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Best Nitro Coffee Machine For Nitro Cold Brew At Home – Buyers Guide

Those that have experienced it know that Nitro Cold Brew is beyond a luxurious coffee experience. From the foamy cream head to the delicious thick body, nitro cold brew is surely different from any other coffee you have ever tried.

Nitro cold brew is made through a process in which you infuse cold-brewed coffee with nitrogen; this creates micro-bubbles in the coffee and actually lowers acidity and makes for a smoother drinking experience. When first introduced, Nitro Cold Brew was only found in a few niche coffee shops; it was something only those in the know would order.

Lately, even Starbucks has introduced its own nitro cold brew line and expanded it to its stores nationwide, so the secret is definitely out.

nitro cold brew at home

The only problem is if you want the nitro cold brew experience, you often have to drag yourself to the nearest coffee shop and pay an exorbitant price for the experience, and if you are able to secure some of the pre-bottled nitro cold brew available at your local the grocery store, as soon as you get home, you will find it is is a pale imitation of the real deal.

What if, however, you could get that same great nitro cold brew experience at home and nix the annoying journey to the coffee shop or super expensive pre-made nitro coffee. You probably think that it would require all sorts of fancy equipment that you don’t have and would be too expensive to buy. Let alone time and expertise, but you’d be wrong.

Making nitro cold brew at home can be quick and easy and, best of all, can save you a ton of money. There are many quality home machines now on the market below are reviews of five of the best nitro cold brew coffee makers available After the reviews is a handy buyer’s guide that will answer many of the most asked questions about nitro cold brew.

TOP PICK: Royal Brew Home Nitro Brew System
  • Easy To Use
  • Tastiest Nitro Brew On The Market
  • Lifetime Warranty

What is a Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker?

Nitro cold brew coffee can finally be made at home and on tap because the cold brew coffee can be infused with the same tiny nitrogen bubbles that give the coffee shop version its foamy texture and thick milkshake-like qualities.

For most home machines, it simply requires the purchase of nitrogen (N) or nitrous oxide (N20) capsules, both of which can be found easily and bought in bulk for cheap either online or at any reputable kitchen supply or hardware store. By using these miniature capsules, the same ones used by pro baristas and chefs in kitchens daily, you can infuse the nitrogen yourself and enjoy a nice frothy iced coffee right at home.

Just a few simple N or N20 capsules will last for multiple brews; are how the best nitro cold brew coffee makers will allow you to make the same great nitro cold brew outlined above. Meaning you can enjoy it whenever you want but at home all by yourself and at a fraction of the cost of purchasing it elsewhere.

Quick Answer: Top 5 Best Nitro Brew Coffee Maker

  1. Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Home Keg Kit System
  2. NitroPress Nitro Coffee Maker
  3. Groweler Werks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker
  4. VBENLEM Nitro Brew Coffee Maker
  5. Barista Lab Nitro Cold Brew Home Keg

1. Best Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Home Keg Kit System

The first machine under review is the Royal Brew Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker, it has a distinctive style, and it does indeed resemble a keg and has a pull tap plug just like you would find for any beer on draft at your local bar. The styling is attractive enough in food-grade stainless steel, and if it was left out at a party would surely get remarked on.

Set-up is easy; you simply fill the keg 50-75% full, leaving room for the bubbles to form; after adding nitrogen capsules and waiting about an hour, you’ll have up to 128 oz of ice-cold nitro cold brew at your fingertips.

Using the Royal Brew system is simple once you get the hang of it, and pouring your own cold brew and watching it foam up is always satisfying. It isn’t the cheapest option on the market, but it won’t break the bank and should pay for itself after around 30 uses. The Home Keg Kit System also comes with a carrying case, two cleaning brushes, and a faucet combo wrench for easy installation.

The N or N20 capsules are not included, but the system should be compatible with most 2g N (nitrogen) cartridges. If using N20 capsules, you may need to use more than one, depending on the volume of your brew. This is the best nitrogen coffee maker, and creates some of the best nitro coffee on the market!

