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Best Dark Roast Coffee Brands In 2024 Reviewed

Coffee is a drink dear to our hearts. It’s the go-to beverage when you want to stay awake and work extra hours or when looking for an instant buzz after a long day. Coffee just has a way with our bodies, giving an instant energy buzz needed for your morning Dark roast coffee is one of the most preferred coffee types.

A study conducted in 2017 in the USA showed that 42% of the contestants preferred dark roast coffee beans over medium and light coffee beans. Dark roast coffee is easier to distinguish from other varieties of coffee because it’s richer in flavor and smoother because of the roasting flavor.

best dark roast coffee

Quick Answer: Top 5 Dark Roast Coffee Beans

  • This Coffee is rich in flavor, and has a strong dark taste
  • No Artificial Preservatives
  • Low Acidity
BEST VALUE: Koffee Kult Coffee
  • 100% Arabic Coffee Beans
  • Sourced From Guatemala
  • Great tasting coffee with mild acidity
HEALTHIEST: Lifeboost Dark Roast Coffee
  • Extremely Low Acidity
  • No pesticides or harmful chemicals
  • Full-Bodied Flavor with hints of chocolate.
BEST BUDGET: Kicking Horse Dark Roast Coffee
  • Sweet, Smoky And Rich Flavor
  • Very Powerful Aroma & Strong Coffee
  • No Bitter Taste
BEST OVERALL: AmazonFresh Dark Roast Coffee
  • 100% arabica beans from central and South America
  • Rich Flavor with a smooth texture.
  • Perfect for everyone, as it is very mild.

What is dark roast coffee?

Dark roast coffee simply depicts coffee that is dark brown. Dark roast coffee beans are usually the darkest and very shiny on the surface thanks to the roasting process. The coffee beans are roasted under temperatures of about 240-250 degrees Celsius or until the second crack. Dark roast coffee is fully flavored, heavy, bitter, and smoky in flavor. Sometimes you may even notice some smokiness because of the prolonged roasting.

Purchasing dark roast coffee beans can be challenging because of the many brands in the market. We did extensive research and tasted different brands before writing this review. Here are 5 best dark roast coffee beans!

1. Death Wish Coffee – Best Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Deathwish will grab your attention because of the bold claims that it’s the world’s strongest coffee. Deathwish dark roast coffee delivers more caffeine per cup than your average coffee. It’s made from incredibly strong whole Arabica and Robusta beans from India and Peru. It comes in nag sizes of 1 pound. 1 pound, divided into two packs and 5 pounds.

It’s very rich in flavor with undertones of cherry and chocolate, which will immediately heighten your impression of the coffee beans. The coffee does not have any bitter flavors making it suitable for everyone, including newbies. This dark roast coffee is also very smooth, with very low acidity levels. It is roasted in small batches, which increases the flavor.

Also, its certified USDA organic meaning it contains no artificial preservatives. It also Fair Trade and Kosher certified, meaning you are assured of great flavor and high quality.

Deathwish coffee might be a little too strong for some people because of the distinct flavor. However, some people like the low acidity and subtle taste of chocolate with this coffee. Remember, coffee is a personal preference!

2. Koffee Kult – Best Tasting Dark Roast Coffee

Looking for a smooth but flavor-rich coffee? Look no further than the Koffee Kult dark roast coffee! These coffee beans are made of 100% arabica coffee sourced from Sumatra. Guatemala, and Columbia. This dark roast coffee has been voted number one for rich flavor with a smooth feel. The aroma of this coffee is exceptional. The coffee also features notes of cinnamon and cocoa with a heavy yet bright lingering finish.

These dark roast coffee beans have no oil on them. They are also mid-level acidic with no bitterness flavor. If you are a newbie to dark roast coffee, we recommend these coffee beans! The coffee is available in bag sizes of 1.2. and 5 pounds. It can be used in aero presses. French presses, pour-overs, and espresso drinks.

