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Best Coffee Scale: Best Scale For Coffee Reviewed

best coffee scales

How do you make your coffee in the morning? Are you content with a basic instant brew, do you have a one-touch espresso maker to handle everything, or do you prefer a more hands-on artisan approach?

There is an exciting combination of art and science when creating the perfect coffee. Latte-art enthusiasts may focus on the former while precision brewers can enjoy the latter. Every great scientific experiment needs the right equipment for the best results. In this case, that means the best coffee scales for the job.

Why do you need a set of coffee scales?

If you are new to the world of coffee-making, it is understandable if the concept of coffee scales is a little foreign. After all, the idea of weighing our coffee is far removed from that of making an instant cup of coffee from the kettle.

There are lots of coffee lovers that take coffee brewing very seriously. Some of these experienced people may have convinced you to look into getting a set of coffee scales of your own. They have learned that precise measurements of coffee grounds and ratios of water to coffee can make a big difference in the taste and intensity of their coffee.

This can be significant when paying out for more expensive roasts and gourmet options. A set of scales can ensure that you reach those ideal figures no matter what beans you use.

A handful of coffee beans isn’t a precise measurement. One batch might be heavier because of the roasting process.

You could end up with a much weaker or stronger cup than expected. However, if you weight the beans or grind them into a filter on a set of scales, you can achieve the same weight of grounds and a more consistent process. Once you get your recommended basket of 14 grams, you can start making your coffee. Some like to do this on the scales too.

Tare the scales to account for the cup. Figure out your 15:1 ratio and add the water until you reach the right amount. With practice, you should find that this leads to better tasting coffee and more consistent results.

What should you look for when buying your first set of coffee scales?

Don’t worry if this process of weighing and creating coffee on scales sounds complicated. There is a huge learning curve involved here, but it should also turn into a fun hobby. The right product should make things easier.

Before we take a closer look at our top 5 coffee scales and the benefits that they bring, we need to consider some of the most important features.

The main reason why these products are so popular and effective is that they typically share a lot of the same features. But, not all products are equal, and it is important to sieve out the best from the worse. So, let’s take a look at some of the most important factors involved in choosing the best set of coffee scales for your kitchen.

Go for a set of digital coffee scales instead of an analog one. A coffee scale will come in both types.

The 5 top products listed below are all digital scales. These products tend to be the most reliable option when it comes to creating the most accurate measurements and getting the best from the coffee-making experience.

You also get a better range of design features and other aspects to make things easier. However, you can go for an analog set of scales instead.

To be honest, these old-fashioned scales will impress guests more based on their looks than their performance. They can be a pretty statement piece for the kitchen, but that’s about it.

Don’t worry too much about rechargeable batteries. A normal coffee scale will come with these.

These digital models are battery operated so that you can use them in any part of the kitchen. The last thing you want is to find a spare outlet or deal with a power cord while brewing your coffee. While there are options out there with rechargeable batteries, this isn’t a necessity.

Instead, you can get some affordable and reliable models that use standard replaceable batteries. The only downside to this is that you need to be sure you have spares in the house. You don’t want an error reading while you have guests over and no back-up power.

What sort of mat or plate is on the top?

As you browse the different options available in top digital coffee scales, you will see a range of shapes and designs. Some brands will focus on providing a stainless steel plate on the top of scales.

This should allow for a more durable surface that is at no risk when brewing your coffee on the scales. Still, this could allow for a heavier product or something that isn’t quite as nice to look at. An alternative approach is to have a silicone mat.

This should be tough, non-skid, and heat resistant. The color of the silicone might also match in with other appliances or aspects of the kitchen decor.

Will it look good if you leave it out in the kitchen?

This isn’t the most important consideration here – not compared to the performance of the scales. However, we can’t help but turn to products that are more attractive, especially if we want to show them off to other people.

These digital coffee scales should be small and light enough to be kept in a cupboard out the way when not in use. But, if you have space, you could keep them out by your coffee maker or other appliances. A matching color will make a difference here.

These machines have to be accurate enough for the best possible response.

Accuracy if essential with any set of scales, regardless of the product measured. You don’t have to settle for something with vague readings if you can afford a more precise product.

Some of the best digital scales for coffee will provide a much wider range of increments to help you get the very best result. This level of precision could make the difference when switching to other beans or trying new recipes.

You will also see that some devices let you change the readings from imperial to metric.

The faster the readings, the better the outcome.

One factor that new users of coffee scales overlook is the speed of the reading. You need a system that is highly responsive. If there is too much of a lag between the pouring of the water or beans and the reading on display, you could go over.

