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Best Starbucks Coffee Blend – Starbucks Coffee Beans Review

Starbucks, being one of the most famous coffee chains in the world, has gained popularity from a small city Seattle. From a minor setup, Starbucks grew into a prodigy in coffee making. It has become so famous that people drive to the nearest Starbucks in the morning just to have their favorite coffee. The customer base that Starbucks has is unmatched. The quality of their beans and the flavor makes them stand out in the competitive market.

While people love Starbucks, it is not available in every country. The best way to enjoy their coffee is to prepare a similar cup at home. However, the question is, which type of beans to use in that cup? Now, that’s where most people get stuck.

Starbucks has now started offering its coffee beans online to facilitate their regular customers to recreate their favorite coffee at home. In this way, coffee lovers and enthusiasts can enjoy themselves staying in the comfort of their homes. Many people who are aware of Starbucks blends want to know which of their blends is simply the best.

In this article, we will talk you through some of the topmost coffee beans offered by Starbucks based on customer reviews and popularity all over the world. We are also going to mention the best Starbucks coffee beans available out there.

So, let’s get started.

Top 5 Starbucks Coffee Beans – Best Brewed Coffee At Starbucks

  1. Starbucks French Roast Beans
  2. Starbucks Komodo Dragon Beans
  3. Starbucks Siren’s Blend
  4. Pike Place Blend
  5. Starbucks Guatemala Antigua Blend

Here we will mention the top 5 Starbucks coffee bean flavors that are available on the market for coffee lovers all over the world. They can now buy and enjoy by recreating Starbucks flavors in their own kitchens.

So, let’s have a look at these Starbucks beans.

1. Most Popular Starbucks Coffee Blend – Starbucks French Roast Beans

Starbucks French roast beans are one of the darkest and most intense coffee blends offered by Starbucks online. The origin and roots of these beans are from Latin America. The rich flavor that the French roasted beans showcase is the reason for their huge fan base.

Not all coffee lovers can truly grasp the level of intensity and dark flavor of these beans, as some seasonal lovers hold these beans as a little too strong and bitter to taste. Only coffee enthusiasts that know the value of the energy and the refreshing taste can estimate the entertaining aspects of French roasted beans.

The blend of these beans offers less acidity and more intensity on the palate resulting in the lightness of this coffee flavor. This flavor has been around for decades now and has drastically deepened its roots among fans having an adventurous palate.

Key Features

• Strong Flavor

The intense flavor this blend provides its consumers can only be adored by the ones that possess the palate to take in the dark intensity People either love it to the maximum or hate it because of its rich and dark taste.

• Top-quality Beans

The beans in this French roasted flavor have to be of top quality as the most critical aspect in this flavor is the amount of time the beans are given to roast as coffee beans quality entirely depends on this factor only. Coffee roasters are under immense pressure to execute the roasting process precisely.

• Perfect Balance

The smoky brew texture of the flavors offered by these beans is subtle and usually paired with unique caramel tones to balance out any extravagant darkness existing in the blend.

2. Best Starbucks Grounds Coffee – Starbucks Komodo Dragon Beans

The blend originating from Indonesia has a tropical, balanced, and native flavor to it that showcases different aspects of the area of its origination. The culture, the community, and the diverse culinary tones get well and truly identified in the flavors offered by this blend. A single sip of this dark-toned coffee makes consumers energized and refreshed.

The Komodo dragon blend name is per the intense and sharp flavor offered by this flavor.
It is a combination of Indonesian spices with the arabica roasted beans giving it a more dark, intense flavor that is less acidic in nature and a little bitter to taste.

The earthy mixtures spiced up with the right amount of caffeine make this blend one of the top Starbucks flavors based on its high fan base.

Key Features

• High caffeine and low acidity

Komodo dragon coffee flavors get loved by casual drinkers and coffee lovers alike. The universal impact this blend has is only because of the combination of ingredients low on acidity and high in flavor. The refreshing impact this blend has on the consumers stays for some while because of its high caffeine content.

• Characteristic Aroma

With its Indonesian origin, the blend has a characteristic tropical aroma that adds to the subtle texture of the coffee blend. It usually gets paired with exotic ingredients that complement each other in the right manner.

