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Best Coffee Maker With Frother In 2024 Guide

If you have ever walked into a Starbucks, and really who hasn’t? Then you’ll likely hear a lot of similar orders. Eight of their top ten most popular drinks are lattes and frappuccinos. These typically cost $3-4 each.

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous cappuccino macchiato, latte, or espresso with milk? Believe it or not, these are among some of the luscious coffee confections you can create if you own the right coffee maker at home!

What it really comes down to is the milk frother and a little practice. A milk frother is an essential piece of equipment if you want to take your at-home barista skills to the next level.

best coffee machine with milk frother

Top 5: Best Coffee Machines With Milk Steamer

  1. Best Coffee Maker With Milk Frother – Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse
  2. Best Coffee Maker With Milk Steamer – Breville Barista Pro
  3. Best Coffee Maker With Steamed Milk – Keurig K Cafe
  4. Best Espresso Machine With Automatic Milk Frother – Nespresso by DeLonghi Latissma One Espresso Maker
  5. Best Coffee Pot With Steamer – Ninja Specialty CM401

What is a coffee machine with a milk frother?

A milk frother is an appliance that can whip and steam milk to help it become a foam. This foam is added to coffee to make a variety of drinks (more on this later.)

There are many types of coffee machines out there, but not all of them have the added benefit of an included milk frother.

There are purists who choose to have two separate machines, a coffee machine – usually an espresso machine – and a milk frother Depending on what you are looking for. This may be a good option for you.

Some prefer having a traditional espresso machine and milk frother for the most authentic cappuccino or latte. These machines are generally expensive large, and can even be unautomated depending on their design.

However, simplicity is a virtue, and buying a coffee machine WITH a milk frother can give you the best of both worlds, without having two machines to dean and store. Many of these options still provide an outstanding espresso with easy-to-use frothers, making them ideal for even the most inexperienced at-home coffee drinker.

What is the deal with frothed milk?

Do you really need a specialized machine to add warm milk to your coffee? Cant a whisk and microwave provide everything you need? Well… in a pinch, maybe, But there is a bit more science to milk foam than you might expect.

When milk is heated with steam, it causes small bubbles to form. This is due in part to the whipping of the steam arm of the frother and also due to the heat. Without the steam, frothed milk generally has an uneven bubble texture and doesn’t hold its froth as long. When milk is exposed to even heat, the protein structures inside change; this is called denaturing. When this happens, the heated milk acts differently. That’s why foamed milk bubbles last longer than your average bubble wand bubbles.

The denatured proteins in the milk allow it to stay warm and frothy, even when added to coffee. The type of milk you use will also affect the type of foam you get. Skim milk has less fat, which ends up making a stiffer foam. Whole milk, on the other hand, has a higher content of fat and therefore makes a more pour-able foam. Milk with higher fat content is usually easier to achieve “microfoam’ with – which is what is typically used in lattes and cappuccinos Both milk options are great; the biggest determining factor is how you like your coffee.

Our Top 5 Coffee Machines with a Milk Frother

As with most things these days, there are almost too many options to consider in the coffee machine market.

There are options that cater to coffee experts, those who value convenience over authenticity quick and easy options for those of us who are too busy to bother with intense deaning requirements.

All of the varieties have both virtues and vices. Because there is so much to consider, we’ve done much of the research for you. We’ve rounded up the top 5. best coffee makers with milk frothers for you!

1. Best Coffee Maker With Milk Frother – Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse

One of the best aspects of this machine is that it automatically foams the milk, there is a reservoir for milk to be added to, and that is the extent of your frothing responsibilities. Most other machines require manual frothing, which can be very intimidating.

This machine also has high durability ratings. The only real downside side is that the cleanup can be a hassle; the milk frother must be emptied and rinsed, followed by making another “cup of frothed milk* using water to rinse the tubing.

Despite the cleanup, this machine has over 6 000 4+ star reviews on Amazon. With its durability, ease to use. and Mr. Coffee’s excellent customer service, this machine is a superior choice and at a reasonable price point too. This is the best coffee maker with frother, and the overall best coffee machine with frother.

