Can You Use Brown Sugar In Coffee? – Coffee With Brown Sugar Guide

Have you ever tried stirring a spoon of brown sugar in your coffee? If you have not tried it, yet it must be the fear of getting your coffee ruined. Isn’t it?

Most people love to add a hint of sweetness to their coffee to overcome its strong and bitter taste. White sugar is commonly used for this purpose.

Many people think that brown sugar is limited to cakes and sauces, Little do they know that adding brown sugar to a cup of coffee makes it more enjoyable? Want to know how coffee tastes with brown sugar? Read to the end.

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What Is Brown Sugar?

We all know that completely refined sugar is known as white sugar. But sugar that is not completely refined is termed as brown sugar. Cane sugar and beet sugar contain a sufficiently high level of sucrose, which is commercially used in the production of sugar.

In order to prepare brown sugar, the juice is first extracted from cane sugar or beet sugar. The extracted juice is then boiled and reduced. It is then placed in the centrifuge to get the sugar crystallized. This crystallized sugar is then combined with molasses and sucrose. It is the existence of molasses that makes the sugar brown. Sugar prepared in the absence of molasses is white sugar.

The nutritional data of brown sugar provided by USDA for 4.6 grams of brown sugar include the following.

Brown sugar contains 17.5 calories, 0-gram fats, 1.3 mg of sodium, 0-gram protein, 4.5 grams carbohydrates, and 0-gram fiber.

Types of Brown Sugar

Brown sugar contains moisture, and this is what makes it soft. The moisture in brown sugar is given to it by molasses. The higher the amount of molasses in the brown sugar, the more the moisture will be. More molasses means darker sugar and a stronger taste. Brown sugar is of three types depending upon the amount of molasses it contains.

Light Brown Sugar

Light brown sugar is most commonly used in baking and sauces. It contains around 3.5% of molasses. As the amount of molasses is less, the color of sugar is light. The taste of light brown sugar is not that strong.

Dark Brown Sugar

If you want to give an intense taste to the food, dark brown sugar is a perfect idea. It contains 6 5% molasses. With its deep color and strong taste, it is used in rich foods like gingerbread.

Raw Sugar

Unrefined sugar is termed raw sugar. It has very less moisture and large crystals of sucrose. The number of minerals present in raw sugar is more than light and dark brown sugar.

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How is it made?

You don’t necessarily have to purchase brown sugar from the market. It is really easy to prepare it at home. Now that we know it is the existence of molasses that makes the difference to the sugar. The rest of the strategy is the same for preparing brown and white sugar.

To prepare white sugar at home, you will need molasses and white sugar. You can easily find molasses in any supermarket or local store.

Add just a tablespoon of molasses to a cup of white sugar. Mix it with a hand mixer until you get a uniform color and texture. That’s it. You are done.

Brown sugar is softer than white sugar. This is because of the moisture in it. If brown sugar gets dried or the moisture evaporates, then the sugar will become hard like a rock. Therefore, you should store it in an airtight container.

Is Brown Sugar Healthy?

In this modem era, everyone needs to know the effect of certain food on their body before eating them. This is great progress, and people should continue to move with this trend.

However, some people believe that eating brown bread and brown rice is a healthy choice over white ones, so we should also take brown sugar rather than white ones.

This is not true. Here’s why.

Brown sugar contains molasses, which white sugar lacks. Molasses contains a small amount of iron, magnesium, calcium, and iron. These molecules are present in very less amount, so it does not make much health difference when it is compared to white sugar.

For a clear understanding, we should consider the number of calories white and brown sugar have

White sugar contains 16 calories in one tablespoon, while brown sugar has 17 calories in one tablespoon. Obviously, the number of calories will increase as you increase the amount of sugar.

This means both these sugars are nutritionally the same; the only difference is in their taste.

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Uses of Brown Sugar.

Brown sugar is moist. This is the reason why it is used so much in baking. Baking products are usually moist, like cookies, So if you make a cookie with brown sugar, it will be moist, but the cookie made with white sugar will not be this tasty.

Similarly, brown sugar is used in sauces, desserts, and marinades. A lot of people like to add brown sugar to their coffee as well.

The savory and intense flavor of molasses in the brown sugar makes everything more delicious.

Does Brown Sugar Taste Good In Coffee?

Coffee lovers usually don’t like to add any sort of sweetener to their coffee. They like it bitter and unsweetened. This is beneficial if you want to stay awake and lively the whole day.

While white sugar only gives sweetness to your coffee, brown sugar has something more to give. Adding brown sugar to a cup of coffee gives it a naturally sweet taste The presence of molasses in the brown sugar gives a complex flavor to your coffee. In addition, you will see deep color and a sort of rich taste in your coffee.

The change in color that you see in the coffee is due to the brown color of sugar. The color and taste vary depending upon the type of brown sugar (light or dark) you are adding.

Brown Sugar Vs White Sugar

White sugar is just a sweetener that does not have a taste of its own.

Brown sugar, on the other hand, gives a rich taste and sweetness to your coffee. It is due to the presence of molasses, which retains its flavor in the brown sugar. The strong and complex taste of brown sugar blends well in the coffee. It provides a layer of richness to the coffee, which makes the coffee heavier and earthier. Also, the brown color of sugar when blended with coffee gives it a dark and deep color.

Both these sugars have their own properties. It totally depends upon the preference of a person. If you just want to sweeten the coffee to overcome its bitter taste, go for the white sugar. But if you like to give some flavor to your coffee in addition to sweetness, brown sugar is the best choice.

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Should you Drink Coffee with Brown Sugar?

Suppose you have never tried drinking coffee with brown sugar. I would suggest that you should give it a try. Brown sugar would add life to your bitter coffee. People who love to drink flavored coffee should definitely try it once

Some coffee lovers even hate the idea of adding anything to their coffee. They can’t compromise on the taste of bitter coffee they’re addicted to for years, But I have seen such people trying out brown sugar once in their coffee, and guess what? They never looked back.

This means there is nothing bad in trying out something new. Brown sugar does not cause any problems if consumed in a limited amount. You can take it without being concerned about your health.


Is brown sugar in coffee good?

The molasses present in the brown sugar gives an intense taste to coffee that blends well in it. In addition to sweetness, brown sugar gives richness to the coffee. You will definitely feel the change in taste, but it is worth it.

Brown sugar versus white sugar

White sugar only gives sweetness to your food, while brown sugar is beneficial in providing a strong taste of its own Brown sugar gives both sweetness and taste to the food. So it depends upon the choice of a person whether he wants to sweeten the product or give it both taste and sweetness.

Is Brown Sugar Healthy?

Brown sugars contain certain elements in a very small amount. Some of these are calcium, potassium, and iron. As these mineral contents are present in minuscule amounts, there are no evident health benefits of brown sugar.


A little amount of sweetener makes a cup of coffee delicious. But some people like to have coffee the way it tastes naturally. At the same time, some people want to add extra flavors to give it a rich taste.

If you like to have an intense, rich taste of your coffee, it is a good idea to add a teaspoon of brown sugar to it. There are not any health risks related to it.

I hope you got the information you were looking for. Thank you for sticking with me

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