• Roasted Appearance

The better the roasted beans, the more flavor they exhibit. The beans of the Komodo dragon blend are known for their roasted brown appearance giving out a dark texture to the coffee.

3. Best Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee – Starbucks Siren’s Blend

The Starbucks siren’s blend is one of the medium roasted flavors offered by Starbucks with a little African touch. The flavor incorporates ingredients of both Africa and Latin America, giving out a more enhanced taste. Siren’s blend has its base on citrus and chocolate flavors with a little less bitterness and added tanginess. In contrast to the darker flavors.

Siren’s blend refreshes you to the core because of the citrus touch it incorporates. It adds a little higher content of acidity to it, adding to the energizing aspects of this coffee.

Siren’s blend got introduced to pay tribute to the working women of the world. All the transitions of this blend get handled by women. The siren’s blend showcases strength to all the women working in the coffee industry.

Key Features

• The versatility of Siren’s blend

Traditionally Starbucks flavors have been dark, intense, and less acidic. Siren’s blend has been a revelation to the Starbucks menu as it has slightly more acidity with less caffeine content and refreshing citrusy flavors. It usually gets paired with cold base brews.

•The right taste for everyone

The citrusy and chocolaty tones of this coffee with a medium roast is ideal for almost any coffee lover. It is not too intense and is less bitter than the dark flavors making it the right choice for everyone.

• Supporting Women

It is recognized by the IWCA, which offers 15-cents to nonprofit organizations working for the benefits and empowerment of women for every siren’s blend product purchased.

4. Best Starbucks Beans For Espresso Starbucks – Pike Place Blend

Starbucks Pike Place Blend is a more subtle mellow and rich flavor of Starbucks. It follows a more traditional medium roasted texture for consumers that prefer slightly balanced acidity, aroma, and taste.

The fragrance this pike place blend exhibits are of the top draw as it refreshes your whole body and mind. It gets you ready for the day by giving out the right kick. It gets made with the arabica blend believed to be the most traditional beans used for coffee.

For anyone looking to start the day with the refreshing aromatic blends of coffee need to have a cup of the Starbucks pike place blend that will surely provide you with the spark you need.

Key Features

• The coffee with a balanced texture

The mid roasted coffee beans associated with this blend get paired with a classic cocoa flavor that boosts the flavors on the palate. Tasting this masterpiece in the morning will spark your inner self beyond expectations.

• Follows a Sustainable process

Starbucks is committed to providing its customers with the most wholesome and ethically correct products.

5. Best Starbucks Dark Roast – Starbucks Guatemala Antigua Blend

Starbucks Guatemala Antigua Blend, as the name suggests, originates from the Antigua islands famous for the production of high-quality coffee beans with the existence of lively flavors. The blend packs a punch of a combined texture of cocoa, citrus, and native Antigua spices. A medium roasted bean blend makes it ideal for pairing with chocolate to enhance and balance the overall flavor.

The blend has its base on beans that have grown in the islands from generation to generation, with the old flavor still safely stored inside. Because of its flavor aroma and flavor, it gets better paired with colder brews.

This is undoubtedly the most popular and the best Starbucks beans available out there. In Guatemala, the coffee is grown in volcanic rich soils with rich, and complex taste.

This is what people love about this coffee. These beans are best for making a hot cup of espresso at home. If you have an automatic espresso maker, try these beans for making the best coffee ever with just the right texture.

Key Features

• A blend having a rich culture

The Antigua islands are known for the people that love their farming. The Starbucks Antigua blend has rich roots of the Caribbean that are responsible for its tropical, rich, and wild aroma.

• Highly-Anticipated background

Because of the blend’s historical roots, the beans grown in Guatemala are considered of premium quality and are listed very high by coffee manufacturers around the world. The blend exhibits a richer, subtle, and unique taste.

How to Choose the Best Starbucks Beans – A Buyer’s Guide

While buying the right Starbucks beans, you need to consider a few factors. In this buying guide, we will provide you with the answers to common questions and details of a few factors to take into account. If you have been wondering which coffee beans will be best suited to your taste and preference, keep reading on.

While buying Starbucks beans and brewing them the right way, you need to consider a few factors. In this guide, we will provide you with the answers to common questions and details of a few factors to take into account.

