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If you’re a coffee-lover, you’ve probably heard that roasting your own beans is the best way to get the freshest cup. But maybe you think it’s a complicated process that takes tons of equipment. The truth is at home, coffee bean roasting can be made very simple with the right roaster! But purchasing the right home coffee roaster is no easy task!

Typically, we’d have to go to a local coffee shop to score a nice cup of coffee. But imagine creating coffee that’s just as good in the comfort of your own home.

To master making your cup of joe, it’s not enough that you have a coffee maker and some coffee beans. Knowing the art and science of roasting coffee can make the coffee drinking experience more worthwhile. And so, a coffee roaster can be a handy tool in your kitchen. We reviewed some of the best home coffee roasters in the market to help you with your hunt.

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Coffee Roaster Machine: 10 Best Home Coffee Roasters

  1. Best Home Coffee Roaster: ANGELLOONG Electric Coffee Roaster
  2. Best Gas Coffee Roaster: KALDI Home Coffee Roaster
  3. Best Home Coffee Bean Roaster: Nuvo Eco Ceramic Coffee Roaster
  4. Best Overall Coffee Roaster Machine: Sandbox Smart R1
  5. Best Budget Coffee Bean Roaster: DYVEE Coffee Bean Roaster
  6. Best Electric Home Coffee Roasting Equipment: JIAWANSHUN Electric Coffee Roaster
  7. Easiest To Use: Fresh Roast SR540 Personal Coffee Roaster
  8. Best Home Coffee Roaster For Beginners: JIAWANSHUN Home Coffee Bean Roaster
  9. Best Small Coffee Roaster: Nuvo Eco Coffee Bean Roaster
  10. Eco Friendly Coffee Roaster: NoBrand Stainless Steel Coffee Roaster

Best Home Coffee Roaster: ANGELLOONG Electric Coffee Roaster

We’re starting off the list with an electric coffee bean roaster from ANGELLOONG. This machine, priced at $159.99, roasts the beans for you automatically, which makes the roasting process more efficient and beginner-friendly. You simply just have to set up the timer, and the machine will start roasting the beans at a steady temperature (no need to worry about beans getting burned).

This coffee roaster also allows you to do other tasks while in the kitchen. It has a transparent window design, which enables you to monitor the roasting process even from afar. Or, if you’re someone who enjoys watching the process of roasting, the transparent window can make the coffee roasting process more fun for you. Another thing to love about it is its ability to separate bean chaffs from the coffee beans for a more convenient post-roasting process.

It comes with a small and compact design that you can both hate and love. While it offers an easy-to-carry advantage, it also limits the number of beans you can roast at a time. Due to its small size, you can only pour 80 grams of coffee beans into the roasting pod.

Best Gas Coffee Roaster: KALDI Home Coffee Roaster

The next coffee roaster that you should know about is the KALDI Home Coffee Roaster. If you want a more classic approach to coffee bean roasting, then this one’s for you. It is a motorized coffee roaster, so it rolls the beans automatically for you, assuring that every bean is evenly heated. One thing to note, though, is that it requires a gas burner to initiate the roasting process.

This coffee roaster comes with several parts that can get you confused at first. Although the machine can look intimidating, using it is not as difficult as it seems.

You can score the KALDI Home Coffee Roaster at a cheap price for what you get, The price may be too much for a coffee roaster that’s not fully automatic. As a buyer, you might want to consider a machine with better functionality and a cheaper price point. But if you opt for a classic coffee roaster machine, then this would be a suitable choice for you.

Best Home Coffee Bean Roaster: Nuvo Eco Ceramic Coffee Roaster

Next on the list is the Nuvo Eco Ceramic Coffee Bean Roaster. Unlike the previously mentioned products, this coffee roaster is neither motorized nor electric. This coffee roaster is plain and simple but showcases a sophisticated design.

Its body is ceramic, and its grip is wrapped in genuine cowhide. Although it does not offer cutting-edge technology, the waffle-shaped internal still ensures that you get the perfect roast for your coffee beans.

It is small in size; hence, it only allows you to roast 70 grams at most. Nevertheless, it still is a great choice for anyone who wants to start roasting their coffee beans at home. This is the best coffee bean roaster, and one of the best home coffee roasters.

Best Overall Coffee Roaster Machine: Sandbox Smart R1

Moving on, let’s head to the fancy variety of coffee roasters. The Sandbox Smart R1 is a coffee roaster that lets you enjoy the coffee roasting process in every way possible. It is not called ‘smart’ for no reason.