2. Best Nitro Cold Brew At Home – NitroPress Nitro Coffee Maker

While smaller than other Nitro Cold Brew Makers on this list, the NitroPress coffee maker is uniquely portable and is also one of the cheaper options available of the few best nitro cold brew coffee makers that we’ve reviewed. The NitroPress resembles an old-school seltzer bottle or soda siphon with its simple design and stainless-steel body.

One advantage the NitroPress has over other keg systems is that it has greater gas compatibility. The NitroPress is compatible with most N and N20 capsules like most systems, but it is also compatible with a third gas.

Carbon Dioxide (C02). This gives you a third choice of a capsule that is compatible with the system and added flexibility in which gas you can use, which can be a benefit when trying to buy more While the NitroPress doesn’t have the largest capacity, it is capable of making 16 oz of nitro cold brew per capsule.

This system is truly versatile; however, as it can be used to infuse other beverages with carbonation beyond coffee, anything from lemonade to cocktails can easily be given a subtle fizz. This will create the best nitro coffee at home, and this nitrogen coffee machine is great!

3. Best Nitro Cold Brew Machine – Groweler Werks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The GrowelerWerks nitro coffee Keg promises a full cascading pour thanks to ‘nitro tap technology,” and it does indeed provide a great foaming experience.

The uKeg is a capable all-in-one system that can brew and keep your nitro cold for weeks. This is thanks to the double-walled vacuum insulation of the stainless-steel keg that holds the cold brew. It also promises to keep your cold brew fresher for longer thanks to the regulator cap.

That keeps the cold brew in your keg nicely pressurized with proper monitoring uKeg aims can keep your nitro cold brew fresh for weeks. The vessel itself is sturdy and attractive looking; it can be easily moved about and comes with a carrying case.

A unique feature of the uKeg system is a double filtration system designed to prevent clogging, which can be a problem on some other nitro cold brewers. Unfortunately, like most models for sale, this unit does not include the necessary nitrogen capsules, which you will have to buy separately.

You will also need uKeg nitro gas chargers along with filter bags for making your cold brew concentrate from the comfort of your own home. This will create amazing nitro coffee at home!

4. Best Nitro Cold Brew Kit – VBENLEM Nitro Brew Coffee Maker

Another keg style system is the VBENLEM Nitro Brew Coffee Maker, which happens to be one of the cheaper best nitro cold brew makers available.

Outwardly with its brushed stainless-steel body and the pull tap plug, the VBENLEM system is just as attractive as any of its competitors in the space. It offers a 2 Liter 67 Oz capacity that can be expanded all the way to 5 L in the largest keg available in the line.

The VBENLEM is not without its issues; however, one problem that seems to crop up is that the tap doesn’t provide a tight seal immediately after pouring, as some residual nitro cold brew will drip out of the spout afterward. It is also a bit on the heavy side at up to 6 pounds for the largest version, though it does have two built-in handles to lessen the burden.

Other than that, VBENLEM is a good system for the money. Loading it with nitrogen, not included, is simply due to the easy-to-use nitrogen jacket, and it can make a large batch of nitro cold brew in just about an hour.

However, the VBENLEM keg system requires 8g nitrogen cartridges, which can be a pain to find, and after using four of the conventional 2g capsules, we were unable to get the system to properly pressurize, which is unfortunate.

5. Best Cold Brew Coffee System – Barista Lab Nitro Cold Brew Home Keg

The last nitro cold brew system we will look at is the Barista Lab Nitro Cold Brew Home Keg, which promises to take your caffeine addiction to a whole other level with its nitro cold brew keg system.

The Barista keg stands out among the others for its matte black stainless-steel finish which classes up the look of the system and makes it stand out less than its shiny silver brethren. The Barista Lab comes with a drip mat that makes cleaning up after a sloppy pour much less of a headache.

It also comes with a tap plug to stop your cold brewer from adding unsightly drips to the inside of your refrigerator, something that can be a problem with other nitro brewers. The Barista Lab home keg has a carrying case that actually seems like it would be able to provide some protection for your keg on the go if you choose to venture out of your house with it, Though when would one really be lugging their cold nitro brewer to a party?

Barista Lab offers a lifetime warranty on the home keg system and promises 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The system says it takes regular 2g nitrogen or N20 capsules but doesn’t come with any in the box. it does, however, include two cleaning brushes for aid in getting gunk out of the tap.