The actual measurement of grounds in your filter maybe a touch more than required. This might not sound that bad, but it can make all the difference in the taste and strength of some brews. Also, once you pour that water over, you can’t take it back again.

Take a closer look at the features and software that sets these models apart.

At their core, these digital coffee scales can be pretty similar in design and purpose. The differences may become more obvious when we get to some of the other helpful features and tools. Some devices are smarter than others, and this could show in your finished cup of coffee.

One extra feature to look out for is the timer. This can be very helpful if you plan on brewing your coffee on the scales. You can set the timer, walk away, and leave it to do its thing. Another helpful tool is the automatic shut-off during a period of inactivity. This could help to save battery life.

Are the scales within budget?

The good news if this is your first set of coffee scales is that you don’t have to pay a fortune for a decent product. A coffee scale will vary depending on the type of coffee scale it is.

The options listed here are all affordable and offer value with their specifications. Decide how much is too much and don’t go over-budget just because there is one nice bonus feature or a product looks a little nicer.

It always helps to check user reviews and specifications when choosing the best set of coffee scales for your kitchen.

Buyer testimonials provide a more reliable idea of what it is like to use the product. You can see if they are easy to use or as smart or fast as advertised. Keep this in mind when comparing any additional products to those in this guide.

For now, you can check out our top 5 digital coffee scales reviews based on the specifications and user reviews available.

Top 5 Coffee Scales

1. Best Coffee Scale – Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale

This first model is one that gained a lot of fans because of its accuracy and response. As we mentioned above, there can be a significant difference in results depending on both the speed of the readings and the number of increments involved.

In this case, you have a machine that provides measurements at increment as small as 1/10 of a gram. When you add in the speed of the readings, there isn’t too much concern about going over and messing up the measurements.

It also helps that this model comes with a timer and an automatic shut-off to make the process even more user-friendly. So, if you are completely new to pour-over coffee or measuring espressos, you have a bit of a safety net here.

There are also positive comments about the design and overall look of this product because it is so sleek. It shouldn’t stand out too much on a counter.

The problem here is that this sleek, simple approach doesn’t allow for the same level of protection. There are other products in this guide that offer a more heavy-duty feel with the stainless steel plate or silicone cover.

That is missing here, and this could have implications for the durability and cleanliness of the scales. The Hairo scale will measure any fluid ounces, and will allow you to get a perfect cup of coffee!

1) This system is fast so you can get instant readings
2) There are lots of increments for greater accuracy in your readings
3) Additional features in the software help to create a more user-friendly model
4) It should look great in your kitchen.

1) There aren’t the same protective measures that you will see in other products.

2. Best Scale For Coffee Pour Over – Etekcity Digital Stainless Kitchen Scale

This next option from Etekcity highlights the difference between the more sleek and attractive scales and the heavy-duty coffee scales. This one has that stainless steel plate on the top to provide extra protection from the heat.

The finish also means that it should be easy enough to clean spills without ruining the look of the product. In fact, this is a good looking set of scales with a simple design and clean lines. It offers a more professional feel without going overboard.

A large number of happy buyers are also pleased to see that this is a user-friendly model too. There isn’t much to learn, and the display and settings are pretty simple. There are buttons for you to tare the scale and set the measurements.

From there, you can allow it to take a reading without any hassle. The back-lit display is a nice touch, so you don’t have to second-guess any of the figures. Finally, there is the affordable price tag that makes this a nice budget option for new users.

With that said, budget price tags often mean that some features are missing, or you have to sacrifice some quality.

In this case, there aren’t the same additional elements to the software, such as the timer. It also appears that this one isn’t as accurate as others in terms of the precision or speed in the readings. This is by far the best pie over coffee scale on the market and by far one of the best kitchen scale for coffee.

1) This one uses that food-grade stainless steel plate for a more robust finish
2) It should be fairly easy to use and clean for a stress-free coffee-making process
3) The design is still attractive, even with this heavy-duty plate
4) This could be a great budget model for newcomers

1) The precision and speed are lacking compared to other products.

3. Best Coffee Scale Digital – ERAVSOW Digital Coffee Scale Reviews

This next option is one that will appeal to a lot of coffee lovers because it goes a little further with its features and options. These scales have the same sort of stainless steel plate on the top for durability and an easy-clean finish.

However, there is also the option of adding a silicone mat. This might be preferable for those that like to make drip coffee, and it also makes the scales a lot more attractive.

Other helpful features here include the high precision sensors and the hook. The hook is something that you don’t see that often with these sorts of products. What it means is that you don’t have to hide the scales away in the cupboard with the rest of your appliances.

Instead, you can put it on display to show off to all your guests. The sensors mean that that you can get accurate measurements for better-tasting coffee, and the back-lit orange display makes those readings all the more visible.

