Black Rifle Coffee Reviews: Is Black Rifle Coffee Good?

Strong satisfaction is what we get from our favorite brewed buddy in the morning. It can help you begin your day with its hard and delicate taste. For some, coffee is their chill time and energy booster to make them awake and productive. It’s their energy beverage to start their morning.

Are you one of them? If so, try to read this Black Rifle Coffee review. Maybe it would help you find a great and strong coffee to begin your day with.

black rifle coffee company review

Black Rifle Coffee Company was established in 2014 by Evan Hafer. It is a veteran-owned coffee company producing fresh roast coffee to serve it to their patriot customers. This company gained national attention in 2017 not only because of its great coffee service but also because of its vision that Black Rifle Coffee would hire 10,000 veterans in the next 10 years.

This company is still running and expanding lively. Always ready to serve you a satisfying taste of coffee.

Here are their coffee products that you might like: Best

Best Black Rifle Coffee – Silencer Smooth (Light Roast)

It is a well-balanced blend with decent caffeine in your cup. It may help your system to be more productive. It has a nice nippy aroma that may make you feel more relaxed. Also, it has a fresh earthy undertone and a fantastic flavor that you might like. Silencer Smooth has a great combination of tangy and sweet flavors minus the excessive bitterness.

So, If you are looking for smooth and easy-to-drink coffee, then the Silencer Smooth is your perfect brew in the morning. It will kick your sleeping system with a hot cup of this product.

Best BRCC Medium Roast Coffee – AK-47 Espresso (Medium Roast)

If you need caffeine to gain more energy and to be more productive, then this coffee is a good choice for you.

This incredible blend is your brewed buddy to begin your day with. The aroma of brewing is wonderful because it has a hint smell of nuts. The color of coffee has a dark brown undertone with a smooth finish.

Drinking it with added sugar and cream may allow you to taste the all-natural roasted flavor with its sweet and sour taste. The Dark Chocolate featured in AK-47 Espresso is well complemented. It has a stronger taste compared to the delicate taste of Silence Smoother.

Best Black Rifle Coffee Blend – Just Black (Medium Roast)

Are you looking for a perfect balance of smoothness and boldness? If so, Just Black coffee is your morning partner! It is a medium roast coffee with a cocoa and vanilla aroma that is developed to become your best drip coffee ever.

It has a dark brown color with a soft buttery finish. The pleasant smell of your hot coffee may fill your nose with the promise of a decent taste. It has a rich flavor with some sweetness that you can reach a level of appreciation after drinking.

You will definitely love this kind of coffee, especially if you like a coffee with a chocolaty twist.

Best Black Rifle Black Coffee – Beyond Black Coffee Roast

Do you want to satisfy your pride and your mighty heart? If so, this ground dark roast is worth trying!

A plain cup of Beyond Black Coffee Roast is enough to taste the full flavor of it. It has enough amount of caffeine that may get you awake and energetic, but it won’t taste like a metal can. It has a darker shade of brown color, and it is not a weak, watered cup of coffee.

Its pleasant flavor is fairly mild. You may be fond of its smooth taste with an appropriate level of bitterness. So, if your taste buds like a unique flavor of black coffee, then this Beyond Black Coffee Roast is an ideal coffee to try!

Buyers Guide

Is Black Rifle Coffee Any Good?

If you are looking for a strong and caustic brewed coffee, then Black Rifle Coffee Company can give you a quality service for that. Try to enjoy its inviting aroma and its reasonably hard taste. You can get a delicious, rich flavor and energy to start a productive day by preparing and drinking their fresh product.

You will indulge yourself with the freshest, strongest, and smoothest coffee ground because BRCC coffee products were processed meticulously by blending the Brazilian and Colombian beans to create a unique flavor.

