Black And Decker Coffee Maker Not Working? – 6 Problems & How To Fix Them

Convenience, ease, and affordability.

These qualities are where Black & Decker Coffee Makers stand out. Black & Decker Coffee Makers are your basic go-to appliance when it comes to brewing good-tasting coffee.

They are reasonably priced and are well within your budget. The price ranges from 19 USD to 60 USD. These products are elegantly designed, yet; they are so easy and convenient to use. Regardless of the model you purchase, Black & Decker Coffee Makers are easy to program.

Just input the time you want your coffee to start brewing each day, and voila, you can already get your daily dose of caffeine!

The Black & Decker Coffee Maker is indeed a blessing. But since it contains electrical and mechanical parts, malfunctioning can be unavoidable at times. To save you from repair costs, it pays that you know how to troubleshoot it.

black and decker coffee maker problems

Here are some useful troubleshooting tips.

How do you unclog a Black and Decker Coffee Maker?

It is best to clean your coffee maker every after use to avoid any buildups of minerals, calcium, and natural oils. If you neglect to do this, it will not only affect the taste of the coffee but may also put the device at risk.

To clean your Black & Decker Coffee Maker, just regularly wash the pot and all removable parts with warm and lathery water. Then, wipe the external or removable parts using a soft cloth. Make sure that all parts have been dried up before returning them to their crannies.

In case of clogging, have no frets! Just follow these simple steps, and your Black and Decker Coffee Maker will be back to normal.

● Hit the STOP button. After three beeps, the unit will turn.
● Carefully lift the cover.
● Get the pod holder and splashguard out.
● Discard the coffee grounds.
● Wash the pod and splashguard with your hands or through the dishwasher.
● Lift the cover and wipe away the excess water.
● Reinsert the splashguard.
● Run a cleaning cycle.
● Reinsert the pod holder and put a new coffee pod.
● Check that there is water in the reservoir and just continue brewing.

Why is my Black and Decker Coffee Maker so slow?

When your device is brewing slowly, the usual reason is it needs a deep cleaning. You can do this by descaling it with vinegar. There’s an AUTO CLEAN feature for every Black & Decker Coffee Maker, which signals when descaling is needed. It usually flashes every after doing 60 brews, and there’s an icon that reads “CL.”

If you don’t address the problem, the alert will return. The blinking only stops after you accomplish the cleaning system. Try not to miss any schedule so that there will not be any possible issues. How do you do the Auto Clean? You may find the steps below helpful.

● Fill the reservoir halfway with undiluted vinegar.
● Fill the rest with water.
● Put a paper filter to catch deposits that loosen.
● Run the mixture through a brewing cycle.
● Follow this process with water, from 2 to 3 repetitions until you get rid of the vinegar smell.

Black And Decker Coffee Maker Turns On But Won’t Brew – Black And Decker Coffee Maker Won’t Brew

The first thing that you need to check is whether your device is plugged into a working outlet. Make sure that the switchboard or power supply is stable.

Check also that the ON/OFF button has been pressed. Ensure that the wire is not damaged. If it is, then have it replaced.

If your device turns on but doesn’t brew, check the heating element found at the bottom of the coffee maker. First, remove the base and look for the heating element. Make sure that you disconnect the power before trying this out.

Usually, the heating element short-circuits because the device has been turned on for a long time or when it always gets wet because of drips when the reservoir is filled to the brim.

black and decker coffee maker won t brew

Use a multimeter or continuity tester to check the performance of the heating element. If it is damaged, better repair or have it replaced with a new one. If your black and decker coffee maker stopped working, or your black and decker coffee maker is not working, this is a common fix.

Why is my Coffee Maker leaking?

When your Coffee Maker leaks, you might have filled the reservoir above the Max line.

This may also be caused by improperly placing the carafe on the carafe plate. The practical solution is to always check that the amount of water you pour into the reservoir does not exceed the 12 -cup line.

Always make sure that the carafe is placed and tightened in its proper position. If your black and decker coffee maker not pumping water, this is a common fix.

Why is the clean light on?

The Black & Decker Coffee Maker is equipped with various blinking features. There are several reasons why you may find the buttons flashing.

Clean and Stop Button- The device might need resetting or reservicing. This could also mean that the device might have overheated. You can perform the resetting or reservicing by following these steps:

● Unplug the unit.
● Wait for 5 seconds, then connect and retry.
● Do at least three resets. If the problem persists, contact your manufacturer at their hotline for reservicing.

In case the coffee maker has overheated, unplug the unit. Let it cool for 30 minutes and retry with a new pod.

Red Stop Button- This turns on if the brewing or cleaning process is interrupted or you have opened the lid in the middle of the brewing cycle or before the three beeps. You just have to wait for 30 seconds until the red light turns off.

Blue Button- If the blue button turns on, it might be because your reservoir might have run out of water.

To troubleshoot this, just add water. Wait for 30 seconds until the blue light turns off. If you hear a beep sound, just restart the brewing or cleaning cycle.

black and decker coffee maker stopped working


These are the simple troubleshooting guide for Black & Decker Coffee Makers. I hope you learned something.

You must understand, though, that Black & Decker Coffee Makers come in 33 different modifications. Although they have been programmed in pretty much the same way, it’s still best that you study the manual because there might be some differences.

For additional help, consult the manufacturer’s service hotline or the owner’s manual. If you can’t fix it, it’s best to let somebody do it!

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