Can Dogs Have Coffee? – What To Do If Your Dog Ate Coffee Beans Guide

Having a fur baby is just like having a child. Ensure they are safe and healthy, so if you are you an animal lover and just adopted your first dog? And you want to make sure you keep it safe and healthy, making sure you know what is all harmful so that you can keep it out of your new fur babies’ reach.

Well, have you ever heard chocolate could kill a dog or even a cat, so you always have known not to have that near your fur baby but not knowing why it is harmful?

can dogs have coffee

Also, knowing how long it takes your fur baby to pass the Caffeine is essential, so getting your fur baby there in a reasonable amount of time can save your fur baby’s life-also, knowing how your fur baby is more sensitive to Caffeine than you are. Why are Caffeine and coffee beans poison to your dog? Y

ou are still wondering if your dog can get a coffee bean? Well, in minutes of your dog consuming coffee beans, your dog or cat will start to throw up, panting, may even have diphtheria, become feverish, even start sweating.

Can A Dog Eat A Coffee Bean?

So, why can’t your fur baby eat a coffee bean, ground coffee, or even brewed is because coffee is toxic to a dog or cat; even containing a chemical in it can be lethal to your dog or cat?

Have you just adopted a new dog or a cat, and it keeps trying to get into the garbage?

You’re not sure if the old coffee bean in the trash would hurt your fur baby. So find yourself taking the trash out every time you have to throw out your old coffee grinds.

Well, you are doing the right thing because a coffee bean can very well harm your dog or even cat.

If your dog ever consumes any amount of coffee or eating one bean, the pet poison hotline says, ” a moderate amount of coffee can easily cause death in a small dog and a cat.”

If My Dog Or Cat Eats A Coffee Bean Or Brewed Coffee What Are The Symptoms?

Here are a few symptoms of caffeine poisons for your dog or cat, so if you happen to notice any of these, you will need to seek urgent care for your fur baby. Symptoms can start at nine mg/pounds of Caffeine.

my dog ate a coffee bean

You, fur baby, can begin to get severe symptoms around twenty mg/pounds of Caffeine. But, if your fur baby consumes around seventy-five to one hundred mg/pounds, then seizures or even death can occur.

It is essential if your fur baby happens to get into coffee or chocolate to get your fur baby’s urgent care immediately. Also, these symptoms can occur thirty minutes after your fur baby consumes Caffeine.

  • Seizures
  • Hypothermia
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Nervousness
  • Agitation
  • Panting
  • Shaking
  • Hyperactivity

What Are The Foods That Contain Caffeine?

Besides coffee, there is food with Caffeine that can be harmful to your dog or cat. It is essential to know this food because you may have these foods in your home and need to make sure they stay out of your fur baby’s reach.

If your dog eats any of this food, it can take twenty-four to forty-eight hours before it could even pass through the system, so getting treatment for your fur baby in the proper time frame can be very important and save your fur baby.

  • Yogurt with chocolate
  • Hot chocolate
  • Ice Cream that has chocolate
  • Diet pills
  • Soda
  • Chocolate bars
  • Energy drinks
  • Protein bars

How Much Coffee Is Too Much Of A Risk For Each Size Dog?

The toxicity is determined by how much Caffeine your dog or cat has consumed. Also, the size and health of your fur baby do play a significant role in how much Caffeine was way too much for your dog or cat.

Seventy mg per pound of the fur baby’s body weight is lethal to your fur baby. If you had a teaspoon of coffee which is sixty mg of coffee, four of those teaspoons of coffee can be deadly to a five dog that is five pounds.

If your fur baby took one-two laps out of coffee or soda, that could be enough to cause poisoning to them.

Even if your dog eats one or two diet pills can quickly become fatal to your fur baby.


So, there’s our guide for the question are coffee beans bad for dogs, and if your dog ate a coffee bean, what you should do. Thank you for reading!

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