Coffee In The Evening: Everything You Need To Know

Do you love coffee and want to drink it even in the evening, but are you worried that you won’t be able to sleep? It turns out that coffee can be prepared for dinner and served in such a way as to satisfy the taste of not only coffee lovers but also steak lovers. So grab a cup of coffee and win real money online pokies.

Coffee lovers are not ready to give up their favorite drink even in the evening. Naturally, if you have problems falling asleep or like to go to bed early and get up early, then you should not drink coffee 3-4 hours before bedtime. It is also important to take into account the number of coffee drinks that you have consumed during the day.

On average, their volume should not exceed 400-500 ml. But the body of each person has its own sensitivity to caffeine, so the question of drinking or not drinking coffee in the evening is very individual.

Coffee In The Evening

Coffee With Meat

Coffee With Meat
Coffee With Meat

Israeli scientists conducted an experiment. In this experiment the participants of which for several days ate only meat dishes and washed them down with coffee. It turned out that eating meat along with black coffee can halve the intake of harmful substances into the blood – malondialdehyde.

Polyphenols in coffee can slow fat oxidation from meat and reduce the amount of free radicals entering the bloodstream by 50%. This means that the risk of cardiovascular diseases is reduced and the youth of the cells is prolonged. They are protected from oxidative stress.

Quick Fact: Acidic coffee is an excellent gastronomic pair with any meat dish, forming exciting flavor notes. Eat grilled red meat, kebabs, steaks, baked boiled pork, rack of lamb, and poultry dishes (chicken, turkey, duck).

Coffee also goes well with fish, especially fatty fish, such as salmon steak with vegetables or baked mackerel. Soft coffee brewed using the cold brew method does not attract attention in such variants of coffee pairing. At the same time, light coffee acidity smooths out the dish’s fat content and refreshes the taste.

Cherry Cocktail And Pepper Steak

Cherry Cocktail And Pepper Steak
Cherry Cocktail And Pepper Steak

To prepare cold brew coffee, baristas recommend using high-quality 100% Arabica coffee with a rich aroma of coarse grinding. We chose the Paulig Presidentti Black dark roast coffee but you can use any type. To emphasize the taste of a coffee drink with notes of walnut and cocoa beans.

We added twice as much cherry juice to it. It turned out to be a refreshing cocktail with a long rich aftertaste with a soft nutty bitterness.

A gastronomic pair of Presidentti Black was a juicy steak, breaded with fragrant freshly ground pepper. As a side dish, we served pumpkin fried in oil – crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Iced Coffee With Сherry Juice

Iced Coffee With Сherry Juice
Iced Coffee With Сherry Juice

You will need 60 ml Cold Brew, 100 ml cherry juice, and ice. For Cold Brew preparation (for 10 servings) take 85 g of ground coffee and 600 ml of drinking water. Follow the step-by-step cooking recipe.

  1. To prepare the workpiece, take a container with a volume of about a liter. French press, wide-mouth jar, or saucepan can be a good choice. Pour coffee into it, fill it with water and stir. Cover and leave for 8-12 hours.
  2. Strain the concentrate through a paper filter or cheesecloth folded in several layers. Pour into a glass bottle. Store in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.
  3. For cold coffee, fill the glass with ice 1/3.
  4. Pour cold coffee and cold juice. Mix gently and serve with a straw.
  5. Bon Appetit!! Enjoy your delicious coffee at any time you want!
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