Green Tea Benefits – Is Green Tea Better Than Coffee?

what are the benefits of green tea

Green tea is an internationally known and popular drink, among other things, because of its positive effects on health. Research has shown that people who consume at least one cup a day benefit from various advantages, such as a stronger immune system, better wellbeing, and improved thinking skills. It is the unique ingredients that make … Read more

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Earl Grey Vs English Breakfast – What’s The Difference?

what is english breakfast tea

Black teas are undoubtedly the most popular kind of tea in the world. Some consume for the health benefits it provides, some hold it for the symbolism of high status, while some simply love and fancy the fragrance and taste. With Earl Grey and English Breakfast coming out on top, most of you probably wonder … Read more

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Best Tea Maker – Top Hot Tea Makers Buyers Guide

automatic tea steeper

To begin with, let’s define what exactly a tea maker is. A tea maker is not someone who specializes in tea. That type of individual is referred to as a tea specialist. On the other hand, a tea maker is a machine one uses to make tea. You begin by heating the necessary amount of … Read more

Tea For Menstrual Cramps – Tea For Period Cramps

best tea for cramps

Tea is one of the best ways to help with cramps and help with painful menstruation. Severe cramps can make it hard for Women to even work throughout the day without the constant agony of cramps in their legs; that’s why we wanted to help you. One of the best ways to help with cramps … Read more

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