Recreating Starbucks Coffee at Home

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In order to recreate the famous Starbucks coffee with the blends mentioned above needs a proper brewing assembly. We will provide you different ways to brew a flavor similar to Starbucks.

Drip Coffee Machine

The best way to create the coffee of your liking when you are in a hurry is through the drip coffee machine. The only thing to ensure a perfect texture is the right grinder type. It gets recommended to use a medium-sized grinder for a flat filter and vice versa. Just add 2 tbsp for every cup of coffee to have a dark, intense flavor.

Stovetop Moka pot Espresso maker

To recreate the coffee resembling Starbucks. Take a stovetop Moka pot ideal to make espresso type coffees. Add hot water to the pot and add your Starbucks blend to it and then seal the opening and let it brew. When the pressure valve starts producing sound, take it out, and have a sip.

Coffee Day French Press

The traditional coffee day French press is the easiest way to recreate coffee with a nice brew and texture. Add hot water to the French press and mix 2 tbsp for each cup of coffee. Let the mixture rest, and then press the grains of the blend down with the help of the plunger.

Which Beans to Use for Making the Best Coffee?

The most commonly used bean types for making Starbucks coffee are either 100% Arabica or Robusta. Arabica roasted beans are among the highest quality beans in terms of taste, aroma, richness, and texture. The Arabica beans are slightly less acidic and more intense.

Starbucks uses different types of the same Arabica beans to cater to different consumer needs. With the dark roasted, mid roasted beans, and blonde beans. This wide range of beans roasted attract customers of different taste buds.

What to Look for When Buying Starbucks Beans?

While buying the Starbucks beans from online retailers what you need to consider before a purchase is to look for the following factors:

• Manufactured Date

Starbucks recommends only buying the beans online that indicate the manufacturing date of the beans to ensure the freshness and quality of the resulting brew. The products that are available for more than 2-weeks do not exhibit proper taste and texture.

• Manufacturing Region

The Starbucks beans get manufactured in many regions worldwide. If you are from Asia or America, prefer buying products that are famous for their bean quality and intense aromas like Asia Pacific or Latin America.

• Vacuum sealing

The online purchased Starbucks beans, when being received, should get accurately inspected to ensure proper seal for maximum freshness.

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What Are Different Starbucks Bean Roasts?

The online purchased Starbucks beans, when being received, should get accurately inspected to ensure proper seal for maximum freshness.

For any coffee bean to exhibit maximum aroma, taste, flavor, and richness, it is mandatory to spend a balanced time on the heat Starbucks has been around for decades and has managed 3-bean roasted textures to achieve contrasting flavors and aroma.

All the 3-types are to cater to different taste buds with different expectations. The following are the Starbucks beans textures famous:

• Dark Roasted Beans for people with intense taste buds that like bold and dark flavors.

• Mid Roasted Beans for people that like moderate intensity combined with citrus flavors.

• Blonde Roasted Beans for people that love coffee with a mellow texture and smooth taste

Mid roasted beans come with a fruity and acidic flavor. Blonde roasted beans are almost sweet If you like strong coffee, you would want to try your hands on dark roasted beans.

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Who isn’t a fan of Starbucks? The store started as a small coffee shop selling a distinct tasting coffee that made use of roasted beans. The taste soon grew in popularity and people started loving the somewhat bitter and burnt taste. coffee and therefore they look for the best Starbucks coffee beans online.

For some people, the original and only coffee is the one made from dark roasted beans. However, it is to be noted that Starbucks also sells coffee made from mid roasted and blonde roasted beans. It all depends on your taste and preference to find the best beans for your lovely mug of coffee at home.

In this article, we looked at some of the most popular and widely-used Starbucks coffee beans available on the market. Some of these are known as the iconic blends of Starbucks and you won’t be able to find the taste with any other brand. Some blends are smoother and more balanced, while others are more suitable to be taken at breakfast. If you like a special type of coffee, like espresso, you would want a blend with a medium roast and a balanced taste.

Every blend comes with its own set of features, taste, and aroma. Check out the features discussed in this post and then take your pick.

Good luck with your hunt for the most suitable coffee beans by Starbucks. Check Out Our Other guides on the best black coffee or our best coffee grinder for french press guide!

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