops
• Very simple to use, it only has two buttons, but it can do a lot
• Produces good-tasting coffee
• The coffee grounds filter has a lid


Strict voltage requirement
• Brew slowly
• Plastic frame
• Plastic taste when used without running water inside it first
•The tank has a narrow opening

5: Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Single Serve Coffee Maker

Speaking about versatility, the 49976 FlexBrew of Hamilton Beach puts a lot of features on the table. 

It can brew coffees in all three different ways/routes that all the other coffee makers aforementioned can do. You can use it to concoct a 12-cup carafe of coffee, or a 10 oz single serve of k-cup, or a 14-oz of single-serve ground coffee. 

Despite being laden with these loads of basic features, it was still able to sit at the very upper limit of our price range.

Aside from that, the 49976 FlexBrew produces a notably hotter coffee than its counterparts, and as we all know, most of the time, hotter coffees have a more pronounced flavor than colder ones. 

Add the fact that this coffee maker has the bold option, which can further extract richer flavor from your coffee grounds.

This machine is programmable as well, and that means you can set it up before you sleep to brew automatically at a particular time. It also has an autopause function which stops the dripping process when you remove the carafe from the heating pad.

On another note, the physical size of this device is quite large, and it would take a significant part of your countertop or wherever you put it. Additionally, it isn’t that nice that it has two water tanks, one for each side when they can just combine them. 

Furthermore, brewing sizes will depend entirely on the amount of water in the reservoirs; this means you cannot put extra water in the tanks for later uses.


• Amazing versatility
• Warming Plate can keep your coffee warm for up to two hours
• Richer Coffee
• Durable
• Automatic Features


• Quite big
• Brew slowly (which is understandable when you consider the coffee’s temperature)
• No automatic cleaning (but it’s easy to clean, so…)

Buyers Guide: What to consider when buying a coffee maker under $100

Purchasing coffee makers is beneficial to your coffee experience, and of course, to your wallet if it’s done correctly. 

It is essential to evaluate factors like cost, preferences, needs, and convenience lest you waste your money on products that don’t cover these elements. 

It is also wise to familiarize yourself with the features attainable by your budget to avoid losing out in the trade. 

With that said, read further below to know more about what you should look out for before you spend your hard-earned money.


Convenience is one of the main reasons we use coffee makers. It enables the creation of the perfect cup of coffee by simply fiddling with your machine a few times. 

It would help to evaluate how much comfort you can compromise when buying your device; after all, prices can go higher the more feature it offers. 

But on the other side, time is also an invaluable resource. Acquiring an appliance that gives more conveniences removes all ‘unnecessary’ works, giving you more time to do other things like having an extra five minutes of sleep.

Amount of cups

How much coffee can you consume at a time? 

If you are alone and always in a hurry, then a single-serve coffee maker that can quickly brew a cup in one go should already suffice your need. It is also suitable for a household that wakes at different times of the day. 

Likewise, single-serve coffee makers are much simpler to use as they are easier to clean.

On the other hand, if you live in a larger household that dines breakfast or brunch together, you may need a machine that can brew coffee in a family-sized carafe. 

The average amount brewed in bigger devices is about 10-12 cups, enough for a family of six to have two cups each. Greater brewing sizes are also suitable for coffeeholic who drink an ample amount of this morning shot at a time.

If you cannot decide between these two as you are sure that you would only need a cup sometimes but a whole carafe on the other times, then you can select a coffee maker that can do both at the same time rather than buying two types of the coffee maker at once.

Types of coffee

If you love that deep and rich flavor of espresso, you might want to own an espresso machine. However, the price of those appliances is usually higher than a coffee maker. 

Fortunately, there are hybrid coffee machines that let you brew both espresso and coffee in it. It might not produce a really authentic taste, but this is your best option, especially when you are on a budget.


The prices of coffee machines can range from a few tens of dollars up to thousands of dollars. 

