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Celsius Drink Caffeine: Everything You Need To Know

Daily life is full of tedium, which tends to suck out the life and motivation of anyone. Work, chores, and repetitive endeavors just sap people’s mental and physical endurance. Luckily, we have many beverage options to aid our minds. Caffeine is usually our go-to chemical energizer, and we can get it in many forms.

Coffee doe the trick for me, but if I want a more controlled and enriched jolt of it, Celsius presents itself as a good choice. With an easy-to-understand drink composition and enriched with all sorts of good stuff, it works wonders when consumed in moderation.

Like most things that bring about good, the Celsius energy drink came from humble and stumbling beginnings in Florida. A lively place for an energizing beverage. Launched in 2005, it was originally marketed as a weight loss drink. Targeting people interested in dieting seems to not have worked, so they switched targets to the fitness community.

The drink launched with the original flavors in their essential energy line, having the same composition of enrichment but offering a variety of tastes. More lines of products were added as the energy drink company accumulated customer experience.

When I browsed their website, I saw four canned beverage product lines and two powdered beverage product lines. All of them can cater to various people’s requirements and wants. Whether you want it as a pick-me-up when lethargic, like a jolt of life before working out, or want an energizer that won’t keep you up at night, the choice is yours.

So you might think, what types of drinks does Celsius offer specifically?

what types of drinks does Celsius offer specifically?
What types of drinks does Celsius offer specifically?

Here’s what I found from looking at their website.

First, they have the Essential Energy original line with flavors galore

With a whopping thirteen different tastes to choose from, this caffeine and nutrient recharge presents many delightful options.

Second, the stuff was designed as a pre-workout, Celsius Heat

Additionally enriched with L-citrulline and packing a strong punch of 300 mg of caffeine on top of the unique blend that applies to all products of Celsius. This drink will get you pumped to exercise with gusto.

Perhaps you’ll also want this if you need an intense burst of energy to get through a mountain of work quickly.

Third, Celsius BCAA

The four-letter acronym stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids. This one is special in that, compared to the former lines, this one suits people in the grind for the long haul.

This distinct drink contains a one-of-a-kind combination of BCAAs, tart cherries, vitamin D3, and caffeine that work in your body to help you recover lost energy and even reduce inflammation without forcing you to stay up when you want to sleep.

Fourth, is the real health improvement-oriented line, Celsius Stevia

What makes this drink stand out from the other lines is its sweetener, Stevia, and the natural source of its caffeine, green coffee bean extract. If you want caffeine in controlled doses and prefer a healthier option, this may be up your alley.

Fifth, two product lines of powdered versions, Celsius On-The-Go and Heat On-The-Go

These two have the same good stuff in them as the ready-to-drink versions. Having these handy when traveling or packing light anywhere should solve your energy boost needs.

Quick Fact: The Celsius energy drink types listed above are all thermogenic, or calorie-burning. This means that drinking these along with moderate exercise will really help with maintaining a good figure.

Speeding up your metabolism and energizing yourself with these usually does a lot of good if drunk in the recommended amounts. They won’t magically make you lose weight if you don’t eat right, train right, and sleep right. In conclusion, these beverages, with sufficient physical activity, will do great in keeping you healthy.

With all the options available laid bare, a question comes to mind. What key ingredients are in them that really make these drinks special and unique?

Celsius has a specific blend of goodness that boosts your metabolism when drunk called the MetaPlus Blend. Its exact composition is ginger root, guarana seed extract, chromium, essential vitamins, and green tea extract with a specific ratio of EGCG, or epigallocatechin gallate, aiding your body in burning more calories and fat.

Aided by six clinically proven studies, you can be sure of the efficacy of the drinks.

Onward to our caffeine intake control to the best possible amount that is helpful.
Caffeine is great, but we should exercise caution and avoid overdosing on it. The measured amount indicated on the nutrition facts of the drink should give you a good idea of how to manage your intake.

The original line has 200 mg per can, the Heat line has 300 mg, the BCAA has 100 mg, Stevia has 200 mg and the powdered versions of the original and Heat lines are the same as their liquid versions. Overall, 200 is the typical amount of caffeine on average.

For most people, 300 mg is the recommended amount per day, with some able to take on more or less caffeine and still have ideal productivity.

A pertinent matter is the caloric details. How many calories do the different Celsius energy drink types have?

The simple answer is ten and fifteen calories. If you really want to know about each, it’s 10 calories for the original in liquid and powder form, and 15 for the Heat line of both kinds, BCAA and Stevia. A respectable number of calories for all product lines, with the maximum impact of benefits for minimal caloric interference.

What about its sweetness, last but not least?

As Celsius is a commercial beverage that sells worldwide, sugar and sweetener content are definitely valid concerns. I have checked what makes the product lines sweet and found that all except the Stevia line use Sucralose as the drink sweetener.

To summarize, Celsius energy drinks are a definite boost in productivity, enriched with vital nutrients to aid our bodies in fighting on and recovering. A jolt of energy packed in a can or ready to help in a sachet. And there we have it, most of the things you would want to know about Celsius energy drinks and their variations in purpose and form.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment below. I hope this article helped you. Bye!

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