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Best Single Cup Coffee Maker In 2024 Guide

The high price tag of coffee making machines often prevents coffee lovers from drinking their favorite coffee when they need it most. With the technology we have today, several brands have invested in single-serve coffee makers that are ideal for many consumers. Although drinking coffee may increase sweating due to their caffeine nature, there are various Tips to Stop Coffee Sweats, including brewing your own coffee or reducing the ground.

What is a single-serve coffee maker? Well, this is a machine that can brew only one cup of coffee at a time. Below is a review of the top 7 best Single coffee makers and a buying guide.

best single serve coffee maker

Top 7 Best One Cup Coffee Maker

  1. Best K Cup Coffee Maker – Keurig K-Classic Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker
  2. Best Coffee Maker For One Person – Keurig K-Mini Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker
  3. Best Single Cup Coffee Maker – CHULUX QF-CM801 Single Serve Coffee Maker
  4. Best Personal Coffee Maker – Hamilton Beach 49981A Stainless Steel Single Serve Coffee Maker
  5. Best Single Serve Drip Coffee Maker – Sboly CM-1177B Single Serve Coffee Maker
  6. Best Pod Coffee Maker – Cuisinart SS-10P1 Single-Serve Coffeemaker
  7. Best K Cup Brewer – BLACK+DECKER CM618 Single-Serve Coffeemaker

1. Best K Cup Coffee Maker – Keurig K-Classic Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Keung K-Classic is featured as the Single Serve Coffee Maker that can brew multiple k-cup pod options such as 10. 8. and 6 ounces. However, by using the 6ounce size cup. You’ll get the most potent brew to keep your active the whole day. There is also a 48-ounce water reservoir, brewing several cups before filling it for the next brewing. Moreover, you can remove the reservoir to allow easy filling. Furthermore, this machine is designed so that you can use the Auto-off feature to switch it off after being idle for a given time frame

Additionally, its button controls are simple and will allow you to choose the brewing cup size. It is manufactured using fabric type material, which is safe for your health and durable, making it last longer. Lastly, this best single serve coffee maker possesses a descaling feature that allows you to remove calcium buildup and other deposits easily.

Key features

• Brews multiple k-cup pod sizes

• Includes a 48-ounce water reservoir

• Auto-off functionality save on power consumption

• Made of plastic fabric type

2. Best Coffee Maker For One Person – Keurig K-Mini Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Designed to fit in many countertop spaces as the width is less than 5 inches; thus, you don’t have a scramble for storage space. Keurig K Mini is the single-serve coffee maker for the money that comes with a drip tray. The drip tray can hold travel mugs as tall as 7 inches and hold accidental brewed coffee to enhance deaning. Moreover, its Auto-off function is ideal for saving electric bills as it automatically switches off the machine after 90 seconds from the last brew,

Furthermore, this coffee brew works with the My K-Cup universal reusable coffee filter. Moreover, it’s easy to use as you only need to add water into the reservoir and K-Cup Pod and press the brew button; that’s all. And your coffee will be ready in a short while. Moreover, this best single serve coffee maker 2020 allows the brewing of coffee, tea, iced beverages, or cocoa in K-Cup Pods with 6-12 ounces, This is the best single serve and pot coffee maker.

Key features

• Removable drip tray holds up to 7-inch cup

• Auto switch off functionality

• 5-inch width thus fit many countertops

• Hold 6 ounces to 12-ounce K-Cup Pods

• Easy to use buttons

3. Best Single Cup Coffee Maker – CHULUX QF-CM801 Single Serve Coffee Maker

CHULUX QF-CM801 is ideal for office use is its fit booth 2 0 and 1.0 Pod Coffee capsules, although you can use ground coffee. However, the package comes with a refillable filter though you can purchase it separately to be on the safe side. Additionally, this best coffee brewer comes with a powerful 800 Watts heating element that enhances the brewing speed.

There is also a light indicator that offers visual alerts on the brewing status. Additionally, you’ll be lucky if you purchase CHULUX QF-CM801 since it’s auto-shutoff functionality prevents overheating and ensures safety. Within 3 minutes, you can get your fantastic coffee, making it the best single-serve coffee maker for those on the go.

