Caffeine During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

coffee and pregnancy

Many people know and love the smell and taste of coffee; it was popular in ancient times and even more so in the present. A million bags of coffee are consumed every year, and research says that up to three cups per day can be consumed by the average person. It is popular because of … Read more

Coffee Jokes: The 100+ Best Puns About Coffee

coffee jokes

Coffee is the popular beverage that most people love to drink in the morning. The fresh aroma and its balanced flavor of sweet and sour can boost your productivity to begin your wonderful day. If you are a coffee lover that loves to joke and share your feelings with others, then coffee puns are perfect … Read more

Jitters Coffee: How To Get Rid Of Coffee Jitters

how to get caffeine out of your system

Good morning, afternoon, or evening to you! How was your cup of coffee? We hope it was the tastiest and most fulfilling cup of coffee you’ve had this week; ever noticed that after a cup of coffee, you started to feel extremely hyper or jittery? Usually, when that happens, you may have consumed more than … Read more

Coffee Vs Coke: Caffeine In Coffee Vs Soda Explored

caffeine coffee vs coke

Okay. I, like most people, enjoy a good cup of coffee and bottled soda. But the question we ask now is what are the similarities and differences between coffee vs. soda. The best way to note any significant contrasts is to look at how both drinks affect our health. Organic vs Man-Made Simply put, the … Read more

Coffee Skin: What Does Coffee Do To Your Skin?

coffee skin

A cup of coffee, first thing in the morning, serves best for boosting energy and a stimulus to get out of a cozy warm bed. While you know the benefits of consuming coffee as a beverage, it has also gained some reputation utilizing skincare routines and products. Yes! You read it right. It is widely … Read more

Beginners Guide To Coffee – Best Coffee For Beginners Guide

coffee for beginners

Coffee is one of The most popular beverages in the world, mainly because of its stimulant effect and because of its simplicity to make. It is true that preparing coffee seems simple, but once we immerse ourselves in a world where preparing a delicious cup is more than just mixing coffee with water, we begin … Read more

What Is Lungo? – Espresso Vs Lungo Explained

lungo vs espresso

If you are wondering what Lungo coffee is, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will have an in-depth guide on how to make lungo coffee and how you can enjoy lungo coffee. We will also go over longo espresso and gran lungo, so you can everything you need to know. … Read more

How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last? – Storing Green Coffee Beans Guide

how long will green coffee beans last

When you purchase green coffee beans, you are expecting fresh and top-quality coffee beans. But, imagine you buy green coffee beans with a foul odor and baggy flavor; unfortunately, we have heard of this happening too much in recent times. Proper storage practices of green coffee beans are vital. All the way from harvesting to … Read more

Kief In Coffee – How To Make Kief Coffee?

kief in coffee

For millions of people, they started their day with coffee. If you ever wanted to try and spice up your coffee with some kief, you have come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be going over the benefits and cons of Kief in coffee and answering questions from how much Kief per cup … Read more