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Best Tasting Decaf Coffee In 2024 Guide – Best Decaf Coffee Beans Review

As most people already know, decaf is short for decaffeinated coffee. This is coffee made from beans that have had at least 97% of their caffeine removed. Coffee beans are the seeds from the fruit of a tree and are naturally full of caffeine, which is why they have been used for their revitalizing ability for centuries.

So this might lead you to ask what is the best decaf coffee? Well, you needn’t fret because we have reviewed the best-decaffeinated coffees for you right here.

best decaf coffee beans

Quick Answer: Best Decaf Coffee

  1. Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee Review
  2. NO FUN JO Oragnic Decaf Coffee
  3. Volcanica House Decaf Coffee
  4. Mount Hagen Decaf Coffee
  5. Peet’s Decaf Coffee
  6. Koffee Kult Colombian Decaf Coffee
  7. Don Pablo Colombian Decaf Light Roast
  8. Mount Hagen Organic Instant Decaf Coffee
  9. Seattle’s Best Coffee Decaf
  10. The Original Donut Shop Decaf Coffee

1. Best Decaffeinated Coffee – Kicking Horse Decaf Coffee Review

What is it that coffee lovers want most from decaf coffee? You guessed it! They want it to taste just as good as regular coffee does. Well, Kicking Horse Coffee will not disappoint on that level. Their decaf blend is a wonderful dark roast that has been designated as robust flavorful. and rich Their are delicately refreshing tones of milk chocolate and roasted hazelnuts throughout

Although Kicking Horse is not exactly inexpensive coffee, it is well worth the price as the company is certified organic and fair trade and prepares all of their beans on location in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. You may opt for a 10-ounce bag or a 2.2-pound bag.

2. Best Organic Decaf Coffee – NO FUN JO Oragnic Decaf Coffee

Should you have chosen to go the organic route plus attempting to give up caffeine all at once, you won’t do better than to purchase Jo Coffee. Their decaf mixture is an amazing combination of milk chocolate lined delicately with tones of sweet blueberry for a delicious flavor that will leave your taste buds tingling.

Since No Fun Jo has opted to use the Swiss Water process for decaffeinating their coffee, the beans are left with a more natural, although still complex, flavor. Furthermore, they are long-time fair trade certified as well as being long-time certified organic.

This blend comes in both whole bean and ground, and you can select either a 2-pound bag, a 12-ounce bag, or coffee pods.

3. Best Tasting Decaf Coffee – Volcanica House Decaf Coffee

Volcanica Coffee utilizes the enriched soil of the volcanic mountains to make fantastic coffee. Globally sourced its beans are then roasted in Volcamca’s native city of Atlanta. Georgia. By use of the top-notch Swiss Water method, the caffeine is removed from the beans using as few chemicals as practice, yet keeping the bean’s unique flavor.

While Volcanica does indeed produce many excellent caffeinated brews, it is especially well-known for producing over a dozen decaf coffee choices, along with this House Blend. You will find that this coffee has the expected traditional balance of a medium-roast coffee but is linked with a pleasing underlying sweetness that will delight the tongue.

4. Safe Decaffeinated Coffee Brands – Mount Hagen Decaf Coffee

Now, if you are looking for a simple little coffee, Mount Hagen Decaf fits the bill. It is not only organic and fair trade but actually quite powerful and tasty. A well-balanced medium roast, with a bit of a strong kick, but yet not overly acidic.

This coffee can be bought in a 3 53 ounce jar or a box containing individually packaged servings, which are ideal for coffee drinkers who travel frequently. Only one word of caution: You will find that you will be unable to control the strength of your coffee as easily when using a single-serve packet, so if your preference is a large cup of coffee or you simply like your coffee stronger, choose the jar instead.

This is a safe decaf coffee, and one of the best de caf coffee beans on the market!

5. Best Decaf Espresso Beans – Peet’s Decaf Coffee

Having already made quite a name for itself with a wide array of blends and a substantial store presence, Peet’s Coffee is very popular. Located in the Bay Area, the company produces a variety of decaf coffee, one of the most sought after being Maior Dickason’s Blend, which is sold as a caffeinated choice as well. It’s a very dark roast with a smoky flavor containing traces of spice.

It is sold in both whole bean and ground varieties as well as K-cups, and you can obtain it in bags of 10 5 or 16 ounces. You should, however, be aware that it is a bit on the expensive side, and you might have a harder time finding it than the more common caffeinated blends if this flavor doesn’t quite do it for you.