However, the machine can also be used as a water heater. With CHULUX QF-CM801, you can brew using standard cups, but again, you can remove the tray to use up to 5 3-inch tall cups. Furthermore, the drip tray and detachable filter basket can be washed easily to maintain a high hygiene level.

Key features

• Inbuilt reservoir with 12-ounce capacity

• Removable drip tray

• 800W heating element

• Features a compact design for easy travel

• Detachable filter basket

• Made of BPA-free material

4. Best Personal Coffee Maker – Hamilton Beach 49981A Stainless Steel Single Serve Coffee Maker

Using the single-serve scoop filter functionality, you can brew your ground coffee to attain your desired flavor. When you use an 8 ounces cup. You’ll get your coffee ready in under 90 seconds, but when brewing a 14oz travel mug, it will take less than 2-5 minutes.

This is the most durable single-serve coffee maker manufactured using stainless steel that is also easy to clean. Moreover, there is a firm stand that holds your coffee mug and prevents spillage. Furthermore, it comes with unique features such as automatic shut off when you are done brewing plus a spill-resistant drip tray.

Key features

• Removable drip tray holds up to 7-inch cup

• Auto switch off functionality

• 5-inch width thus fit many countertops

• Hold 6 ounces to 12-ounce K-Cup Pods

• Easy to use buttons

5. Best Single Serve Drip Coffee Maker – Sboly CM-1177B Single Serve Coffee Maker

Sboly CM-1177B best affordable Single Serve Coffee Maker, allows you to brew isn’t coffee within three minutes. Moreover, its water adjustment function enables you to set the amount of coffee you want to brew to save on your coffee ground Designed for unrivaled performance yet compact and durable and can fit in your kitchen or office countertop.

You also provide a 2-in one brewing option that a babe you choose between the traditional brewing method of brewing coffee pod by a touch of a button at the back. It’s the best coffee maker machine that any coffee lover would appreciate as it automatically shuts off after use. Also, you can press a button and let the machine clean itself through self-cleaning technology.

Key features

• Comes with self-deaning features

• Auto shutoff technology save electrical bills

• Makes K-Cup Pod and Coffee Ground

• Compact, durable and effective

• Water adjustment function

6. Best Pod Coffee Maker – Cuisinart SS-10P1 Single-Serve Coffeemaker

If you don’t want to spend much of your time refiling the water reservoir, you can invest in Cuisinart SS-10P1 as it offers a 72oz water reservoir. The removable drip tray allows easy cleaning and creates room for brewing leger size cups

Moreover, it can brew cup size with this single-serve coffee maker ranging from 4 to 12 ounces. Furthermore, it includes a HomeBarista Reusable Filter Cup that enables you to brew your favorite coffee. The 32-inch chord length ensures you don’t have to place the coffee maker dose to the power source.

Using a K-Cup compatible coffee maker can give you the freedom of brewing coffee from your favorite cup. This is the best programmable single serve coffee maker with auto on/off feature adjustable temperature control and charcoal water filter

Key features

• Backlight blue LCD setting

• HomeBarista™ Reusable Filter Cup

• Removable drip tray accommodates travel mugs

• made of BPA free material

• 72 ounces water reservoir

7. Best K Cup Brewer – BLACK+DECKER CM618 Single-Serve Coffeemaker

The package comes with a 16-oz travel mug that allows you to enjoy your favorite coffee on the go. Moreover, it has an automatic shutoff feature that turns off the machine immediately. You are done brewing, thus saving on electric bills and enhancing safety.

The brewing machine ensures optimal water temperature for the best coffee taste. Includes a mesh metal filter that enables you to make fair coffee from a soft pod or fine ground coffee, and it’s also easy to clean

The cup is equivalent to 50z. Although this can depend on the brewing technique you are using. Lastly, it’s a compact personal coffee maker that fits in many countertops, thus ideal for a small kitchen, dorm room, or in places with limited space

Key features

• 16-oz travel mug included

• Compact design that saves on space

• Automatic shutoff features

• Ensures optimal brewing temperature

• Include mesh metal filter

• Nonstick carafe plate

Single Serve Coffee Maker Buyers Guide

We have interacted with various buyers who have confessed that getting the Best Single Serve Coffee Maker has been easy without a buying guide. Even though we have listed the best Single Serve Coffee Makers, perhaps you may have wondered how we selected them to form the various brands available on the market. Don’t worry anymore because this section will enlighten you on the fundamental factor you should consider when shopping for the Best Single Serve Coffee Maker.

