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Best Light Roast Coffee In 2024 Guide

best light roast coffee

Many people still believe that the quality of coffee lies in its harshness and darkness. While harsh coffee may be ideal for senior coffee drinkers, light and smooth coffee also taste great.

Lightly roasted coffee serves frequent coffee drinkers, who may not easily put up with the characteristic bitter coffee taste. In this in-depth article, we will look at select coffee beans- the light roast coffee beans.

We will review the top five options and some of the things you need to know regarding these coffee beans. So here is our review of the best breakfast blend coffee, and the best mild coffee in 2020!

What is light roast coffee?

We should define light roast coffee so that you get a clear view of our subject of discussion. This type of coffee is made from coffee beans that are roasted for a short time, hence the name light roast.

The coffee beans are subjected to a heat range of between 180 and 205 degrees Celsius. There exist several variations of light roast coffee beans, thanks to factors such as country of origin and the altitude of the growing regions.

Several brands offer light roast coffee. In case you are wondering why the coffee beans have to be roasted, then here is an answer for you. The center of the bean is usually tender, green, and without flavor during collection.

Coffee beans are, therefore, roasted to unlock the flavor you experience in the final product. The roasting process makes the beans hard. For light roast coffee, make sure that you take out your light roast coffee beans from the heat before you spot the first crack.

Exceeding the set temperature range will give you a different result altogether. You will mostly end up with hotter and darker beans, which beats the logic.

best tasting light roast coffee

Top Light Roast Coffee Beans – Light Roast Coffee Bean Reviewed

Quick Answer: Top 5 Light Roast Coffees

  1. Overall Top Light Roast Coffee – Coffee Bros: Light Roast Coffee Beans
  2. Best Organic Light Roast Coffee – Peet’s Coffee Light Roast Ground Coffee Review
  3. Best Light Coffee – Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee Review
  4. Top Light Roast Coffee Beans – Starbucks Veranda Blend Light Roast Coffee Review
  5. Best Tasting Light Roast Coffee – AmazonFresh Direct Trade Whole Bean Coffee
  6. Top Light Roast Coffee – Light Roast Kicking Horse Coffee Review

There exist several brands and types of light roast coffee beans due to the rising number of coffee lovers. However, we have conducted extensive research and came up with some of the top light roast coffee beans you can find in the market. Let’s take a look at the following:

1. Best Light Roast Coffee – Light Roast Kicking Horse Coffee Review

For a coffee-lover, you must have come across Kicking Horse Coffee. For over twenty years, this brand has offered consumers nothing but the best.

Their Hola light roast coffee is, therefore, not an exception. The Kicking Hose light roast coffee beans are roasted in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, making them one of the top light roast coffee brands you can ever lay your hands on.

Do not also forget that when it comes to whole beans, no other brand beats Kicking Horse.

Now, some of the most important factors before settling on the right coffee beans is the aroma and taste. How do these light roast beans smell?

Originating from Central and South America, these beans have a beautiful and superb aroma. The smell is a combination of brown sugar, cocoa powder, and creamy nougat. This is by far the best smell you will ever experience from a cup of coffee. What is a pleasant aroma without the perfect taste?

Kicking Horse Hola Light Roast does taste great. The beans have their acidity in check, which gives you a juicy red fruit acidity taste combined with creamy honey. Brewing coffee using these beans is also relaxed.

You can apply several methods such as pour-over, cold brewing, espresso: French drip, and a drip machine. If you are serious about enjoying the classy light roast coffee taste and aroma, this is the best type of coffee beans for you. This is a great coffee bean!

2. Best Organic Light Roast Coffee – Peet’s Coffee Light Roast Ground Coffee Review

When mentioning some of the best coffee brands, Peet’s Coffee comes at the top of the list. This product is made of top-quality coffee collected from some of the best coffee growing regions and later roasted and packaged in top-notch facilities.

lt is the right light roast coffee type if you are looking for something that can be easily brewed. Its preparation is quick, saving you from excessive stirring, before drinking your coffee.