Peet’s has several other decaf dark roasts to choose from, including French Roast, House Blend and others. This is the best decaf espresso and one of the best water processed decaf coffee brands!

6. Best Dark Roast Decaf Coffee – Koffee Kult Colombian Decaf Coffee

In an amazing feat, Koffee Kult manages to grow their coffee beans in more than fifty countries globally in areas ranging from Indonesia to Central and South America to Africa However; this particular roast is created from Arabica beans that have been sourced from Colombia and are then roasted in Florida.

The Swiss Water Process is used to make this remarkable coffee, and as you would expect from any medium roast, it is the ideal combination of robust and smooth. In fact, it’s quite safe to say that with its unique combination of flavors, this coffee is one that you will never tire of drinking.

It can be purchased as pre-ground or whole beans depending on your preference.

7. Overall Best Decaffeinated Coffee – Don Pablo Colombian Decaf Light Roast

Consistently flavored and tasty light roast coffee can be the ideal beginning of your day or simply a mild after dinner treat for your tastebuds Regardless Cafe Don Pablo’s Colombian Decaf is the ideal selection. It has a smooth finish, quite low acidity, and lush tonnes of cocoa, caramel, and citrus spread throughout it.

There is, however, one little downside to this wonderful brand, and that is that their decaf blend coffee can only be purchased in larger bags -meaning that you’ll have to buy 2 pounds or 5 pounds of coffee at one time.

Plenty of customers are willing to overlook this, however, and there are no complaints that the coffee is ever less than fresh. This is good decaf coffee, and the best decaf coffee for you!

8. Best Instant Decaf Coffee – Mount Hagen Organic Instant Decaf Coffee

While it may be instant coffee, Mount Hagen Decaf Instant Coffee is on this list because of its many virtues. It is organic, highly fair trade, and extremely good tasting. In fact, it is a well-balanced medium roast, with quite a strong kick but not too acidic.

This product can be bought in either a 3 53 ounce jar or a box of individually packaged servings, which are just ideas for coffee drinkers who do a lot of traveling. Just one cautionary word: You will not be able to control how strong your brew is as easy as if you were using a single-serve packet, so if you rather a large cup of coffee or just favor a stronger cup. Opt for the jar.

9. Best Supermarket Decaf Coffee – Seattle’s Best Coffee Decaf

Seattle’s Best is a subsidiary of Starbucks, but it’s a whole lot easier on your wallet and usually referred to as a hearty yet simple everyday coffee. It manages to strike that ideal balance of high standard beans kept at a relatively low price. This excellent balanced medium roast brew has both the flavor and bang you would expect for your money.

This decaf roast is made from 100% Arabica beans, all of which are sourced in Latin America. The only complaint about this decaf brew is that, at present, it can only be bought in a 12-ounce bag of ground coffee instead of larger bags of whole beans.

10. Best Caffeine Free Coffee – The Original Donut Shop Decaf Coffee

If you haven’t heard of The Original Donut Shop coffee brand, then you have probably been keeping yourself under a rock lately. This amazing brand is the number one choice among Keurig owners and adored by the masses for supplying fast cups of high-quality coffee, and when you take that same fantastic coffee minus the caffeine, you get the absolute best decaf coffee pods available out there.

Lively and tasty, too, this coffee brew takes the meaning of robust to new levels loading it with more Arabica beans than they do in their regular make of coffee. The result is that this decaf brand has been complimented for being just as rich and tasteful as the company’s regular coffee. These are the best tasting decaf coffee for Keurig and is the best decaf coffee k cups!

Buyer’s Guide Best Decaf Coffee

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just begun staying up later and want to still be able to enjoy unlimited cups of your favorite brew, or if your doctor has told you that it’s time to give up the caffeine, drinking decaf coffee doesn’t have to be a problem. In fact, it can actually be quite a pleasant experience. So what’s decaf coffee, let’s find out!

decaf coffee means

Decaf Coffee – Yuck!

Let’s dispense with the myth that decaf coffee always tastes horrible. That is blatantly untrue nowadays. Oh, there’s no denying that it was a fact back when decaf coffee had its start, not uninfluenced by the possibly fatal chemicals they used to rid the coffee of caffeine. But in today’s day and age. This is no longer true.

