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Best Tim Horton Coffee: Tim Hortons Menu Drinks Ranked

People love visiting Tim Hortons every day to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or a cold drink. At Tim Hortons, customers can choose from a range of hot and cold options, including coffee, fruit-flavored coolers, hot chocolate, and frozen cappuccino.

What is the best drink to order at Tim Hortons? And what is the most popular beverage to drink at Tim Hortons? Well, there are plenty of options no matter what you want to drink. Let’s find out together the 11 best hot and cold drinks at Tim Hortons.

1. Original Blend Double Double

Original Blend Double Double
Original Blend Double Double

At Tim Hortons, a cup of their original blend is a classic order, delicately blended and roasted with their own unique Arabica beans. It’s a medium blend that has a robust nutty flavor and slightly bitter aftertaste that makes it a perfect morning coffee.

Unlike other black coffees served at other chains, it is less acidic and doesn’t give you an upset stomach. Tim Hortons’s rich Original Blend Coffee is sweetened with sugar and cream, offering an aromatic blend that cuts the bitterness without masking it. To make it fancier, try adding a dash of cinnamon powder on top to complete your perfect coffee.

Quick Fact: If you’re a black coffee lover, Tim Hortons Original Blend is just right for you. But if you are looking for a sweeter taste with a bit of a bitter aftertaste — try Tim Hortons Original Blend Double Double.

2. French Vanilla

French Vanilla
French Vanilla

If you’ve never tried a french vanilla latte from Tim Hortons, do yourself a favor and dash to your local franchise immediately to try this luxurious tasting coffee. The French Vanilla is an aromatic and sweet white foamy cup of coffee, made with Tim Hortons original latte.

Tim Hortons lightly roast their coffee beans for French Vanilla to achieve that balanced light coffee taste and vanilla flavor. It has a distinct vanilla flavor and has a delicious smell like a freshly baked pie. Anyone can order this either hot or iced to suit everyone’s preference.

If you like your coffee light with a slight sweetness to it, Tim Hortons French Vanilla will satisfy your cravings with its luxurious smooth taste and aroma.

3. White Hot Chocolate with Chai Tea

The amount of peppercorn and ginger in Chai Tea is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, as creative and innovative as always, Tim Hortons lovers hacked a way to enjoy their tea without being overwhelmed by the spices.

The heavily spiced Chai Tea is partnered with the delicate and foamy sweet White Hot Chocolate. It creates a perfect balance between sweet and spicy that makes you enjoy a warm and sweet cup of drink. Worried about paying double? No need! This secret menu saves you from buying two drinks.

Just ask at the counter for a cup of White Hot Chocolate and a Chai Teabag and you’re good to go.

4. Coffee Crisp Hot Chocolate

Feeling a little bold? Tim Hortons Coffee Crisp Hot Chocolate is the secret menu for you. This hot drink is a combination of coffee and chocolate which taste exactly like a coffee crisp.

The Coffee Crisp Hot Chocolate is made with Tim Horton’s espresso and hot dark chocolate. It has the bitter aftertaste of both the coffee and dark chocolate with some sweetness from the chocolate. To order, ask the barista at Tim Hortons for a cup of Hot Chocolate and ask for a shot of 2 of their espresso.

Quick Fact: If you are someone who enjoys that strong bitter aftertaste of a coffee and dark chocolate, Coffee Crisp Hot Chocolate is there for you.

5. Iced Cappuccino

Iced Cappuccino
Iced Cappuccino

Everyone knows that a cup of cold coffee is never the wrong choice. Tim Hortons is famous for their Iced Cappuccino, food critics are hyping this coffee on social media and we can’t blame them, it’s one of the best-iced coffee out there. Perfectly crafted with their medium roasted coffee beans and completed with milk and ice.

Tim Hortons offers you a wide variety of their famous iced cappuccino. You can get their Iced Capp Light if you enjoy a milky coffee. Their Iced Capp Supreme is an iced cappuccino, topped with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.

Aside from these options, you can still add more flavors to your Iced Cappuccino, you’re free to choose from chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, and more.

The beauty of a Tim Horton iced cappuccino is that you don’t need to blend a lot of flavors together to make it taste good. As long as you compliment the espresso with the right mix of flavors, like chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, your customized iced cappuccino will be absolutely delicious.