The Luminosa light roast ground coffee has one of the best aromas to help you start your day on the right foot.

Imagine waking up to a rich Ethiopian floral aroma. This light roast coffee type also has a smooth taste that you will much enjoy.

You can, therefore, prepare your coffee over and over again all through the day without battling sour and unwelcoming flavors.

In case you are not a frequent coffee drinker, this is the best light roast co

ffee for you. Its smooth taste makes it suitable for different age groups. Your kid will enjoy a cup of coffee made from these beans just like you do.

It comes in three different flavors. You can choose whether to enjoy the light flavor, which guarantees a smooth taste, the medium package for smoothness and aroma, or the dark package, which has a smokey and relatively harsh taste. All these three packages have a distinct smell.

• It is available in three blends.
• It is of high quality.
• It has different aromas.

• It is only shipped to the USA
• It comes in only one size.
• It is water processed, which might not sit well with other people.

3. Best Light Coffee – Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Light Roast Whole Bean Coffee Review

In case you are looking for 100 percent organic coffee beans, this is the right coffee for you.

It is certified by CCOF and is one of the best-selling light roast coffee in the entire world. Don Pablo Gourmet coffee is simply one of the top-most brands if you are in search of quality.

To ensure that this product is 100-percent organic, the coffee farmers are forced to plant pepper in their coffee plantations to repel insects and thus eliminate the use of pesticides. What you are getting is a pure type of light roast coffee.

Coffee origin plays a vital role in the final product. This fantastic creation from Don Pablo is grown in a natural environment devoid of any growth-boosting chemicals.

Its pure organic taste stems from the natural means used in bug control and growth stimulation. Among the several benefits, you will enjoy diverse brewing methods. You can use a drip machine, French press, or different espresso machines.

You can also control the taste o your coffee depending on the tool of your choice. The method you choose also applies.It has a great taste, which is smooth and creamy. You will, therefore, enjoy a cup of coffee made from these super fantastic coffee beans.

The slow roasting process applied in the coffee’s preparation unlocks all the natural flavors and aroma that you can ever think of. You can, therefore, choose to wake up to a cup of rich, beautifully smelling coffee.

• Pros
• No chemical is used in the fertilization process of the coffee beans.
• It is 100% organic.
• Has room for several brewing methods.
• The coffee beans are grown naturally.

• It only comes in one size.
• It is only shipped in the USA.

4. Best Light Roast Coffee Beans – Starbucks Veranda Blend Light Roast Coffee Review

You definitely know that you are in for a good treat when Starbucks is involved. We all know Starbucks and how good their coffee is.

Here is something that will allow you to enjoy their classic recipes in the comfort of your home. Being a household name, Starbucks offers several flavors from several countries worldwide. You are going to find something that suits you in case you are a picky eater.

Veranda is, therefore, one of their most common light roast flavors alongside Pike Place Roast and the Verona light roast.

Starbucks Veranda has a pretty good taste. You can start your morning without subjecting your taste buds through a rough time. It contains a little bit of both soft cocoa and lightly toasted nuts, which offers its characteristic taste.

lt also has more relaxed flavors and a delicate taste. To achieve the classy Starbucks taste, remember to clean your machine and use filtered water before grinding your beans. Each Veranda pack has six 12-ounce back of whole beans coffee.

It is grown in Latin America by families who plant coffee in the same compound as their homes. You can be sure of a vibrant, sweet-looking end product. You can always be sure that you will unlock a new favorite within the first few sips.

Also, remember that the Veranda series is the most common coffee type used by Starbucks.

• It has an accommodating taste.
• It is all-purpose and can. therefore, be used in brewing different types of coffee.
•, Unlike other brands, it comes in five different sizes.

• It is only shipped in the US.

