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Best K Cup Tea: Green Tea K Cups 2024 Guide

Imagine this; a sunny but cold morning, birds are heard chirping in the silence of your room.

You are there sitting looking in a relaxing nature in front of you with the cold wind breeze with your good cup of tea. Isn’t it amazing? Not your surroundings but the cup of tea you are enjoying.

However, you can still enjoy the best tea you can ever have. Did I hear you ask how? Well, your problems are solved because what you hold in your hand is a review of the best green tea of 2021. So, are you ready? Let us now begin.

best kcup tea
Lipton Green Tea Chamomile Mint
  • Good tasting tea.
  • Non-Expensive.
  • Easy To Use
Vitacup Green Tea
  • Will allow you to feel energized.
  • Has a mixture of all your daily vitamins.
  • Healthy Option.
Twinings Of London Green Tea
  • Great Taste.
  • Easy To Use.
  • Available At Many Locations.
Celestial Seasonings Authentic Green Tea
  • Blended with white tea for a smooth and amazing taste.
  • Fair Trade Certified.
  • Good for energy.
Cha4 Tea 36-Count Green Tea
  • Budget-Friendly.
  • Good Value.
  • Made From 100% Natural Tea Leaves.

What are Green Tea K-Cups?

Let us first define the K-Cups. K-Cups are the trademarked products of the Company Keurig, a beverage brewing system for commercial and home use. It is made to make your life easier. 

These K-Cup pods are single-serve coffee and tea containers. Brewing a tea has never been this easy; you will just insert the K-cups in your K-cup compatible tea maker and let the machine do all the work.

Furthermore, Green Tea K-cups are specialized green tea pods that only work in a compatible coffee and tea maker.

Product Review

Here are the lists of the five best green tea k cups of 2021. Read this and list down your new favorite green tea brands.

1. Lipton Green Tea Chamomile Mint

This product draws the attention of the customers by starting it with a phrase,” the rich and aromatic cup of tea you can enjoy.” This phrase will surely garner many consumers because who wouldn’t want a tea that you can indulge and enjoy anytime? 

Moving forward, the company did an impeccable job when they gave the green tea a twist of pacifying chamomile and a kick of mint flavor.

This team-up of great flavors provides the consumers with satisfying and great tasting teas. This tea surely stands out among other competitors.

Another thing is that this tea will cost you more money. It is much more expensive than when you make it yourself, but you can trust that the taste and quality are worth your money.

Nevertheless, the best still has downsides. Upon pursuing the combination of chamomile and mint flavors, the authenticity of the tea has been taken for granted. 

The company’s main goal is to produce the best tasting green tea that puts the authenticity of the green tea aside. In other words, the Lipton green tea chamomile and mint are not genuine tea.


  • Good tasting tea.
  • Non-Expensive
  • Easy To Use


  • Not 100% Authentic Tea

2. Vitacup Green Tea

This green tea brand isn’t the best on this list. Vitacup green tea assures the customers of vitamin c included in the tea. 

A tea that has good health benefits is what a customer wants. That’s where this tea is best, but don’t celebrate too early.

According to the customer’s review, this tea doesn’t have the best taste at all; the taste is appalling. 

Hence, the price is expensive considering the taste. If you haven’t tried this green tea, it is still on your hands if you want to try this green tea brand.

At Least you know that it has a health benefit for you, but the rest is not as considerable as a good green tea.

A tip for you, you can just buy vitamin c supplements that can assure your health and then buy the best green tea you could find. The price might be higher, but you are sure of the tea’s quality in terms of taste.


  • Healthy
  • Will allow you to feel energized.
  • Has a mixture of all your daily vitamins.


  • High Price
  • Lacks Flavor

3. Twinings of London Green Tea

The product description suggests that it is indeed one of the best-tasting teas with just the right amount of flavor that is near perfection. 

It is indeed the twining of London green tea, which has a good tasting flavor. So what’s the problem? You may ask.

The problem is the price of this tea. Even Though it is mentioned that it has good taste, the taste is still not the best as other brands. If the taste is not as good as others, it is safe to say that the brand name is added to its price. The decision is still up to you as always. 

If you want to try this brand and you are willing to pay this brand’s worth, then go ahead. At Least you can say that you have tried the brand twining of London green tea.


  • Great Taste.
  • Easy To Use.
  • Available At Many Locations.


  • Expensive.

The pros of this brand are it has good taste. The cons are it is expensive, and the taste is good but not great as others.

4. Celestial Seasonings Authentic Green Tea

The Celestial Seasonings Green tea is one of the best teas when talking about the quality of taste and authenticity.

It has a significant-good flavor of tea, and if compared to other tea, this might rank to the top. 

Also, the authenticity is not questionable because, as the title implies, it is made from authentic tea. If what you’re looking for is an original tea, then you have found the best for you. This is also perfect if you want iced tea.