Originality and ingenuity have not only given us a new method of decaffeinating coffee (the C02 method), but it has also greatly improved upon those old-time decaf methods. Furthermore, brands have wised up to opting for just the proper beans with flavors that can endure the decaf processes they utilize.

There is now a wide array of bold, dark, and medium roasts that lose their acidic bitterness along with their caffeine to create wonderfully smooth tastes.

How Is Decaf Coffee Made?

There are multiple methods of decaffeinating coffee beans. All start off with the exact same coffee beans as caffeinated ones. You see, any coffee bean can be converted into decaf by undergoing one of these processes.

Water Processing – Frequently referred to as Swiss water processing, if it is processed using the Swiss Water Company, Green beans are placed into pure water, allowed to soak in. then it’s extracted Caffeine is filtered out of the water, and then the green beans absorb it again to get back their natural flavor This method is completely free of chemicals

C02 Processing – Liquid C02 is pumped into a container of coffee beans that have been soaked in water. It pulls the caffeine molecules out and leaves behind the bigger flavor molecules. Since this is a very expensive technique as well as the most modern, it is not often employed by small-batch roasters.

Solvent Processing – Using this method, the coffee beans are either directly or indirectly soaked in solvent. Indirectly means that the beans are soaked in water to draw forth the caffeine and flavor, then that water has solvent added to it. The solvent is later evaporated from the water or steamed out of the beans themselves.

Without a doubt, C02 processing is the cleanest and most efficient decaffeinating technique, with water processing coming in a close second. The one drawback of water processing is that if not all of the flavor is soaked back into the beans, you can get a weaker coffee. It’s for this reason that dark roast and beans with a strong flavor are normally used with this method.

What is the Best Brand of Decat Coffee? What Is the Healthiest Decaffeinated Coffee?

That would be Lifeboost as in:

Special Pick – Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean Coffee Dark Decaf Roast

decaffeinated coffee

Nowadays, it is considered safe for most people to consume three to five cups of coffee a day but do you really want to when you consider that your ordinary, mass-produced blended coffee is just full of chemicals and additives that take away the goodness of the flavor.

With Lifeboost, besides the benefit of being decaf, you know that only one ingredient has gone into your coffee: Pure Organic Coffee. Plus, every bag of Lifeboost that is produced is guaranteed to be of a single origin. This means that each bag contains beans that come from the same farm and the same plant, and even the same roast profile.

Moreover, Lifeboost is mycotoxin-free. Mycotoxins are mold toxins that can occur in a variety of substances, including coffee beans. And they are a lot more common than you might imagine. Consuming them can cause painful full-body inflammation and crippling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, even possibly kidney disease.

Lifeboost is also shade-grown. If you want to grow coffee that tastes the best, you can’t have the sun constantly shining down on the beans and damaging their natural path to maturation along with the rich flavor you hope to create When coffee is shade-grown, there are no pesticides required. You get purely natural undamaged coffee.

Finally, Lifeboost is stomach-friendly. We’ve all been therewith certain brews, having experienced the digestive discomfort that can result from indigestion that turns into full-blown heartburn, etc.

As you know, most of that discomfort is due to the acid in your stomach. And you probably further know that the discomfort depends on the kind of roast you drink. Dark and medium roasts can be a lot easier on your stomach, But Lifeboost Coffee won’t upset your stomach in the least because there’s nothing inside it that can cause excess stomach acid to develop or affect your digestion. It comes in light-medium, dark, and even espresso, so you can select just the beans you like and keep your stomach content at the same time.

Lifeboost coffee has only one basic ingredient in it Coffee. You are receiving the cleanest coffee that it is possible to get.

How to Choose the Best Decaf Coffee

When you try decaffeinated coffee for the first time, you probably won’t like it, But don’t give up just yet. Switching to decaf coffee involves experimentation. Eventually, with the right roaster and an excellent source of beans, you will see that you can find decaf coffee that tastes very much like that regular cup of coffee you have been savoring for so long.

FAQ About Decaf Coffee

1. Is Decaf totally caffeine-free?

As you may have suspected, the answer is no; it is not. Regardless of how much effort you expend, not all caffeine will be eliminated. There’s a small amount of caffeine that will remain. But that’s ok. That minuscule amount isn’t enough to interfere with your getting a full night’s sleep, nor is it enough for you to suffer any of the other caffeine side effects.


So, there you have it, our guide on the best decaf coffee. We hope we were able to find a product for you, thank you!

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