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Vietnamese Coffee Brands – Vietnamese Coffee Beans Reviewed

The history of Vietnamese coffee records that this bean was introduced into the French country when it was part of French Indochina, A grain full of war that saw its new host succumb to chaos.
It was not easy, but after several attempts to boost the country’s economy, starting in 1986, the Communist Party decided to grow and export coffee on a large scale. In just four years (in 1990).

Coffee production increased by 30%, a percentage that has remained every year since then.
Consequently, Vietnam follows Brazil’s footsteps and is the second-largest coffee producer globally, surpassing countries like Colombia by a significant margin. The coffee industry in Vietnam does not stop and now contributes significantly to the global specialty coffee market.

Almost all the coffee it produces is of the Robusta variety, of lower quality than Arabica; used to make instant coffees

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Quick Answer: Best Vietnamese Coffee Beans

  1. Masterpiece Vietnamese Whole Bean Coffee Review
  2. Trung Nguyen Coffee Review
  3. Mr. Viet Arabica Ground Coffee Review
  4. Vinacafe Bach Instant Coffee Review
  5. Mr. Viet Ground Coffee Review

Almost all the coffee it produces is of the Robusta variety, of lower quality than Arabica; used to make instant coffees.

Let’s move on to Reviewing 5 of the Best Vietnamese Coffees.

1. Best Vietnamese Coffee – Masterpiece Vietnamese Whole Bean Coffee Review

Like other coffees in the country, this Vietnamese coffee is grown in low elevation areas compared to most Asian coffee-producing countries. Masterpiece coffee is a 100% premium high-end specialty coffee brand, with which the Weasel roaster comes out to show the quality of Vietnam beans.

These Masterpiece coffee beans from plantations in the Dak Lak and Buon Ma Thuot provinces of Vietnam fill a cup of pleasant coffee, which is also light and has a balanced acidity to be a delight at any time day.

A smooth and balanced quality of aroma and flavor, with notes of decadent dark chocolate and a touch of natural sweetness. The combined flavor and aroma of these beans is wonderful. 100% Vietnamese coffee. Give Vietnam its due attention!

Because this brand shows its passion for giving us this specialty coffee, which encompasses everything we seek and desire from Vietnamese coffee, it was comfortable to choose our first choice Only that it has a price that may seem exquisite The following options are more affordable.


• A good cup of low coffee acidity
• Balanced, butter, and chocolate notes for a luxuriously complex flavor.
• Light on the stomach.


• A little expensive.
• Test it

2. Best Vietnamese Coffee Beans – Trung Nguyen Coffee Review

Talking about Sang Tao coffee is talking about Vietnamese tradition and culture. The promoters of this cafe are here to stay, producing coffee under their Trung Nguyen brand located in Buon Ma Thuot which is Vietnam’s coffee capital. Trung Nguyen is a brand of specialty coffee of high purity with which the roaster comes out to show the quality of the beans from Vietnam.

These San Tao coffee beans from the ‘Central Highlands’ of Vietnam are naturally roasted to guarantee each bean’s essence aroma and flavor, preserving all the coffee properties. This brand selects the best bean to obtain the best coffee. They work to have more wonderful beans 100% Arabic.

Because this brand demonstrates its work and tradition by offering a coffee of extraordinary purity, which concentrates all the natural properties that we seek from a Vietnamese coffee, it was easy to choose our second-best option; only that it has a price thinking of you.

Continue reading the following options; they are attractive. These is the best Vietnamese coffee bean and Trung Nguyen is the best Vietnam coffee brand.


• Delicious, ideal for an Expresso cup balanced in acidity.
• Unique natural body and aroma
• Mild but tasty coffee, of extraordinary purity.


• Less expensive than the first option
• Due to its quality in flavor, it is usually exhausted.

3. Best Vietnamese Coffee Powder – Mr. Viet Arabica Ground Coffee Review

Mr. Viet Arabica is an authentic Vietnamese coffee made in Dalat’s plantations at high altitude, just as it is wanted by those who wish to enjoy a good 100% Arabica Vietnamese coffee. This coffee is one of the many most distinctive specialty coffees in Vietnam.

Those who are not familiar with Mr. Viet Arabica coffee are missing the opportunity to taste excellent coffee from the Indochina peninsula.

This coffee generally has a greater sweetness in caramel tones. Sense Asia LTD is a brand committed to food quality using organic and fair trade practices. This brand uses handcrafted air roasters Its roasting process assurances a uniform roast that also decreases the acidity of the beans.

This brand’s dedication in giving us the option of acquiring some beans also accented notes of chocolate, orange, and vanilla is attractive. These qualities make this coffee have an intense fruity aroma, something that coffee lovers enjoy. All these particularities made the choice of our third selection pleasant; it also fits your budget. However, you may want to scroll down.


