Why Doesn’t Caffeine Affect Me? – 5 Reasons Caffeine Doesn’t Work

Everybody loves to have their cup of coffee in the morning. If it’s later in the day or we have a lot of work ahead of us at night, then we may reach for a caffeinated soda instead. But how many times have you consumed something with caffeine only to wonder why you aren’t more alert?

When people have this result, people start asking themselves: Why Doesn’t Caffeine Affect Me? The answer to that question could be due to a few different reasons.

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Reasons Caffeine Doesn’t Work

You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Does that mean if you stay up all night drinking coffee to cram for a test that the caffeine will not have any effect? No. one night where you get little to no sleep isn’t enough to keep caffeine from affecting you. But caffeine could stop being effective once you hit three nights where you didn’t get the required amount of sleep.

There is no answer with proof to explain this. However, we could offer this possibility as a reason. The chemical that makes people feel sleepy is called adenosine. When you consume coffee, the caffeine latches itself onto those particles, and the caffeine makes you stay awake. That means the chemical is having a reversed effect.

But that is the situation of a person getting a normal amount of sleep. What is the situation for someone who isn’t getting the sleep they need? People who have been lacking the sleep they require will have more adenosine in their bodies which could fight off the caffeine that you consume.

When that happens, caffeine doesn’t help you stay awake. So if caffeine is not waking you up, you just may require a good night of sleep.

You’re Consuming Too Much

Too much of anything is never a good thing, and that logic applies to caffeine too. If you are drinking too many cups of coffee, not only will you increase your chances of having a heart attack, but you could also risk caffeine losing its effect on you.

You don’t want to be heading into work tired and be numb to caffeine. When you drink too much, you will start displaying effects like being easily annoyed, and it will be harder for you to be able to sleep. You don’t want the caffeine working against you by preventing you from getting the rest when you have the chance to sleep.

Nothing is worse than laying in bed feeling completely exhausted and still not being able to sleep at night. This is how you could feel if you consume too much caffeine every day.

Whether you get caffeine from coffee or soda, then it would be best to check the ingredients so you know exactly how much you are consuming so you can cut some out if you are having more than 400 mg per day.

Not Enough Caffeine

Just like how much alcohol you can handle depends on your height, weight, and age, the same can be said for caffeine. In other words, you might not be taking in enough. Everybody can handle different amounts of caffeine, and you might not be consuming enough to affect you.

If you are tall or overweight, then you might want to drink a little more in moderation until caffeine is helping you stay awake. If you are having coffee, you will want to check how much caffeine is in that coffee. Different brands of coffee have different levels of caffeine, and you may just need a different brand of coffee in the morning. So if your saying caffeine doesn’t affect me or asking why does caffeine not affect me, you might be having enough.

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It Might Be Hereditary

What most people don’t know about the DNA of a human is that it determines how much caffeine we can handle. This is the reason that caffeine isn’t affecting you then there is nothing you can do to change this. If your saying coffee doesn’t affect me or saying that coffee has no effect on me, it could just be hereditary.

You Are Immune To The Effects Of Caffeine

Over the course of your life, you could end up having so much caffeine that it loses the effect it has on you. That might be hard to believe, but it’s the truth.

If you realize that every time you need an energy boost that you have to consume more caffeine than you did previously, then you might want to stop having caffeine. You could reach a point where the caffeine you consume does more harm than good to you.

It is Possible To Become Immune To The Effects Of Caffeine

As we have just gone over, it is possible to be immune to caffeine. You could be born that way, or the immunity could be built up over time. Regardless of what most people believe, it does not take that long to build up immunity to caffeine. Most people say it could happen after a few days. Since everybody is different, how long it will take for you to become immune will be different when comparing how long it took for somebody else to become immune.

Those factors that play a part in how fast it takes a person to become immune are their metabolism, their height, and if they smoke or not. if you start to ask why doesn’t coffee affect me or even why doesn’t caffeine work on me, you may of become immune.

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Are There Benefits to Cutting Out Caffeine?

It is healthier not to consume caffeine. If you have consumed caffeine for a long time, then it will be difficult to stop. However, cutting out caffeine can have many benefits, which we will go over.

Reduce Your Tension

Everyone knows the benefit of caffeine is more energy. Unfortunately, you could end up with too much energy, which will make you fidgety. Your heart rate could also increase, and you might even become anxious about different things. That’s because caffeine is triggering your “fight or flight* response. So when you cut out caffeine, you will reduce the amount of time that you are anxious. If you are unaffected by caffeine, it may better just to cut it out.

Get A Better Quality Of Sleep

If you don’t consume caffeine, then it will be easier to get to sleep at night. Some people suggest that you should not drink anything with caffeine in it unless you have more than six hours before you plan to go to sleep.

You Won’t Have To Visit The Bathroom As Often

The more you drink anything, the more you urinate. Unfortunately, caffeine could also cause you to poop more often as well; if you cut out caffeine, not only will you use the bathroom less, but you will also reduce how often you have to poop.

Your Breasts Wont Always Be Sore

While no proof connects consuming caffeine hurts your breasts, women have deemed that this problem was not as severe once they stopped taking in caffeine.

Your Skin Wont Age As Fast

Collagen is a protein that makes your skin tight and able to stretch When you stop making collagen, not only will your skin wrinkle, but your body will also sag The older you become, the more slowly your body will make collagen.

So if you don’t take in caffeine, then your skin could continue younger than it would of someone who continues to take in caffeine.

You Won’t Feel Dependent On Caffeine.

Anything you take in will alter your brain chemistry. One possible side effect of having too much caffeine is that you could end up needing it just to function normally.

You Will Absorb Nutrients Better

You might not be getting as many vitamins or minerals as you should if you consume a lot of caffeine. Even if you take a vitamin every morning, the benefits might be neutralized because of the caffeine you are consuming.

Your Teeth Will Look Better

Coffee, tea, and soda all stain your teeth. Unfortunately, those are the beverages where people get caffeine from. Another effect people don’t know is your mouth gets dried out when you take in caffeine. If you have a dry mouth, that could cause bacteria to grow, which saliva defends us from; so if you stop consuming caffeine, then your teeth won’t be as vulnerable to decay as the teeth of someone who consumes caffeine.

Reduced Blood Pressure

Consuming caffeine will cause your blood pressure to rise Some people who have studied this also think this causes your arteries to partially dose, which means it will hinder blood flow through your body.

If you don’t consume caffeine, then you have better chances of keeping your blood pressure at a safe level, and you reduce the chances of developing health complications.

You Will Experience Withdrawals

Whenever you have a big shift in your diet, then you may go through unpleasant events in the beginning. You could be more sleepy, suffer from headaches bo less happy, and you might not be able to focus on your work.

Symptoms usually begin after your first or second day of avoiding caffeine. The effects could last anywhere from a week to a week and a half.

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How Do You Feel After Quitting Caffeine?

In the short term, you might not feel so great. Just like anything that you are trying to cut down on, the side effects are the same. After you get through the first couple of weeks, then you will sleep better, have a better mood overall when you are awake, and you will feel better and healthier.

If you drink coffee, tea, or soda, then you know how caffeine affects you. Unfortunately, the effects are different from person to person. But if you can cut caffeine out by reducing your intake little by little, then you will be much healthier, and you will feel much better.

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