Salt In Coffee: Adding Salt To Coffee Pros & Cons

salt in coffee

Most folks are accustomed to seeing cream and sugar being added to coffee. Some people add those to their own freshly brewed cup of joe. There are entire countertops full of additives for coffee at most every coffee shop and convenience store that you stop to grab a freshly brewed cup of coffee. You can … Read more

Who Invented Coffee? – Coffee History Explained

when did people start drinking coffee

As you know, coffee has a long and very rich history, from the first time it was discovered to the present time. The coffee and the plant that produces it, the coffee tree, originated in Africa, but it was the Arabs who first extracted the coffee beans in this way. It is believed that they … Read more

How Is Decaf Coffee Made: How Do They Make Decafe Coffee

how is decaf made

Today we’re going to tackle the question of how is decaf coffee made? There are several processes by which caffeine is removed from coffee to create the decaffeinated, milder form of what has become known as the world’s most sought-after or second most sought-after drink—depending on who you ask. Now before we delve into the … Read more

Health Benefits Of Coffee – Is Coffee Healthy?

coffee benefits

It is well known that tea and coffee are the most consumed natural drinks in the world. Coffee, a spectacular drink because of the energy it provides, is the favorite of many people around the world to face the days, especially in the morning. In this article, we will talk about the Health Benefits of … Read more

Most Expensive Coffee In The World? – Top 10 Most Expensive Coffee Beans

world's most expensive coffee

There are hundreds of coffee’s around the world, but if you’re here you’re wondering what is the worlds most expensive coffee? Well, we are here to help, were we will answer your question if what is the most expensive coffee in the world? Among so many varieties and options in quality, aroma, and flavor, there … Read more