This coffee roaster allows you to conveniently roast your coffee from an app. So yes, you can relax on the couch while you get your beans ready. On top of that, you can build your profile on the app to record and share your coffee experience with your friends. How cool is that?

It uses electric heating to help you attain the best aroma and flavor while making sure that the beans are heated evenly. It also has a sleek design that can perfectly fit in any kitchen. That being said, we are sure that you can easily fall in love with this coffee roaster.

The Sandbox Smart is quite expensive. For some, this may be too expensive just for a coffee roaster. But if you don’t care about the price tag, we don’t see any reason why you won’t add this to your shopping cart.

Best Budget Coffee Bean Roaster: DYVEE Coffee Bean Roaster

An addition to the line of coffee roasters is DYVEE’s Coffee Bean Roaster. Similar to the KALDI Home Coffee Roaster, it is also motorized to give your beans an even roast. The build, however, is much more simple. Anyone can learn to use it in no time.

What we also love about it is that you can roast up to 400 grams of coffee beans at a time. This is great if you’re someone who plans to roast coffee beans in larger batches.

One thing we wished for this coffee roaster to have is a chaff catcher. Separating the chaff from the beans can be a bit of a hassle, so a built-in separator could’ve been a nice feature. But with its price, the missing functionality may not be a deal-breaker.

Best Electric Home Coffee Roasting Equipment: JIAWANSHUN Electric Coffee Roaster

Here is the coffee roaster from JIAWANSHUN. This electric coffee roasting machine is quite cheap. It’s fairly easy to use. Just pour your coffee beans (can roast up to 500 grams) and set your desired temperature. Voila, you have your roasted coffee beans!

Unlike other coffee bean roasters in the market, this one doesn’t have a timer, so you have to keep a careful watch on your coffee beans to avoid burning them. But what we like about this coffee roaster is its ability to serve multiple functions. You can also use it to roast nuts and even make your popcorn.

Easiest To Use: Fresh Roast SR540 Personal Coffee Roaster


This countertop roaster has a similar shape and size to a blender, meaning it won’t take up tons of space in your kitchen; it has a digital display, showing you the temperature and timing of the roast, so you know exactly what stage your beans are at.

This roaster has nine temperature and fan speeds, so you are able to fully customize your roast based on what type of beans you have and how you like your coffee. This roaster is one of the most durable on the market; its sleek design allows for easy cleaning and will certainly last you a long time as your daily roaster.

As an added bonus, this roaster comes with a one-year warranty. This is one of the best home coffee roaster for sale, and if were looking to buy coffee roaster, this is a great option!

Best Home Coffee Roaster For Beginners & Small Batch: JIAWANSHUN Home Coffee Bean Roaster

If you’re making coffee for more than one person every day, you may want to get a roaster with a bigger capacity. This roaster has a capacity of 1.1 lbs. great for roasting beans for your shared morning pot.

It also works on your countertop and has a dial display with multiple temperature settings, as beans need a different temperature at different points in the roasting process. It is available in two different sizes depending on your needs, but both are very affordable.

A great feature of this roaster is that it has a non-stick pan which makes it incredibly easy to clean as well as ensuring an even roast since the beans won’t get stuck during the roasting process.

Best Small Coffee Roaster: Nuvo Eco Coffee Bean Roaster

This roaster offers a very different experience than its electrical counterparts, but it certainly pays off in taste. It is a hand roaster, meaning you have to toss it over an open flame while the beans roast.

It is definitely the perfect roaster for someone who wants to add a little flair to their morning coffee routine while getting a fresh and unique tasting roast. The interior has a waffle design which guarantees an even roast of the beans as you move it around over the flame. It is made out of ceramic material, making it durable and easy to clean but also sleek and stylish.

This roaster has a smaller capacity for individual roasting and is perfect if you’re making morning coffee for one or two people to enjoy.

How To Choose The Best Home Coffee Roaster

When choosing an at-home roaster, it is incredibly important to consider what are your coffee needs. There are different models depending on batch size customization options and individual flavor that can make all the difference when it comes to your perfect at-home roast.

Spending $2.50 every time you pick up coffee can be very expensive long term. Is roasting coffee at home actually worth it? What are the costs involved? What is the best home coffee maker, and can I save money from doing it myself?

It really depends on what you are looking for by roasting coffee. Are you looking for health benefits, saving money, or even time management? It really doesn’t matter where you get your coffee from.

