10 Yummy Decaf Drinks You Can Order At Starbucks Today

decaf starbucks drinks

According to data, over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are drunk all over the world.  People drink coffee for various reasons. Some drink it to boost their energy levels before starting the day. Others just can’t function well without it.  In my case, I started drinking coffee out of necessity but have grown to love … Read more

Frappe Vs Frappuccino: What Is A Frappuccino & Frappe Explained

difference between frappe and frappuccino

Who doesn’t love iced coffee? It has been a cultural staple for well over 100 years and is consumed more than ever today.  Multiple variations and recipes have been introduced over the course of decades, and they still keep coming!  Iced coffee is especially popular during summer when hot coffee becomes a little less favorable … Read more

How To Make Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam

how to make cold foam for coffee

You have probably bought hundreds of cups of the Starbucks cold brew coffee with swirled vanilla sweet cream on top.  You love the drink. That’s why you keep coming back for more. If you love the drink for the cold foam, then you must have been wondering all this time how Starbucks does it. This … Read more

15 Yummy Strawberry Drinks From Starbucks

strawberry drinks starbucks

Strawberry is one of the favorite fruits in summer, and at Starbucks, strawberry drinks are quite popular. You can enjoy strawberry-based drinks all year round – from fraps to refreshers and lemonades. The pretty red and pink-colored drinks are both enticing and refreshing. While the Starbucks menu has around 7 strawberry drinks, you can customize … Read more

Keurig 2.0 Full Menu Explained: Keurig Brew Settings Full Guide

keurig brew numbers

There was a time when the coffee machines by Keurig® brew with the use of only one button and the touchscreen feature was missing. The settings were very limited, unlike today, wherein you can personalize based on your very specific preference. Keurig® 2.0 has settings that can vary your coffee temperature, water content, size of … Read more

Caffeine During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

coffee and pregnancy

Many people know and love the smell and taste of coffee; it was popular in ancient times and even more so in the present. A million bags of coffee are consumed every year, and research says that up to three cups per day can be consumed by the average person. It is popular because of … Read more