6. Cotton Candy Freeze

Tim Horton’s fanatics have found yet another way to make the best things in life even better. Their latest discovery is the Cotton Candy Freeze, an iced confection with a tantalizingly pink hue. For many, this is the go-to extra-sweet viral sensation.

This secret menu is famous for its cotton candy taste which is similar to cotton candies you buy at amusement parks and carnivals. You can order it by asking for a cup of their Raspberry Lemonade and asking them to replace the lemon syrup with cream and vanilla instead.

Then, a nice amount of pureed strawberry to add a more fruity taste. And there you have it, a nice pink cool slushy to clench your thirst. Tim Hortons Cotton Candy Freeze is a perfect order for an Instagram-worthy picture. Its pinkness is enough to color that timeline and satisfy your cravings for a cold and sweet drink.

7. Frozen Chai Tea

Tim Hortons serves up frozen chai, a hot and thick drink made with Indian spices, fresh mint leaves, fresh ginger root, and hot water. Its combination of flavors is nothing short of unforgettable.

Tim Hortons makes one of the finest chai teas around. Its blend is a heady mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, with a hint of peppercorn and cardamom. These aromatic spices are what makes Tim Hortons Frozen Chai die for.

Quick Fact: Frozen chai is a drink that many people enjoy, but few people know that it can be made into other great beverages with the addition of different syrups. Try adding hazelnut and vanilla to your Frozen Chai and experience it at a new level.

8. Strawberry Creamy Chill

Strawberry Creamy Chill
Strawberry Creamy Chill

The strawberry creamy chill is a delicately rosy drink that’s thick and laden with cream. It’s topped with a ribbon of foamy whipped cream, accented with a strawberry drizzle, and served in a mug to keep it extra-cold. What sets the strawberry creamy chill apart from your run-of-the-mill milkshake is that it does not contain ice cream.

This unique feature allows for a tantalizingly thin texture and an exquisitely smooth flavor profile. Tim Hortons’ Strawberry Creamy Chill is the perfect drink for anyone looking for refreshment to beat the summer heat.

9. Strawberry Lemonade

Did you know? At Tim Hortons, customers looking for something different can request the Strawberry Lemonade, a mouthwatering hybrid of their most popular strawberry creamy chiller and classic lemonade beverage.

The Tim Hortons secret menu strawberry lemonade pairs perfectly tangy strawberry puree with their classic lemonade. To get this, order a classic lemonade with strawberry puree and ask for whipped cream and a strawberry drizzle on top.

Nothing beats a sweet and tangy cool drink to clench your thirst. So, make sure to try this Tim Hortons secret menu!

10. Mint Chocolate Mocha

Adding mint flavoring to rich chocolate is a match made in heaven, but how many coffee shops take the plunge? Tim Hortons does, with their match-made in heaven indulgent drink, Mint Chocolate Mocha. Tim Hortons Mint Chocolate Mocha is a holiday treat and is a great pick-me-up.

It’s packed with several shots of aromatic espresso, flavorings, steamed milk, and foamed white cream. And you know what makes this drink so heavenly? It’s the peppermint chocolate syrup that coats your tongue in mocha goodness!

For those of you who have yet to try this delectable flavor, keep an eye out for it. Order one as soon as they come out, and celebrate the holidays with a little extra pep in your step.

11. The Wayne Gretzky Coffee

The Wayne Gretzky Coffee
The Wayne Gretzky Coffee

The “Wayne Gretzky” coffee at Tim Hortons is actually a thing, and it’s not as mythical as you might think. Tim Hortons actually serves this bold and crazy drink. ­ A creative tribute to hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, this decadent beverage consists of a large coffee with nine creams and nine sugars.

If you’re feeling adventurous, just ask your barista for a large coffee with nine creams and nine sugars.

Quick Fact: If you’re feeling adventurous, just ask your barista for a large coffee with nine creams and nine sugars. Tim Hortons Wayne Gretzky Coffee is for those who are always brave enough to try new things. Try ordering this drink for once and delight yourself with a sweet coffee and experience.


Tim Hortons has something to offer for anyone’s preference, whether you’re a black coffee lover or someone who prefers sweet beverages. The number of menu items at Tim Hortons can be pretty overwhelming. If you get stuck in decision fatigue with all your options, try one of the drinks listed above.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Make sure to comment down below.

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