The company also created more convenient coffee bags. Ensuring more efficient packaging with the removal of excess air and water. It is also convenient to ship because of its practical design.

black rifle coffee company reviews

What Does Black Rifle Coffee Taste Like

The Black Rifle Coffee Company has a lot of variety to offer. They have different levels of coffee beans. They can offer you from Light Roast to Extra Dark Roast. Thus, you can find a coffee product that can suit your taste buds.

Light Roast

Their coffee products under Light Roast are their smoothest coffee that they can offer. It is a good choice for people who want a more easy-drinking experience. It is the process where BRCC turns their raw beans into dark brown beans.

It is available in ground, in whole beans, and also in single-serve coffee cups. Their coffee under the light roast category is perfect for someone who doesn’t want a strong and deep flavor in their cup. It has an accurate roasting process that can bring out its sweet aroma and reasonably delicate taste.

Medium Roast

The coffee products under Medium Roast are indestructible! You can enjoy the stronger flavor that is available in ground, whole beans, and even in single-serve coffee cups. It has a balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity that you will like.

The majority of their products can offer you a twice punch of caffeine that will make you hype all day. Some of their products contained cocoa and vanilla aroma. The bitterness of their coffee is well complemented with dark chocolate flavor.

Their products can give you a smoother taste, although some of their products are not a good choice coffee for the sweet and cream drinkers because the strong roast flavor overpowers the coffee.

black rifle coffee caffeine content

Dark Roast

Their valuable products under Dark Roast are beyond black! Those products in this category can give you a robust flavor that will meet your taste satisfaction. You will enjoy its great taste, especially if you choose a coffee with a good complement of dark chocolate.

Extra Dark Roast

You can have a chill time by drinking the Black Rifle Coffee Company’s boldest, hardest and deepest flavor.

Their coffee in the Extra Dark Roast category can easily trigger your senses with their strong aroma, especially if you drink it! It will give you a satisfying experience of having the darkest coffee in your hot cup.

What is the most popular Black Rifle Coffee?

Almost all of their coffee collections have 5-star ratings on Amazon. So, it is hard to tell which is the best coffee for them. Actually, It’s not surprising because Black Rifle Coffee Company ensures the high quality of their products.

Their team is taking this industry seriously. It took ten years to study their signature flavor just to get the addictive taste of their coffee. So, it’s no wonder why so many people like their product.

However, the Black Rifle Coffee Company’s official website published a page where they showcase their Best Roasts of BRCC.

Here are their Big Four coffee products.

⦁ Just Black Coffee
⦁ Silenced Smooth Coffee Roast ⦁ AK-47 Espresso Blend ⦁ Beyond Black Coffee Roast

Is Black Rifle Coffee Expensive?

Black Rifle Coffee is not the cheapest coffee brand that you might find on today’s internet market. However, if you have a huge love for America and you have an honest heart to support all of the American cause, then Black Rifle Coffee Company is your great partner in this matter.

Their team is providing a helping hand to law enforcement, first responders, and veterans by donating a portion of its profits.

They also use their company for a valuable campaign like participating in today’s pandemic by supporting American medical workers and the military personnel with their family under quarantine.

You can also be part of that campaign by supporting their coffee products. At the same time, you will feel delighted with their high-quality products after tasting their unique flavor. If you want to be part of this wonderful cause, you can buy their products online.

Sadly, all Black Rifle Coffee Company’s products are unavailable on Amazon. They are unsure when their products will be in stock again. However, you can buy your favorite BRCC coffee on their official website.

best black rifle coffee review

5 Reasons To Buy

⦁ Supports American Vets
⦁ Very Tasty
⦁ Variety Of Flavors
⦁ Quick Shipping
⦁ Great Support Team


Black Rifle Coffee Company built its good reputation. Their team really ensures that they can provide their customers a fresh roast and high-quality coffee. Although their products are quite expensive, you can ensure a quality product without a bitter aftertaste.

Aside from that, the coffee you bought from them has a great contribution to continue their valuable activities for the sake of America.

For now, it deserved to have a five stars’ rate. We hope this review helps you a lot. Thank you for reading! You should also try black rifle k cups!

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