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Charli Cold Brew: How To Order It At Dunkin Donuts

All You Need To Know About TikTok Super Star, Charli D’Amelio’s Second Dunkin Drink, “The Charli Cold Foam”.

You have probably heard about The Charli, Charli D’Amelio’s first collaboration with Dunkin’ back in September 2020. But have you tried The Charli Cold Foam yet? It is the newest remix of her go-to order. Let’s talk about the sweet details of this delicious brew and how you can get one today!

Charli Cold Foam Dunkin

What exactly is “The Charli Cold Foam” drink?

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The Charli Cold Foam got so viral that they launched their merch in spring 2021.

It is a delicious treat for both Charli D’Amelio and Dunkin’ fans combined! Debuted on February 24, 2021, nationwide alongside other tasty flavors. The caramel-flavored Dunkin’ drink became one of the most famous items on their menu thanks to her massive online influence.

The day the drink was launched, Dunkin’ had a 20% boost in sales of iced brews. And on the next day, they had a phenomenal 45% boost in sales. Now that is good advertising! It is no surprise since she has a fanbase of 140.8 million Tiktok followers.

She also helped Dunkin climb to the top in being one of the most followed food brands on Tiktok as well. D’Amelio is known to be a coffee lover, she told People that she started drinking coffee in the eighth grade and would drop by Dunkin’ before school with her sister, Dixie D’Amelio.

Now, she has built a really good relationship with America’s favorite coffee-and-donut chain. Dunkin’ also threw her an awesome 17th birthday celebration in May of 2021.

The beverage is a mix of cold brew coffee, three pumps of some caramel, topped with cold foam, and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar as a topping. Charli D’Amelio mentioned that it is a nice alternative for the days when she feels like getting something different. The sugary froth is a good addition and the sweet cinnamon gives it a special twist to it.

Quick Fact: The Charli Cold Foam got so viral that they launched their merch in spring 2021. Charli effortlessly rocked the Dunkin’-inspired orange and pink oversized scrunchies, shoelaces, and a super cute onesie!

How does it taste and what is in the drink?

This one does not have milk in it since the sweetened cold froth is the dairy.
This one does not have milk in it since the sweetened cold froth is the dairy.

If you are a coffee aficionado or even if you drink coffee once in a blue moon, you should give it a try! You will not regret it. Unlike her first featured drink, The Charli, this one does not have milk in it since the sweetened cold froth is the dairy, making it also creamy.

The pumps of caramel give this certain drink a good subtle kick of sweetness while the cold premium brew is refreshing without the bitter taste. And the cinnamon sugar topping adds a nice flavor while you enjoy the drink.

Its signature cold froth is made up of calorie-free milk, cream, sugar, and essential flavors that result in a creamy froth as a topping with an enticing vanilla flavor. And for those who are wondering, compared to other famous specialty drinks, The Charli Cold Foam is rather healthy.

A medium-sized drink contains 50 grams of sugar and a has a total of 250 calories. This drink blew up online and a lot of people from all over the world shared their experiences. Youtube celebrity, Steph Pappas reviewed it in one of her videos and said, “This might be one of my new favorite drinks actually.” There are also fans that made their own version of The Charli Cold Foam.

It is a fun little activity that you can do with your friends and family at home. You also can make it if you just want to save some extra bucks! Here is a video of Chillin’ with Rachel 💛 that you can follow step-by-step.

How do you Order “The Charli Cold Foam”?

If you want the real deal, here are two easy ways of ordering this special drink.

  • You can buy the beverage simply by name.
  • You can also order it by asking “Can I please get a (size) iced Brew with cold foam, three pumps of some caramel swirl, and cinnamon sugar as a topping?”

There are three different sizes you can choose from:

  • Large (32 ounces)
  • Medium (24 ounces)
  • Small (16 ounces).

It is given with a new particular sip lid so customers can enjoy every single drop of the beverage. The lid is not only functional but it really looks nice and Instagrammable too. And voilà! You will soon enjoy your very first Charli Cold Foam.

How much does the drink cost?

How much does Charli Cold Foam Dunkin cost
How much does Charli Cold Foam Dunkin cost?

A medium-sized one is $3.00 but please take in mind that the prices are different from which location you bought it from. What’s really cool about this is that people who ordered a cup helped support to raise money for a good cause.

Every single Charli Cold Foam that was ordered dated February 24 to February 26 on their Dunkin application, they generously donated ₵50 directly to Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation with an overall amount of $25,000.

Quick Fact: The funds went to the foundation’s Teen Prom Program. It assistance to the youth’s health centers to organize proms for teenagers who are staying at clinics and can not attend their dance because of sickness or therapy. It is conducted either in person or done virtually.


For $3,00 you may indulge yourself in a refreshing iced-coffee brew blended with caramel, sweet froth, and a touch of cinnamon on top. This sip has a heavenly balance of sweetness to it and it can easily be your go-to coffee drink before starting your day.

Now, even though this is a limited-edition brew, you can still grab one anytime at your nearest Dunkin’ since all of the ingredients are accessible all year long.

Woohoo! So there you go, I hope this article gave you all the necessary information you need on Charli D’Amelio’s latest Dunkin’ drink. How about you? Which one suits your taste buds better, The Charli or The Charli Cold Foam? Let us know in the comments, we would love to hear your take on it!

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