5. Best Tasting Light Roast Coffee – AmazonFresh Direct Trade Whole Bean Coffee

Just like the name suggests, AmazonFresh whole bean coffee is one of the freshest light roast beans brand you can obtain.

It is directly sourced from traders in Rwanda, roasted, and then packaged. It comes in four different flavors in case you are a picky eater. The beans are instantly packed after roasting, which explains why they come fresh.

They are, however, whole, meaning that you need to grind the beans fast. To treat your taste buds, you get smooth and light citrus and different floral flavors.

This whole bean coffee is one of the most loved products from AmazonFresh. You are, therefore, going to get quality and top-notch light roast beans for brewing your coffee.

It serves different age groups thanks to its delicate flavors. In case you want to save time in coffee brewing, the ground option also exists. However, keep in mind that you will miss some flavors if you go for the grounded package.

Therefore, to be on the safer side, go for the whole beans, which is packed with several useful flavors. It is expertly grounded in small batches to eased selling. AmazonFresh is a good option since they deal with pure products.

• It is shipped internationally to several countries.
• It is fresh since it is packed immediately after roasting.
• It is made of 100% Arabia beans.
• It is certified by direct trade.

• It only comes in one size.

6. Overall Best Light Roast Coffee – Coffee Bros: Light Roast Coffee Beans

Out of all the light coffee beans on this list, we believe these are the best light coffee beans on the market and provide the best value for all coffee lovers! This company launched back in May 2019 by 2 brothers, and their mission is to give back to coffee growing regions! These light roast coffee beans are tasty and are some of most freshest beans we’ve seen!

This is an extremely sweet and delicate coffee, and these beans make an amazing espresso and even a bright drip coffee! The blends are made from 100% Arabic coffee beans, allowing for immense flavor. They use Arabica beans because it has twice the flavor and a much better aroma than any Robusta beans. The taste of these beans is quite unique, fusing tastes of honey, citrus fruit and floral to create a perfect breakfast blend.

To help secure freshness of there beans, they pack there light roast coffee straight after roasting and remove all oxygen from the bags. They guarantee the coffee will maintain freshness for 1-3 months, so you can be sure you are receiving the freshness beans! overall, these are the best light roast beans on the market and if you’re looking for cheap and tasty coffee beans, these are the beans for you!

Light Roast Coffee Buying Guide

light roast coffee

There are some factors that you have you consider now that we have several light roast coffee brands you can settle on. Here is an in-depth buying guide that will help you decide on the best:

Origin Of Light Roast Coffee Beans

You should consider the origin of the coffee beans if you want the most top-quality light roast coffee. In as much as you can trace both the dark roasted and light roasted coffee beans, the latter is mainly located with its country of origin where the coffee is planted influences the flavor and taste of the final product.

Certain regions are known for the best coffee breeds in the entire world, and therefore, you can never go wrong if you settle on their coffee beans.

A good example would be South African countries, which are known to produce mildly flavored and less aromatic light roasted coffee. Ethiopia produces coffee beans with a rich aroma and mild flavor and fruity notes.

Ensure that you look into the origin of your coffee beans to help you know the flavoring and smell to expect.


The brand of your light roast coffee beans also plays a significant role. Getting the right brand in a market filled with so many offers is, however, quite challenging.

The best way out of this is to choose a reputable brand, such as the ones we have looked at in our review. Reputable brands stick to the legal guidelines for cultivation, harvesting, roasting, and packaging of the coffee beans.

Brands such as AmazonFresh deal with fresh products that give you the best coffee.
You can also choose to be flexible and try as many brands as possible. This can, however, prove disappointing if you are not a risk-taker.

Trying out and many brands as possible expose you to the less-famous but high-quality brands.

coffee light

Price Of Light Roast Coffee

Most people believe that the most expensive items are the best, which is not valid. Pricing usually depends on the company’s interest and different market factors and is not a measure of quality.