They are all generally the same if you buy plain black coffee. Where things get technical is the milk, sweeteners, and flavors. If you want to roast your own black coffee, it doesn’t matter where you get it (including your home coffee maker).

One thing I must say is roasting your own coffee is far cheaper than buying it all the time. Buying unroasted coffee beans can save you fortunes long term. It is said that roasting your own coffee costs 30 percent of what you would pay at restaurants.

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A great coffeemaker I recommend is the Mr. Coffee SK12 12-cup manual coffee maker. You can, of course, buy an expensive espresso machine, but if you want the best bang for your buck, you probably want a manual machine. I think it is worth it to roast your own coffee because there are numerous benefits.

Roasting coffee takes 10 to 12 minutes and can be made while you are doing other things. Roasting just the right amount of beans can give you the healthiest cup of coffee. Saving coffee for later or not using the beans for a while can decrease the quality. So you want to make sure you roast only what you will use to get the best coffee.

I think it is very beneficial to roast your own coffee because there is something satisfactory about roasting the coffee made by yourself.

Our world is focused on consuming, and it is important to create too. There are many different flavors of beans you can choose from, such as orange blueberry apple, caramel white grape chocolate, and many more.

Roasting your own coffee allows you to customize it the way you like it. I think it is also very important that when storing unroasted beans, make sure to preserve them by storing them in an air-tight container at room temperature.

Also, avoid dear containers which can allow light to come in and affect the taste of your coffee.

One of the benefits of roasting your own coffee at home is getting lots of antioxidants that help fight off free radicals, which are known to cause cellular damage and even be a root of cancer.

Typically, the darker your coffee is, the more antioxidants there are. Also, roasted coffee stays fresh for about 24 to 48 hours after the roast. After that, it becomes stale, so be careful that Roasting your own coffee at home gives you control over how fresh you want your coffee.

It is like baking your own cookies at home instead of buying them store-bought. When you buy black coffee, it is all the same, but doing it at home allows you to control what gets into it, how it tastes, and the freshness.

If you’re sick and tired of using cheap instant coffee or you just want to stop spending countless $ to buy whatever Starbucks puts in their coffee cups, then you might have considered home brewing your own coffee.

So you can finally have control over what you drink in the morning.

And ultimately, you can brew a coffee that absolutely fits you and your tastebuds to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth out of every sip.

But is it worth the money and the time investment to do something like this?

In short, if you’re short on time due to a busy working life, it might not be the best idea to brew your own coffee.

However, if you can afford the time to do something like this (as well as the time to learn the ins and outs), then brewing your own coffee at home is definitely worth it.

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The benefits of roasting coffee at home

Beyond the fact that you get to craft your OWN coffee from start to finish, it can be aligned to your taste buds, and so you can know everything that goes into it, you get to learn some new skills too.
It isn’t too difficult to learn, once you have all the necessary equipment, of course.

You are able to determine how complex it is (lightly roasted), how balanced and earthy it is (medium roast), or how sweet and caramelized or smokey it is (dark roast).

The caffeine levels of the coffee are also controlled by the roast, so you can make sure you can get the caffeine you want/need.

I’ve pointed at a few benefits above; here is a short bullet point list as a recap:

• Create coffee you actually like.

• Learn a new skill.

• Determine the caffeine levels you’re drinking.

How long does it really take to roast a batch of coffee beans?

As mentioned, the ultimate indicator to find out whether or not you should be brewing your own coffee at home instead of using store-bought depends on how long it would actually take you to do it.

Besides actually sourcing the beans yourself and buying all the equipment, it will take you about 10-15 minutes to brew a small batch of coffee and about 18-23 minutes for a larger batch.
Though keep in mind you’re going to need to do this every time you run out of coffee too.

How difficult is it to roast coffee beans?

Coffee experts can spend years perfecting their craft to ensure they’re good at what they do, so it can take you quite some time to produce good constant roasted beans too.

If you have sensitive taste buds or you’re a perfectionist, and all you want to do is taste the best coffee, then doing something like this may be a stressful process, especially if all you really want to do is have good coffee in the morning.

But, if you’re willing to experiment and put up with a couple of batches of less than ideal coffee, you’ll eventually get the hang of things, and the process of learning will finally pay off.


Roasting your own coffee beans can be worth the time and effort if you’re looking to create your ideal coffee in terms of its flavor on the amount of caffeine you get from it.

Though if you’re short on time and you want something quick, then I would suggest you stick to store-bought coffee for now until you can commit an hour a day to learning the craft of brewing your own batches of coffee.

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