In most cases, lower-priced goods are inferior to the more expensive ones. However, some products are much better for their prices, and they do their jobs very well. 

As stated earlier, coffee machines with features like programming, auto shut down, auto cleaning, and many more are more pricey than manual ones.


Temperature is one of the most important features that set apart a good coffee brewing machine from its competitors. 

As many coffee lovers know, the formula for a perfect cup of coffee includes high-quality beans, good equipment, excellent water, and, yes, an optimal temperature for brewing.

The optimal temperature for brewing is at the range of 195°F to 205°F. Anything below that can result in a staler taste and under-extracted beans. Most coffee maker devices can reach temperature near that. 

However, some gadgets cannot maintain such temperature for the whole brewing process.

You can also consider brewing devices that have carafes with insulation technology. 

This type of carafes can allow the coffee inside it to maintain its heat for a long time which is ideal for individuals who hate to keep on brewing every time they wanted to drink.

Brewing Customization

My cup of tea (coffee) might not be your cup of tea (coffee) as there is no one-taste-fit-all when it comes to foods and beverages. Some would like more water in their drink, while some like additional grounds for their shot.

Thus, it is critical for picky tongues to have brewing customization for their coffee machines.

Durability and Lifespan

You finally had considered everything and narrowed down your choices to very few options. Now you have one last thing to ponder upon, durability and lifespan. 

inexpensive coffee makers

Lower-end products tend to last shorter than more expensive ones. Some would last for just a few months, while others will endure longer than that. The best way to know about this is to read the product reviews on the marketplace.

It is not impossible for these devices to last longer. You only need to give them proper maintenance care regularly. Even those machines that have self-cleaning option needs to be adequately cleaned.

The Overall Best

When we chose the coffee makers for our list, we picked five machines with different and overlapping functionalities. So, each one of them is perfect for those who really need them. 

Thus, what we found best might not really be the best for you. You can, however, continue reading further as our verdict might help you to decide.


The cheapest product on our list is Hamilton Beach’s ‘The Scoop,’ but this does not mean that it wins in terms of pricing. Sboly can do the function of both the K-mini and ‘The Scoop.’ 

Besides, its price is just around ten more dollars than The Scoop and ten dollars less than K-mini. Add 40 dollars more to your sboly, and you’ll get a FlexBrew that can do that all at once.

Amount of servings

When it comes to the number of servings, DCC-3200P1 takes the lead. You can use it to brew a single cup up to 14 cups.


Keurig K-mini wins in terms of speed in making a cup of coffee. Furthermore, it is a portable coffee maker, which is quite convenient if you are always on the go. 

On the other hand, the FlexBrew and DCC-3200P1 are also convenient if we talk about their programmable features. You can program both of them to do the brewing right before you wake up!

Temperature and Taste

As stated earlier, temperature affects the taste of your coffee. That is a significant aspect for us in choosing which coffee makers are great for a price below $100. 

Among the five items, FlexBrew, Sboly, and DCC-3200P1 stand out in the aspect of temperature. However, we removed the sboly as it is not consistent in its performance.

Brewing Customization

Aside from K-mini, all products listed above have a method to customize brew strength.

You can control the cup sizes in each device in some way

Only FlexBrew can do all three brewing methods in this list


Hamilton Beach FlexBrew – Overall Winner

In terms of overall performance, FlexBrew wins by a large margin. It has more features than the other devices, and its price is still acceptable. What’s makes this the best is the rich taste of coffee it can make, especially in its carafe mode brewing.

Sboly – Winner In Terms Of Price

Despite having both the function of k-mini and ‘The Scoop,’ its price does not differ that much, and in fact, it is cheaper than the K-mini.


An excellent coffee experience does not have to be expensive. In fact, there are lots of coffee maker below $100 that does a good job! Just make sure that you buy according to your needs, and you will surely have a happy cup.

Thank you for reading!


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