The truth is, certain brands overprice their products due to their reputation and demand. Buying light roasted coffee beans online can, therefore, prove to be costly. To help you out of this, make sure that you draw up your budget and stick to it.

You can also spot a particular brand and stick by it if you want to save on costs and additional charges. The price of the lightly roasted coffee beans must reflect its quality so that you get value from your money.

Date of roast

One of the reasons why AmazonFresh appeared in our five best light roast coffee section is because it packages the coffee beans immediately after roasting.

Therefore, the date of roasting is crucial since it dictates whether the final product will be fresh or not. For the best experience, get yourself recently roasted coffee beans. Make sure, therefore, that your product comes with a recent printed roasting date.

You can also extend the life of your coffee beans by sealing the bag tightly.


The type of coffee beans you use when brewing your coffee directly reflects on the result. Make sure that you settle on high-quality coffee beans that will guarantee a vibrant, healthy taste.

You can either choose to get roasted or unroasted beans. If you are planning to get the unroasted beans, make sure that you settle on the freshly picked coffee beans.

These are popularly known as green coffee beans and are way more affordable compared to the roasted beans.


Contrary to popular belief, the type of packaging your brand incorporates plays an important role. You need the right packaging to seal and lock in the coffee bean’s flavors and aroma.

Poor packaging directly influences the taste of the result since your coffee beans lose flavor.

The best option would be a wholly sealed packet of lightly roasted coffee beans. For the best experience, make sure that the brand also roasts the coffee after you order instead of prior roasting.

The type of packaging also dictates the freshness of the coffee beans. If you need your beans to stay all fresh and aroma-filled, get one that has a tightly sealed package.

Also, have in mind that companies have resorted to marketing gimmicks that are usually misleading.

Most of them have fake seals indicating that their coffee is 100-percent Arabica or organic, which is meant to lure you. While all these may prove handy if true, make sure that you also look out for the factors that we discussed.

Learn how to resist cheap market tricks that lure you into getting products with compromised quality and flavors.

Make sure that you match your coffee with the region of origin once you spot the best brand. Remember, the place of birth will influence the taste and aroma of your coffee.

Coffee beans with fruity notes originate from East African and Arabia-rich regions. In case you notice some earthy notes, your coffee probably originates from Asia. Floral notes are mostly found in Colombian growing regions.

best breakfast blend coffee


What is the Caffeine content of light roast coffee beans?

This is one of the most frequent questions budding coffee lovers ask. The common belief is that dark roast coffee beans have a higher caffeine content than the light roast counterparts.

Some people also believe that most caffeine content burns off during roasting, which gives the light roast coffee beans an upper hand.

The truth is, all of these are just misconceptions. Caffeine does not get burned off during heating, nor does its level escalate.

One of the ways of measuring the stronger coffee is considering the mass to caffeine ratio, which is also a faulty method to some extent. Here is the thing, if we look at the mass to caffeine ratio, dark roast coffee contains more caffeine.

However, since this type of coffee requires more space than the light roast counterpart, it has less caffeine per spoon.

Measuring the caffeine content of these two is quite challenging, but if you are considering mass, the dark roast coffee beans have higher caffeine content. The light roast coffee, however, has a higher caffeine content if you consider all the other factors.

What can I use light roast coffee beans for?

Most people believe that dark coffee beans are the best because they are used to brew particular types of coffee, such as cappuccino and macchiato.

Light roast coffee beans, on the other hand, best serve sweetened drinks or those that need a bit of flavoring due to their less harsh taste. They, therefore, come in handy when preparing coffee dessert drinks.

You will also find them helpful if you appreciate the coffee’s aroma but want something more relaxed.

What are the different types of light roasting?

There are different types of light coffee roasting. Remember, roasting is usually done to coffee beans to activate the flavor and crack or weaken the pods.

The first type of roasting is the Scandinavian technique, which is the lightest. It does not apply a lot of heat to the beans. The resulting aroma thus resembles freshly baked bread. Due to the minimal heat applied, you won’t have the chance to experience the classic coffee aroma. The result is usually a weak coffee, with a relaxed taste ad more sourness.