A potential problem here is battery life. First of all, this uses standard batteries and can run through them pretty quickly. So, make sure to have spares on hand. It could die mid-session and create a few errors in the readings. This is a great kitchen scale, and will weigh any type of coffee bean perfectly.

Also, while the use of an auto-shutoff can help to reduce this risk, it will shut down in as little as 5 minutes of inactivity. These are the best digital scale for coffee, and are perfect for any coffee grounds scale.

1) There are heavy-load sensors for improved accuracy
2) You can choose between the bare stainless steel plate or the silicone cover
3) The back-lit display is easy to read. 4) The hook is a nice touch for those that want to make the scales a feature of the kitchen

1) Don’t expect the batteries to last too long on this model.

4. Best Coffee Scales For Espresso – Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital

If the option above seems a little too high-end and involved for your first set of digital coffee scales, you could go for something a bit more basic.

This product is more of a standard set of kitchen scales than anything that was specifically designed for use with coffee beans. Still, it has some helpful features and can work well for measuring out the grounds.

The controls on these scales are as user-friendly as any basic set of cooking scales. You can press the tare button to set it up, add your products, and await the reading on display. It is easy to read and operate.

There are also the benefits of the low price and range of colors. If you have a specific color scheme in mind in your kitchen, you might find an option here to match.

Because this is a more all-purpose set of scales, there isn’t the same protection on the top. The chrome plate isn’t the tough stainless steel plate seen on other scales. Therefore, it is best not to use this for brewing coffee.

If you only want to measure the grounds, then that’s fine. The budget feel of this device also means that it doesn’t have the same sensors or precise readings as other models. It might be a bit too easy to go over the desired weight. This coffee scale is perfect to weight any type of coffee bean for your coffee bean, and is a great for your coffee maker. This coffee scale will allow you to get the perfect brew, and allow you to get a perfect brew ratio and the perfect cup of any type of coffee. With it’s lcd display and touch sensitive buttons the acaia scale is amazing!

1) This model is easy to use with the basic controls for everyday use
2) It seems to be easy to read too
3) You can choose a color that matches your decor
4) It is an affordable option that is a nice starting point

1) It won’t have the durability or accuracy of other high-end coffee scales

5. Best Coffee Scale With Timer – Ozeri Touch Professional Digital

For our last model in this guide to the best coffee scales, we are sticking with Ozeri. This time we have a product that is a little more professional with greater applications for coffee-making. It could be a more reliable model for those that have more confidence in their abilities.

It could also prove to be a good upgrade on one of the entry-level options above. This is clear from the quality of the sensors. There are four high precision sensors here that allow for greater accuracy and fast readings.

Another appealing thing about this option is that there is a nice blend between the durable build and attractive design. You can have things both ways. The scales have a nice surface that comes in a choice of colors.

Again, this is great for those that want their devices to match. But, this surface is also made from tempered glass. Therefore, you get a slim look with the same strength and durability of stainless steel options.

One small issue to be aware of here is the sensitivity of the buttons. Touch-sensitive buttons built into the device are great for the aesthetics and for making the device easier to clean. But, it can be a little too easy to knock them and change a setting.

This could be a problem for those with limited experience with coffee scales. There is also the fact that these scales drain the batteries pretty quickly. This is also the best scale for chemex, and the best scale for coffee for sale! If you a coffee enthusiast and you have a French press or burr grinder, or looking to make a specialty coffee like a cold brew, this is a great scale with a inbuilt timer!

1) This one has tempered glass for a strong and attractive look
2) There are lots of color choices available
3) The four high precision sensors should allow for greater accuracy
4) This one seems like a more professional option

Cons: 1) The touch-sensitive buttons might be too sensitive for some users. Make sure to get the best coffee scale for your needs.

What to look for in a coffee scale

Making a cup of coffee can be a very calming process. This could be from measuring the amount of coffee that will be used to determining what temperature you would want. As enjoyable as it is to make yourself a fresh cup, it is more enjoyable as it is rewarding to take the first sip from your handiwork.

To victoriously take delight in your fresh brew, you would want to precisely measure the ingredients you would be using. Measuring the amount of coffee you’re going to be using is crucial as too much will make your coffee bitter and too little will make it bland. For the measurements you will be using, a coffee scale will do you perfectly.

A coffee scale is a specific scale for measuring ingredients used in making coffee such as ground coffee, coffee beans, water, creamer, and more. Coffee scales are customizable depending on what ingredient it is that you are using and even for specific types of ingredients like fine, medium, and coarse grinds of coffee.