However, some coffee drinkers may find Koffee Kult too mild for their liking, but most people love the rich flavors and tones. The aroma of this coffee is another thing aspect people are in love with. The aroma is just heavenly!

3. Lifeboost Dark Roast Coffee – Best Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Are you a dark roast coffee lover but can’t stand it because of high acidity? Lifeboost coffee is the best dark roast coffee beans for anyone with stomach issues who wants to enjoy dark roast coffee. The coffee is known for its extremely low acidity levels thanks to its origin. Lifeboost is made of premium arabica coffee beans, which only grow in the Nicaraguan highlands. Lifeboost is at the forefront for the right reasons. It’s the dark roast coffee for anyone battling stomach issues but can’t give up dark coffee roasts.

Lifeboost also made our list because it’s an organic coffee. No pesticides, harmful chemicals. GMO. or mycotoxins are added during the growing of these coffee beans. It’s also free of any artificial preservatives. We can guarantee that after trying this dark coffee roast, you will not go back to those mass-produced, chemical-loaded coffees.

Lifeboost coffee is also a full-bodied flavor with great shades of chocolate, spices, and orange peel that make an extraordinary combo. The coffee beans are perfect for espresso machines, pour-over. French presses, and drip coffee makers. The only downside of this product may be the price. We cannot say it’s the most expensive dark roast coffee, but it’s definitely not the cheapest

4. Kicking Horse Dark Roast Coffee – Good Dark Roast Coffee

Kicking Horse dark roast coffee is a force to reckon with, starting from the outstanding flavor! The dark roast coffee has a sweet, smoky, rich flavor with undertones of chocolate malt licorice, molasses, and an earthy flavor to finish it off. What a combination! The coffee is very smooth, leaving a warm and cozy feeling on the inside.

Kicking horse coffee beans are made of 100% arabica beans, which are shade-grown in Indonesia and South America. The high-quality coffee beans come in different sizes so you can choose one that suits you. The coffee is 100% organic and kosher and fair trade certified. You are guaranteed of safety and highquality with every sip. The Kicking Horse is the kind of dark roast that just grows on you. You will not even realize how it becomes a favorite.

The coffee is also suitable for everyone as it does not have a very bitter taste. It comes in bag sizes of 10 ounces and 34.2 ounces. It is recommended for drip makers, pour-overs, and French presses. It’s ideal for both cold and hot brews.

5. AmazonFresh Coffee – Best Dark Roast Coffee Brands

Amazon is really growing a fan base with its great reputation for highquality food products. The AmazonFresh dark roast is made from high-quality 100% arabica beans from central and south America. The beans used result in a rich, smooth flavor with amazing tomes of dark chocolate that your taste buds will love. The coffee taste is also very mild, making it suitable for everyone.

The coffee is packaged right after it has been roasted to remain fresh throughout. It also features a one-way valve that prevents air from getting into the package after using it to keep the contents fresh. The coffee is ideal for both cold brews. The manufacturer recommends it’s for espresso brews. The downside of those dark roast coffee is that it may be unsuitable for some users.

The mild flavor of this coffee is an aspect that may be unsuitable for some users. It also has very low caffeine levels making it too weak for hardcore coffee lovers.

Buying Guide – Dark Roast Coffee

Choosing the best dark roast coffee is never easy, especially because it’s all about personal preference when it comes down to coffee. In this section, let’s take a look at crucial factors to consider before choosing dark roast coffee beans.

The Type Of Coffee Beans Used

There are a variety of coffee beans used in brewing around the world;

• Arabica- Arabica is the most popular coffee beans accounting for at least 70% of coffee beans used worldwide. These beans are popular because they are perfectly balanced in flavor though they tend to be milder in taste. The Arabica Coffee bean is amazing!

• Robusta- these coffee beans contain more caffeine and have a bitter flavor. They are also cheaper than arabica. The Robusta coffee bean is also quite tasty!

Pro-tip- you can always combine some arabica and Robusta beans to get a taste of both worlds!