For the American or New England approach, the beans are heated until the start of oil extraction. This usually takes place in the first cotton.

The resultant beans, therefore, have a light brown surface with a shiny glow. Unlike the first approach, the resultant drink usually has a richer taste. This approach preserves the acidity of coffee and unlocks the classic aroma.

The urban approach surpasses the first cotton. The resultant beans are, therefore, darker. The color is uneven, and cracks might also appear.

It gives you a saturated slightly-sour coffee with a pronounced aroma. The surface of the beans remains dry since oil does not evaporate in the process. The resultant color is light brown or yellowish.

There is are the dark roast coffee bean, then the medium roast then the light roast coffee bean. These mostly come in Arabica beans, and the medium roast is the most common type. Medium roast is used for Kona coffee and cold brew coffee, but light roast k cup can also be used for cold brew. A dark roast k cup can also be used as a breakfast blend, and also for cold brew.

coffee light roast

How does light roasted coffee taste?

You should understand the flavor this type of coffee beans accord your coffee. They are usually more relaxed and, therefore, not as rich as dark roasted coffee. The coffee roast, coffee roaster and coffee brand all combine to make the taste.

On the other hand, the coffee is generally thinner and loaded with different taste shades at the same time. This characteristic taste can be attributed to the roasting process, which prevents the coffee oils from evaporating.

All these oils, therefore, remain inside the beans. The heat level does not also get out sugar from the beans, which contributes to the taste.

Lightly roasted coffee tastes different from regular coffee. One would term it as fruity. It also unveils the taste shades in coffee, which you cannot easily experience in high roasted coffee. If you want to avoid the characteristic bitter taste, then light roast is everything that you need.

Organic coffee will taste different, and using different roasts such as a blonde roast will taste different from a medium roast. Black coffee will also taste different to decaf coffee and arabica coffee beans, so it does depend on the roaster and what coffee beans and coffee roaster you use.

How does light roasted coffee smell?

I’d be wrong if I said that this type of coffee has no characteristic smell. Light roast coffee has an aroma, which is preserved during the roasting process.

Al the taste and aroma that has been acquired over time from the different climatic conditions are maintained. Most experienced baristas prefer lightly roasted coffee because it retains its original aroma and possesses different taste shades. They can also quickly be prepared in an oven.

women smelling coffee

What are the benefits of light roast coffee?

Light roast coffee comes with its fair share of advantages. Most of them are purely health benefits that you need to need to reap from. Let’s take a look:

Prevention of Hair Loss

Light roast coffee has caffeine, which promotes hair growth. Taking light roast coffee helps you to keep off balding by maintaining a healthy hairline, saving you substantial medication costs. Who doesn’t want to look youthful once more? The dark roast coffee beans and light roasted bean can help you with this.

Asthma management

Light roast coffee has high caffeine content, which is vital in opening the airways necessary for asthma management. You will, therefore, cut back on medication costs, since caffeine works similar to theophylline. The French roast and arabica coffee along with specialty coffee can help with this.

Weight loss

In case you are grappling with weight-related issues, light roast coffee might be the perfect solution you need.

The high content of caffeine found in this coffee improves the rate of body metabolism, which encourages the burning of fats to raise energy. Being more active will also take your mind off cravings, helping you to keep off sugary foods known for excessive weight gain. Weight loss does depend on the roast level of the coffee, but light roast is the best for weight loast.

Prevention of kidney diseases

Light roast coffee is very rich in caffeine, which helps to break down the calcium in the kidney, keeping you off kidney stones. This also helps with waste excretion.


Light roast coffee serves coffee lovers who want to avoid the harsh, bitter taste of most coffee types. There are several brands that you can choose. We have looked at some of the best products you can source if you want the best coffee. Also, ensure that you pay attention to our buying guide.

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