• Encapsulates Vietnamese coffee never bitter.
• Rich flavor, notes of fruits and vanilla with a sweet chocolate tone.
• Beautiful Arabica coffee beans


• It may be too dark.
• Hard to refuse once served in a cup

4. Best Vietnamese Instant Coffee – Vinacafe Bach Instant Coffee Review

Bach coffee is grown in the Annam Highlands region. This Vietnam coffee is perfect for those looking for a superior espresso bean. Ideal for fans of flavors that revolve around notes of smooth chocolate and low acidity. Like all Central Plateau coffee, this is an excellent drink that lacks bitterness.

They originate from a region of microclimates and basaltic/volcanic soil that produce beans with unique flavor profiles for Bach Coffee Company. This company shows its cultural passion for coffee by making it totally natural and free of GMOs. This company mixes Arabica / Robusta 50/50

The traditional coffees born for fair trade are especially attractive for the mid and posterior palate, where it is perceived more, giving the most lasting taste sensation. This coffee implies passion for providing us with the best of Vietnamese coffee culture and is accompanied by everything that characterizes an excellent Vietnamese coffee.

For that and other things, Bach Coffee is our fourth choice. It is priced to fit your pocket. You will also like the following option.


• A good cup of coffee is delicious and easy to drink.
• Intriguing flavor with notes of roasted chocolate on request!
• Excellent for espresso and drip coffee; they are never bitter!


• Once tested, there is no going back!
• Vegan.

5. Best Coffee For Vietnamese Coffee – Mr. Viet Ground Coffee Review

This brand uses one of the most traditional coffees in Vietnam. The beans are produced in the Dalat region, a plantation that has stood the test of time. Especially for those looking for a complex cup of coffee that is easy to drink. So if you are a fan of caramel flavors, you will enjoy this flavor characterization.

These beans from Sense Asia LTD are another of the brands of this Vietnamese company that fill a cup of delicious coffee, which is allowed to drink and manages to balance various aspects in perfect harmony. There are many things in this cafe. In addition to hints of caramel, you can enjoy its notes of chocolate and blueberry with a sweetness of apple and nut tones that contribute to this complex cup.

As we indicated above, we lean towards the traditional for Mr. Viet Real since he shows passion for highlighting the quality and tradition of these Vietnamese beans. With the added achievement of encapsulating everything that characterizes and we desire to enjoy good Vietnamese coffee, it was comfortable to choose our fifth option. You just have to buy it.


• A complex cup of coffee, low acidity.
• Flavor with notes of almond malt and chocolate
• Easy on the stomach.
• Fair price


• Difficult to find it runs out very quickly.
• Its good taste can be addictive.

Buyer’s Guide

Why Is Vietnamese Coffee The Best?

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Vietnamese coffee is one of the best-selling coffees globally backed by a coffee industry with the second largest coffee production in the world, surpassed only by Brazil. However, Vietnamese coffee has not had a good reputation for not producing high-quality Arabica coffee. About 97% of Vietnam’s coffee crops are Robusta coffee, which is more bitter and less aromatic than Arabica.

This means that Vietnamese coffee is not the best in terms of aroma and bitterness. So how Vietnam is the second-largest coffee producer in the world’ As announced, the Vietnamese coffee industry has been dominated by Robusta coffee production since its inception, throwing small supplies of superior quality Arabica coffee at an almost unknown reduced productivity.

Vietnam is a coffee giant because its coffee is widely used to make espresso, instant coffee, and low-quality blends. This has made this industry an essential source for the global commercial quality coffee giants with these profiles, which have several factories in Vietnam.

Aware that to have the opportunity to grind beans with a mild but rich flavor, besides the natural taste that arabica offers at home, important Vietnamese producers are making progress in obtaining an exquisite quality arabica which fills kitchens with a magnificent aroma, leaving no one indifferent.

This committed and passionate coffee professionals group is driving the work from multiple perspectives with momentum and dedication. They know that one of the obstacles to overcome is scarce diversity in the species. The different varieties of plants have various properties, including aromas, flavors, and preferences regarding the growing environment.

The growth of Arabica trees is slow and will take several years to mature and produce the desired crop. Meanwhile, farms are adding increasingly diverse varieties every year, with the support of the Vietnamese government. The future of Vietnam coffee promises to be more varied and balanced.

For now, we can only say that Vietnamese coffee is the best for making espresso blends, instant coffee, and commercial grade blends because they have a strengthened industry and the production of Robusta coffee ideal in the elaboration of those coffee profiles.

Regarding the quality of aroma bitterness and rich flavor that Arabica coffee offers, the Vietnamese coffee industry has taken its first steps to achieve this. Given the growth that this industry shows year after year, surely very soon, the answer to the question in this section will be completed.

What Is Different About Vietnamese Coffee?

Vietnamese coffee is a product in which its coffee growers must go beyond improving their processing methods. Traditionally in Vietnam, the natural, dry processing method is used. This means harvesting the coffee beans and drying them with the fruit still attached to the seeds.

This method allows you to conquer high-quality coffee, but only when the climate is dry and strict quality control methods are not neglected.

Vietnamese coffee growers know that a Better Process leads to Better Coffee However, the price paid for low-quality Robusta does not justify the investment and hard work of high-quality natural processing.