Briefly, it’s not all about costs that determine the quality and performance of your machine, but you have to compare a number of them based on their pros and cons to settle on the best among the best Below are what you should look out for whenever you want to purchase your Single Serve Coffee Maker.

best cheap k cup coffee maker

Single Serve Coffee Machines Types

If you are a real coffee lover, you must know that there is more than one type of Single Serve Coffee Machines. Each type is designed to perform a unique functionality that other types may not perform; thus, it’s ideal to decide on the type of the coffee maker machine you want to buy.

Whenever you want to make tea, coffee, or any coffee drink, you’ll need a specified machine for that work. It’s common to find Single Serve Coffee Machines from brands such as Nespresso, Tassimo, and Keurig, but this shouldn’t fool you as every brand invests in their products, they deliver according to their consumer expectation.

Let’s assume you want to brew espresso, for sure you’ll need a machine that can produce the best espresso, and not all coffee makers can do that. Also, you may want to make lanes or cappuccino; remember the type matters. Don’t let your decision haunt you in the feature when you can decide while you are informed.

Single Serve Coffee Machines that can make coffee teas or hot chocolate could probably be the choice of your bet. When you choose pods capsules or K-cups, the functionality may vary, so be sure to check out on the type of Single Serve Coffee Machines you’ll be investing in.

Operating cost

Another factor you should always consider when buying Single Serve Coffee Machines is the operating cost, which tends to be higher when you haven’t planned well. When you purchase a Single Serve Coffee Machine, you’ll require a supply of K-Cups. Capsules or pods which can cost you between $30-$70 per cup. However, you can always purchase the supplies in bulk to save some costs.

Because you are locked into purchasing a specific capsule type, you’ll have to plan well to get the best out of your coffee maker. Calculating the amount of coffee/tea you take daily can give you a rough estimate of the total operating cost; thus, you can find a capsule supply source but ensure it brews the best coffee.

single serve coffee maker reviews

Capacity and Cup Selections

We imagine that you are not alone at home, and perhaps your partner or colleague may want to use the Single Serve Coffee Machines. At this point, you’ll need to decide the cup capacity that the machine can brew. When you find a machine that can brew tall cups, you should invest in a 10-12oz brew size.

We have identified that many espresso enthusiasts prefer 4-5oz cup size. By selecting different cusp sizes, you’ll be regulating the coffee strength option. We advise that you consult whoever will be using the machine. If the cup size is comfortable with them else, you can opt for a different size.

When thinking of the cup size, you also need to remember that the water reservoir size may also contribute when deciding on the best Single Serve Coffee Machines to buy. Two-three adults may need a coffee maker machine with a larger water reservoir, thus ensuring less filling.

Power and Performance

Anytime you go buying any machine, the first thing you should consider is power consumption. This allows you to operate the machine without having to load your electrical system. A 1200-1500W Single Serve Coffee Machines can be ideal if it works best with your electrical system. Furthermore, we are sure you don’t want a machine to make a loud noise when brewing. As a result, you should know the sound level to ensure you are getting a high performing coffee maker.

We don’t mean that you won’t find a quiet, but the noise level should be a matter of concern. When considering performance, you’ll also find other features like a programmable clock plus brewing temperature that enable you to brew your favorite espresso automatically. You don’t want to spend much of your money on the electrical bill. As a result, you should avoid coffee brewers that use a lot of energy.

For instance, there are Single Serve Coffee Machines that internally heat water tanks in readiness for brewing; these options are best for those on the go. But if you have to care about power consumption, then think otherwise. However, if there is an on and off switch, then they are ideal for any task. Moreover, we recommend that you concentrate on durability and ease of maintenance.

best single-cup brewer

Brewer Ease of Use

When choosing a coffee brewing machine, it’s ideal for identifying one that it’s easy to use. Your kids don’t have to suffer when left at home Pod capsules or K-Cups coffee brewers don’t require a lot of guessing; in fact, they are the most straightforward options to use.