Specific measurements can also be remembered by the coffee scale, letting you measure your preferred amounts. To achieve your perfect brew, getting a coffee scale is a perfect scale.

There are a few factors that make a coffee scale a good one.


One of the factors you should look for in a coffee scale is how fast it can respond to what buttons you press and when it comes to weighing the ingredients.

Having a fast responding scale not only saves a lot of time but also saves you from getting annoyed. This factor is even more important when the scale is going to be used in businesses such as coffee shops or restaurants.


Precision is a necessity when it comes to coffee scales. Most coffee scales are made to be incredibly precise as this is probably its most important feature.

Checking the specifics of a product is an important thing to look at to make a good decision when looking for a coffee scale. A scale’s precision is essential when making coffee because even a little fraction of a gram can change how the final product will turn out.


Style may not be the most important factor you should be looking into when picking a scale. But style, though it may not affect the taste of your coffee in any way, can either make or break how your kitchen counter will appeal to people’s eyes.

For example, a coffee scale with a round silver plate and an LCD screen may not fit a black marble countertop. A better option for this setting would then be an all-black scale with a square plate with a sleeker frame and a blue LED screen.

A coffee scale with style fitting your interior is optimal for all home or business owners.


When using a coffee scale when making coffee every day, you’re going to want a good and long-lasting appliance that you can rely on daily. The most important aspect of a scale’s durability is if it is waterproof.

Coffee scales can also weigh water and are always around coffee making it prone to getting spilled on. Therefore, a waterproof coffee scale is always a better option compared to scales that aren’t.

We all need to be reminded to carefully inspect the coffee scale before deciding to buy it, so you can save on money and time.

Scale Your Love for Coffee with Coffee Scales

What makes a perfect cup of coffee? Is it the right mix of one spoonful of sugar to a splash of cream? Or the consistent amount of water-to-beans ratio that makes it so satisfying? Well, the Golden Ratio or the general guideline to brewing the best balanced coffee is 1g of coffee to 15-17g of water.

Now, it is hard to simply eyeball this ratio as it leads to inconsistency in your brew; you might get a too-watery coffee or way too strong cup that doesn’t really suit your taste. In rare times you actually get to brew the perfect cup, it will be very hard to replicate without the help of a scale.

If you want your coffee as perfect as possible every single time you brew, using a coffee scale will definitely help you in elevating your daily joe.


  • ACCURACY- A coffee scale gives you full control of how much coffee and water you use. Because the scales accurately show the weight of your beans, you don’t have to guess how much you need in brewing your coffee everyday. If you want to follow the golden ratio, simply putting your coffee on the scale, and measuring 1g to 15-17g of water will easily give you the universally-accepted balanced coffee.
  • CONSISTENCY- As mentioned, not only does having a scale benefit you in accuracy, it helps that you already know the right amount to brew your cup of coffee. With a scale, you don’t need to worry about possibly having a watery drink or drinking something that doesn’t suit your taste. Using a scale ensures that your coffee yesterday will be just as good as today’s. However, if you want to tweak your ratios a bit, it’ll be perfectly fine because you can keep track of the amount of coffee and water that you use so that you can add or subtract according to your taste. This way, your cup of coffee can taste better than the last, and can continue on being consistently the best drink you’ve brewed.
  • SAVING YOUR BEANS- Coffee beans vary in size and density; no two beans are the same. As a result, this may cause inaccuracy in your brew and may even waste your beans especially if you’re using a grind time function on your grinder. You might grind more coffee than what you need which may result in throwing away precious materials. Having a scale makes sure that your coffee is of the right amount without wasting your beans when you simply scoop it from the bag. This helps you avoid not only wasting your beans but also your money in always buying a bag that goes away far too quickly.

In the end, if you really want a consistently good cup of coffee that not only is perfect for your taste, but also saves you from the heartbreak of losing precious grams of beans, having a scale is most definitely worth it for your daily coffee.

As you see, these digital coffee scales share a lot of common features with the sensors, displays, and designs. However, the level of accuracy, durability, and ease of use can vary greatly. You don’t have to start out with anything too high-tech or expensive.

Some of these budget models can provide good reading. But, there are better options with greater precision and helpful features if you prefer. Compare the options within your budget, go over the reviews, and see which model is the best fit. These coffee scales are all top quality weighing scale and will allow you to weigh any type of coffee ground with ease, if you have an espresso machine or a keurig with a integrated timer, a coffee scale will come in handy. No matter hat brewing method you use, an espresso scale, pour over coffee, or even a drip timer, you need to have a coffee scale in your kitchen!

Before long, you will be measuring and brewing your coffee like a pro. If you’re looking for more coffee guides, we have the best coffee syrups and strongest coffee guide!

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