Perhaps this low value placed on Vietnamese coffee reflects Vietnamese coffee farmers’ weakness in their agricultural supply chains.

best vietnamese coffee brand

The latest World Bank report shows how Vietnam’s agricultural supply chain lags behind its neighbors in terms of supply chain trade and operations:

• Has a score of 55.7 out of 100 for supply chain operations
• A 60.6 for product quality control.
• A 48.4 score for trade in agricultural products.

Although Vietnam excels in product quality control, it is inferior in trade and supply chain operations compared to the Philippines. Vietnam’s trade scores are lower even than Cambodia and Laos.

The process traditionally adopted by Vietnam is considered the lowest quality method that tends to generate inconsistent flavors in coffee. However, many believe that it is a process with the potential to create exquisite coffee profiles and that sooner or later, it will be more popular.

The numbers continue to indicate otherwise since there are two additional processes that have been successful in countries like Brazil.

These processes are the washing process and the so-called honey. The washing process focuses on the grain, responsible for the flavor, what is inside it, and not outside. This process depends 100% on the grain absorbing the necessary nutrients and sugars throughout the cycle.

The variety of the grain, the soil’s quality, the climate, the maturation time, the fermentation, the washing, and even the drying are fundamental aspects.

On the other hand, the other natural or honey processes require that part of the cherry develop most of the flavors since it envelops the grain most of the process.

In the honey process, when a coffee correctly completes this process, it is literally as if honey and brown sugar have been added to a cup of coffee. However, these coffees tend to have a more balanced acidity than washed coffees, assisted by pronounced sweetness and a more complex palate jolt. In numerous respects, this type of coffee is between a washed coffee and a natural one; it is fruity but not as much as a natural one.

Vietnam coffee shop

Most producers want a process that generates greater profitability and a coffee with the best taste, but that depends mostly on the weather conditions. Coffee is a food that has a lot of correlation with its environment.

In this sense, many have adapted their processes; for example, Brazil has opted for honey or natural but experimenting with other methods such as anaerobic fermentation and catalysts that accelerate the fermentation, with good results.

What is different about Vietnamese coffee is that its farmers are doing the same to get out of their limitations. They know about their insufficient information on the market and logistics; besides the limit of producing on a small scale, lacking technology and training, which in general has hampered their progress towards higher quality coffee.

In Vietnam, coffee growers are riding a silent coffee revolution with their people. Its indigenous people are shifting to improve the reputation of Vietnamese coffee by growing higher quality organic beans. They want to offer the world more than just instant coffee through the production of organic Arabica coffee in greenhouses and much more.

They are replacing their Robusta production with Arabica, aware that the Robusta variety is more straightforward to grow than Arabica but also considered inferior due to the high caffeine content and the more significant bitterness on the palate.

This is ‘just’ beginning. Its pioneers are confident that more and more Vietnamese coffee growers will switch to Arabica cultivation when they realize that they can earn a higher income.

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Is It Safe To Drink Vietnamese Coffee?

Yes. It is safe to drink Vietnamese coffee; Vietnamese coffee is one of the things that are undoubtedly worth bringing or taking from Vietnam that you can acquire both for your use and as a gift to your loved ones.

Until not long ago, Vietnamese coffee was unknown even though Vietnam is the second world coffee exporter after Brazil, with more than 18% of the total world production and growing. This is because they only drank it in presentations such as espresso, instant, and blends, but that is beginning to change.

Vietnam Coffee, without exaggeration, is terrific. Perhaps some specials to lovers of this drink may seem too harsh and bitter Some Vietnamese coffees’ myth that their beans are commercially digested, washed, and processed is false.

Two pure coffee varieties are produced in Vietnam – Robusta and Arabica. Arabica is the most expensive variety. The Robusta variety reaches about 97% of the total coffee produced in Vietnam, characterized by high caffeine content and considerable bitterness on the palate.

If you want an excellent Vietnamese coffee at a fair price, buy it in recognized On-Line stores. It is not worth buying the coffee in tourist stores; you will end up paying 3 to 4 times its value compared to On-Line stores and some well-known supermarkets.

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Where To Buy Vietnamese Coffee? – Where Can I Buy Vietnamese Coffee?

You can purchase Vietnamese coffee in specialty stores around the world and on online platforms such as Amazon and Walmart.


Due to the geographical similarities (in terms of climate and height) with Brazil’s. The Vietnamese coffee beans tend to be similar to this South American giant’s beans; only those of Vietnam are somewhat softer in their general arrangement.

Coffee Vietnamese quality controls are bearing fruit as it is increasingly recognized for its multiple flavor characteristics and balanced quality. They have long been consumed in presentations such as espresso and instant, and nothing extraordinary has happened.

What is extraordinary is what Vietnamese coffee growers are doing to offer more than just instant coffee something to behold. Vietnamese coffee is good; Let’s give it a vote of confidence. Thanks for reading the article; we hope to share other related ones.

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