• Kona- this coffee is exclusive to the slopes of Honolulu and Mauna Lowa. Their flavor is exceptional though they come at a price. For the best results, ensure you are getting 100% Kona beans for the best aroma and flavor. Kona is a special type of coffee bean!

Origin Of The Coffee

Coffee beans come from different parts of the world, which has an effect on the flavor and aroma as well as quality.

• Africa- Africa is known for Arabica coffee, most of which come from Ethiopia (the world’s fifth -largest coffee producer.) The coffee from Africa is mainly bold and intense, with a variety of fruity undertones. The African coffee bean comes in a darker roast, and is normally more of a dark roasted coffee!

• Central America- coffee from this region comes in diverse flavors and aromas and mid-level acidity. The Central America coffee bean is usually a medium roast, and will normally be roasted in a French roast using a coffee roaster.

• South America- most coffee from this region comes from Columbia and Brazil. The coffee here is of high-quality and very low acidity. You may know the coffee here regarded as artisan coffee thanks to the complex and smooth texture. The South American coffee bean is normally also a darker roast, and they love the dark roast coffee bean, loving the dark roasted coffee flavor.

India- coffee from India has a unique taste, given the growing conditions and the way it is processed. The mellow and rich flavor is definitely worth trying. Dark Roasted coffee from India is amazing!

• Southeast Asia- this region mostly produces Robusta and about 10% of Arabica coffee beans. The coffee is. however, extremely bold with earthy undertones. Dark Roasted coffee from Southeast Asia is special, especially from Vietnam!

Dark Roast Varieties

There are different varieties of dark roast coffee in the market, depending on your preference. Let’s take a look at the common ones;

• Viennese- this dark roasting is characterized by small oil spots on the coffee beans, resulting in a caramel flavor. Ground coffee and decaf coffee is amazing with this flavor.

• Italian roast – Italian dark roasting takes the beans to the very verge of burning such that the beans are oilier and very dark. The result is bittersweet or even charred notes. The flavor is chocolatey with a hint of caramel. The Italian cold brew and decaf coffee has an amazing dark roast! Italian roast is amazing for the average coffee drinker.

• French roast – the beans from this roast are dark brown with bittersweet undertones and natural smoky, rich flavor. The French roast is very common using a dark roast k cup and is also common within dark roasted coffee lovers.


Dark roast coffee beans have different flavors depending on the region in which they are grown and the region’s conditions. The dark roast beans can come in anything from mild strong to very strong.

Light roasts are lighter in appearance and mellow in flavor. These dark roasts are usually without oil on the surface, unlike other dark roasts. They have unique aromas, very crispy acidity, and subtle undertones. Their undertones are mostly fruity.

Medium roasts are roasted a bit longer, resulting in a medium brown body and minimal oil on the surface. They are also sweeter than light roast beans.

Dark roasts are roasted the longest, so they tend to be dark brown or almost black. They also have oil on the surface, which is why they are very shiny. They are heavy-bodied with deeper flavors like chocolate, caramel and nuts, and very low acidity. The Roasted coffee that decaf and cold brew coffee is amazing! Dark roast can also come with a dark chocolate flavor, and the arabica beans are amazing!

Most dark roast coffees are chocolatey in flavor though some can be milkier on the chocolate range while others can be very dark. Some also come with fruity and caramel aftertaste or undertones.


We have looked at a variety of coffee beans that come in different bag sizes. You may consider getting a large bag size to avoid trips to the store and also wasting your money and resources.

If it’s a brand you are yet to try a 1 -2-pound bag is a good starting point to see if its a coffee you will like. All the brands we have reviewed are very high-quality products, so you don’t need to worry about quality. The coffee brand and coffee maker we choose are all specialty coffee for dark roast and medium dark roast, so you can be sure you are getting the best dark roasted coffee beans avaliable!

Brewing method

There are different brewing methods, and everyone has their own preference. Luckily, dark roast is very versatile when it comes to brewing methods. Whether its drip machines, pour-over. French press or espresso machines, you will still get the goodness of the best dark roast coffee beans.