The only problem is that it is too expensive. Considering its overall quality, the price is pretty reasonable, but you can still find other teas in the market that quite have the same quality but are not as costly as this.


  • Blended with white tea for a smooth and amazing taste.
  • Fair Trade Certified.
  • Good for energy.


  • Quite Expensive

5. Cha4 Tea 36-count Green Tea

This brand offers a good taste for their customers, and the price is reasonable. You can’t complain about the taste because it is good. The price will not rip your wallet off.

The downside is that the quality is not as good as the other ones. It has a questionable authenticity, and the taste of iced tea requires the addition of sweeteners. 

The great news is, if you just want to enjoy a simple cup of green tea at an affordable price, this is your best choice, but if you want high quality, then you need to raise your budget.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Good Value
  • Made From 100% Natural Tea Leaves


  • Not as high-quality.

Green Tea K Cup Consumers Guide

Purchasing any tea brand or even other products, you have to have a standard wherein the brand should pass for it to be considered a worth it purchase. 

I will give you things you should consider when buying a tea or any product off of the market.

1: Quality in Terms of Taste

It is upon your taste preference on what brand you want to buy. You should consider what tea will fit your taste preference. You don’t want to buy a tea that’s too bitter, too bland, or too sweet for you, do you? 

So to avoid buying the wrong brand of tea, try reading first the comments and reviews of consumers about the taste if you’re buying online. 

If you are buying physically, try asking first friends or acquaintances who use the same brand of tea. This way you will be able to decide better if you will purchase it or not.

2: Price

Of course, next in line should be the price. After knowing the taste of a certain tea, look for its price. If the price is too high for the quality, then you’re better off with other brands. 

is keurig green tea good for you

But, if you’re willing to pay the price, then why not? On the other hand, if you think the price is too economical for its quality, then maybe it’s better for you not to try or maybe try it, it is entirely up to you. 

However, don’t forget to look for a discount badge on the product because it might just be discounted.

3: Best Before Date

Looking for “Best Before Dates” on a product is as well vital. Specifically, look for expiration dates that are not the same month or even year of purchase. 

Green tea naturally loses quality as the expiry date nears, so you better be observant of those best before dates that come with your green tea.

Though green tea before the said expiry date is still usable, it is just a risk for you to take.

4: Flavors

Flavors are not as highly important as the first ones but are still necessary. Having a wide variety of flavors to choose from is a plus for that certain brand. 

Green teas tend to become boring over time if the company only offers one flavor and they never make an effort to experiment on their products. 

This speaks of a company’s either love for money or love for their loyal customers like you because a company that loves their consumers will strive to give the best they can for you to enjoy their product.

5: Brewing Time

This may be odd or confusing for you, but yes, even the brewing time of your tea should also be considered. 

The overall quality of your tea depends on how long you take time to brew it. The shorter the time to brew it, the better the quality of whatever brewing machine you are using. 

Also, the longer the steeping time of your tea, the higher the possibility that it will release the chemical called tannins. This gives off the dry and somewhat bitter taste of the tea. 

Tannins are also responsible for the color of specific types of tea. 

Be aware of these chemicals in your tea because if it is consumed on an empty stomach, it may give you a feeling of nausea.

What is the best green tea K cup?

After a matter of researching, I have found out that the best green tea K cup that is available in the market today is the Lipton Green Tea Chamomile Mint Tea K Cup.

I assure you of its quality. It may be as costly as others, but its quality is greater than the competitors. Buy it now and see it for yourself.

Can you make green tea with a Keurig?

The Community of tea lovers was filled with elation when the Keurig was released. Making tea became easy for each tea lover, and if you are asking, can you make green tea with Keurig? 


Specialized K cups are made specifically for Keurig brewing machines.

The Overall winner of the different green tea brands that we have reviewed is *drum roll* none other than the Lipton Green Tea Chamomile Mint Tea. 

It has the best overall quality over a wide range of green tea brands, the price is high but reasonable because of its quality, and the flavor is with the best twist that no other has imagined. 

This green tea brand offers the best experience of green tea. Scrape that other brand and try this Lipton Green Tea.

best keurig green tea


Here you have the review of the best green tea in the market today. This list consists of five different brands, namely, Lipton green tea chamomile mint tea, Vitacup Green tea, Twinings of London Green tea, Celestial Seasonings Green Tea, and Cha4Tea Green Tea. 

Out of those five mentioned brands, we found out their strengths and weaknesses. 

We also come to the understanding of what should be considered when buying a specific product of the market, such as tea. The last part tackles the best Green tea available.

Thank you for reading through this guide. I sincerely hope that this review guide helped you with your dilemma about what green tea to buy. 

I also thank you for lending your busy time for this Green Tea Review. 

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