The Best Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker Buyer’s Guide

Why Is Nitro Cold Brew So Good?

For many enjoying a nitro cold brew is a sacred experience. The rich flavors that the carbonation brings out of the cold brew combine with thicker pours and some heady foam to create an amazing coffee experience.

Nitro cold brew is more like a stout beer, like a Guinness, than a latte from Starbucks. Cold brewing coffee also has other benefits, as it naturally makes it less acidic, something people with sensitive stomachs or teeth like about this particular method. While less acidic, cold brew maintains many of the other benefits of a regular cup of joe.

Like a strong kick of caffeine, when the cold brew is infused with nitrogen, you get a nitro cold brew, which is an even more luxurious coffee experience. When done properly, the nitrogen gives carbonation to the cold brew that fundamentally changes its mouth feel nitro cold brew is thicker than regular coffee and should have a nice foam head.

The bubbles also help to further lesson acidity and provide a smooth, relaxing drinking experience.

infused coffee maker

How do you make cold brew Nitro coffee?

Nitro cold brew couldn’t be simpler to make as long as you have all the component ingredients. First, you will need to make cold brew concentrate; this is best accomplished by wrapping course coffee grounds and allowing them to soak for at least 12 hours in a carafe of water; the resulting liquid will be your cold brew concentrate.

The concentrate itself is much stronger than regular coffee and should be cut with water if you want to enjoy it outside of your nitro brew system. Next, to add the nitrogen, you will want to fill your nitro system about halfway with cold brew concentrate; add water but be sure to leave enough room for the nitrogen to pressurize later.

Your vessel should not be more than 75% full of cold brew concentrate and water. Once you infuse your cold brew with N or N20 capsules, this process will differ based on what cold brewer you have; you simply shake your container and place it in the fridge for an hour to let it sit and chill.

After the time has elapsed, you should have a quality nitro cold brew ready to go. Just be sure to drink it all within a couple of weeks, though it could last up to a month under the proper conditions.

Does Nitro cold brew have more caffeine than a cold brew?

The regular cold brew itself, due to its concentered nature, contains more caffeine than a standard cup of coffee.

A typical cup of nitro cold brew may also have more caffeine than a regular cold brew, but this has little to do with any difference in the composition of nitro cold brew and more due to the fact that regular cold brew is often served over ice, which lessens the caffeine concentrate. But if nitro cold brew sounds like it might be too much or too jittery an experience, have no fear; the nitro cold brew is actually pretty reasonably caffeinated.

The caffeine content in your cold brew will vary due to factors such as the volume of water or coffee, steep time, and so on, but in general, a nitro cold brew only has about 00 mg more of caffeine than a regular iced coffee and about 100 mg less than the strongest hot coffee on roast from Starbucks.

nitro coffee equipment

Can you buy a nitro cold brew machine?

Yes, for those that want a premium nitro experience at home, there are now plenty of brewers that can be bought for home use. While nitro cold brew used to be the exclusive domain of coffee shops and baristas, this is no longer the case.

There are a wide variety of machines available on the market for home use. These machines are often simple and durable to operate and can save the user money over the long run compared to purchasing nitro cold brew at a coffee shop.

One thing to look out for when purchasing a nitro cold brewer is to make sure you get the correct capsules to infuse your cold brew with; and some manufacturers will specify a brand that they prefer but most use capsules that are interchangeable.

What is the best nitro cold brew coffee maker?

If you are looking for the best nitro cold brew coffee maker, we have reviews of five models above, each with its own strengths and faults.

Finding the best nitro cold brew machine for you will largely depend on your circumstances and how you plan to use it. If you are just starting out making your own nitro cold brew, the NitroPress might be a good option to see if you enjoy the process; however, if you are a nitro fan, you will probably want to go for a more robust set-up like the GrowelerWerks uKeg system.

The world of nitro cold brew can be an exciting, scary place. It can be hard to get a grasp on what nitro cold brew even is, let alone how to make it.

After spending some time with us. however, we hope our reviews and buyer’s guide have helped you feel confident enough to start your own nitro cold brew journey with a machine of your own!

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