However, it would be best if you still had a more accessible coffee brewer then a single serve pellet that can brew won’t need much of your input as long as you have set the timer and included the necessary ingredients. You should also consider how convenient the machine is, the ease of cleaning, and if it is time-saving.

Also, the water reservoir should be easy to remove for quick and easy filling. Purchasing Single Serve Coffee Machines that come with an instruction manual can be ideal as you’ll know how to maintain it to increase its durability while maintaining the performance.

Function and Features

Functionality and extra features are essential Single Serve Coffee Machines buying guide. We have discovered that many of these machines are best at brewing coffee, limiting those of us who love lattes, cappuccinos, or other beverages. Therefore we suggest buying pod-style brewers if you’ll be brewing lattes or cappuccinos. Moreover, if your family loves espresso, then Nespresso can be an ideal choice.

The good thing is that more brands are coming up with unique features that allow comprehensive functionalities and can brew tea, coffee, and other beverages. Another feature you should care about is the cup Hight access. Brews capable of allowing a taller glass or cups are ideal for wide applications. Furthermore, you can find coffee brewers with removal drip trays, which helps in expanding the height.

Physical Size Considerations

When shopping for single-serve coffee maker machines, you’ll need to consider physical space in your kitchen. There are kitchens with limited counter space, which may limit the appliance you can place on it. A brewing machine is delicate, and it needs a more stable and secure place that’s close to water to allow easy refilling.

Therefore, we suggest that you measure the space’s height and length, where you’ll be positioning your brewer and use the same measurement to get the best option. On a broad scale, you’ll find a 17-inch space between the upper cabinet and the kitchen countertop. This space will fit many single serve coffee makers, but some of them are often taller and with a wide footprint that doesn’t fit perfectly on your countertop.

Ideally, the single-serve gourmet coffee brewers are ideal or best for an office setting, as it doesn’t require more cleaning and brew coffee faster. The machine should be easily portable and have space that can accommodate your travel mug.

Single Serve Coffee Maker Extra features

We can be proud of the technological advancement we have archived so far. That’s why you don’t have to stick to the traditional coffee brewers. You can find better options on the market with extra added features that will make your brewing experience memorable while still enhancing the coffee quality. Coffee mares with Auto-shutoff. Keep-warm or thermal carafe will ensure your coffee is warm and ready for consumption when you need it most. Also, you’ll find a Single Serve Coffee Maker brand designed with an audio alert that beeps whenever the coffee is ready.

When you buy an electric model, you’ll see a light indicator that provides visual notification when brewing is done or when the machine is on. However, if you wish to invest in high-end coffee makers, you can find benefits from features such as bean grinding milk frothing and notification for cleaning the machine. Hybrid and Espresso coffee makers often come with advanced functionalities though the price is always high

Be a Smart Shopper

Nothing is frightening about being a smart shopper; if you were to buy the best single serve coffee maker in your local shop, then it’s simple to ask the opinion of the attendant on the features and performance of the machine. However, shopping online requires a smart mind. The only way you can discover more about the pros and cons of the single serve coffee maker is to read the customer reviews about the brand and its products.

A company that doesn’t show consistency doesn’t fulfill the buyer expectation should be your last option. However, you can check if the product has a warranty and the duration it covers. This can be the only way to ensure the best product that will serve you for years without requiring frequent maintenance.


To get the best single-serve coffee maker is all about how much you use the information we have provided from our list of top 7 best coffee makers. You’ll discover that the brand has met all our buying guidelines, and it’s upon you to choose the best one that will favor your needs. When making a choice, also consider your budget. Lastly, it’s easy to buy the best single-serve coffee maker, all you have to do is click the like of the product that has impressed you, and you’ll be taken to the Amazon page where you can add it to your cart. If your looking for more guides, we have the Best Coffee Roaster For Small Business and Best Coffee Syrups.

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