How much are you willing to spend on your dark roast coffee? The best dark roast coffee beans can vary in prices depending on factors like the origin, flavor, and type of beans used. Arabica coffee beans are the most expensive.

The price may also vary based on the brewing method that can be used. All the products we have reviewed are of the best quality, so ensure you buy a brew within your budget.

Frequently asked questions

Why is dark coffee the best?

Coffee generally has a bunch of benefits. Dark roast coffee is packed with antioxidants that lower the risk of cardiovascular arrest and coronary heart disease and reduce the process of aging. Dark roast coffee also helps in weight loss as it increases metabolism and breaks down fats in the body. Dark roast coffee is rich in N-Methylpyrinium ions, making it better than light roasts for weight loss.

Dark roasts are also very low in acidity, making it safe for stomach and gut problems. Dark roast coffee is also very effective in restoring red blood cells glutathione and vitamin E concentration. These are antioxidants that help the body fight against diseases and free radicals.

Dark roast coffee, like any other coffee, increases your mental focus and alertness. You can perform better in your regular tasks and feel mOre energized and active as you move about your day. Dark roast coffee can also kick the feelings of depression and reduce the likelihood of getting Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Dark roast coffee has a lot of benefits that make it the best choice. Unless your doctor says otherwise, grab some dark roast coffee on your next visit to the store! Make sure to choose the right brew!

Is dark roast coffee more bitter?

Dark roast coffee results from a process of longer roasting, making the beans dark brown or slightly charred. The strong flavor from the roasting process often results in bitterness, which masks the beans’ original taste. Dark roasts that are mild may not be bitter, while those that are very strong will be bitter. If you use a roaster, the coffee grounds will be stronger. But the lighter roast you use, the less bitter your roasted beans will be, so it depends on your brew you use.

Is dark roast coffee strong?

Many people usually misunderstand the strength of coffee. Dark roast coffee is not stronger than other coffees. The strength of coffee does not depend on the roast but on the ration of water to ground coffee used to make the coffee. The type of roast has no role to play in the strength of coffee. In fact, a cup of light roast and dark roast coffee can have the same strength.

Espresso is stronger than an 8-ounce brew and not because espresso uses a dark roast but because of the keenly measured rations. The flavor profile might also trick a non-coffee expert into believing that a dark roast is stronger. An earthy, chocolate flavor does not signify strength. The roast level of the coffee grounds does vary, but the dark roasted coffee beans coffee blend is strong.

Is dark roast coffee tasty?

Yes. dark roast coffee is very tasty. The roasting process usually makes the flavor of the coffee beans very exciting but also confusing. Depending on the level of dark roast the roasting process may often emphasize or completely overshadow the flavor. 

Also, different coffee beans taste different after the roasting is done. The roasting process complements the flavors of certain coffee beans types than others making them rich, full-bodied, and flavorful. Dark roast coffee also comes with tones such as cinnamon, cocoa, fruity, citrus, floral, and caramelly. among other hints of flavor. Dark roast coffee is tastier than other coffee roasts without a doubt!

5 Best Dark Roast Coffee

  1. Death Wish Coffee – Best Dark Roast Coffee Beans
  2. Koffee Kult – Best Tasting Dark Roast Coffee
  3. Lifeboost Dark Roast Coffee – Best Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee
  4. Kicking Horse Dark Roast Coffee – Good Dark Roast Coffee
  5. AmazonFresh Coffee – Best Dark Roast Coffee Brands


All the products we have reviewed are the best in the world of dark roast coffee. We have ensured to include both light-dark, medium, and dark, dark options so everyone can find something to suit their needs. We hope the peet’s coffee we reviewed and the espresso roast are the ones you choose, because these roasted beans are amazing!

All the products are of the highest quality and exceptional flavor. Death wish and Lifeboostdark roast coffee stand out from the rest. The dark roast coffee you pick now boils down to your preference! Let us know your favorite. If you enjoyed this article, check out our light roast coffee guide, or our blonde roast coffee guide!

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