2. Best Coffee Maker With Milk Steamer – Breville Barista Pro

This machine is more expensive than much of its competition, but it could be worth the price difference by providing outstanding taste and ease of cleanup.

While the milk frothing option on this machine does require you to manually steam and froth your own milk, the new design makes this process as easy as possible, and it cleans itself! Another benefit is the built-in burr grinder; this means you can produce grounds however you like them from whatever beans you prefer

This machine is an upgrade from the Breville Barista Express machine, which had over 8.000 44- star reviews on Amazon, and the truth is that the upgrades have made it more user-friendly. Again, because it really can’t be overstated, the clean up is a breeze.

3. Best Coffee Maker With Steamed Milk – Keurig K Cafe

If you are looking for an easy to clean machine and one-touch success, this a winning bet. The milk can be frothed at three different temperatures with a simple press of a button, and clean up is simple due to all the removable and easy to rinse parts.

Give them a quick run under the faucet, and you’re good to go. The only downside is that there isn’t a way to make a true espresso with this machine, the k-cup system doesn’t allow for the grounds to be put under pressure, so while there is still a strong brew option available, it isn’t exactly the same.

But if you aren’t a purist and convenience is king, then this is definitely the machine for you.

4. Best Espresso Machine With Automatic Milk Frother – Nespresso by DeLonghi Latissma One Espresso Maker

If you already love the Nespresso capsule system, you are going to love this coffee maker. This upgrade includes a built-in and self frothing milk frother that doesn’t disappoint. Cleaning is reasonably easy because the milk carton is dishwasher safe and doesn’t require using an extra cup to froth the milk.

Again, this option does not offer a true espresso. While this machine has just over 700 4+ star reviews on Amazon, it ranks highly with Consumer Reports among their Nespresso and single-serve cup reviewers.

5. Best Coffee Pot With Steamer – Ninja Specialty CM401

Another 4+ star product on Amazon, this product has over 3.900 reviews. In addition to milk frothed drinks, this machine is also capable of making an ice-brewed coffee, which means even more versatility.

This drink takes about 15 minutes and isn’t truly cold, but tasters report that it is still an excellent cold brew. Cleaning is as simple as traditional coffee machines, and the Ninja is a great choice if you are looking for a compact option.

Counter space really matters, so a machine with so many drink options in such a small package is very convenient.

How to choose the best coffee machine with milk frother?

So now that you’ve seen some of the options out there, let’s talk about what you may want in a coffee machine with a milk frother. Much of this depends upon what you are looking for – taste, ease of use, ease of clean-up, versatility, size of machine temperature of milk, etc.

Each of the machines on the market specializes in one of these areas and may cut back on others. Researching your preferences and finding the machine that caters to that is the best way to make sure your personal satisfaction with your new coffee machine.

First, let’s start with some basics.

Will you really use an at-home coffee maker? Do you care enough to invest in an expensive option? Do you have space? Do you have time to brew your own coffee? Etc If you think you are ready, then hopefully, this buying guide will help you make an informed decision.

Why should I buy my own coffee maker?

Because there is such a variety of coffee makers, the range in prices can be astounding. How can you be sure they are worth the investment? Not only that, how can you be sure that you will actually use it and not revert back to dropping into the local coffee shop each morning?

The more expensive options tend to draw a lot of attention, especially if you are looking for the most authentic coffee shop experience at home.

Regardless of what type of machine you are looking for. there are several basic benefits to owning your own machine they are:

Health Benefits

Brewed coffee tastes better, and there are studies that indicate it has more health benefits than instant options.


If the average cup of coffee at a shop costs between $2-3, then you can save over $1000 per year, not including the potential gas money and time you will save.


You can really tap into your inner barista and make a variety of different types of coffee, prepared different ways, and have some fun with it.

keurig with milk steamer

What types of coffee machines have milk frothers?

There are four main types of coffee makers, but only three can come with milk frothers included:

Espresso Makers

These are typically more expensive, but for coffee connoisseurs, this is well worth the extra cost.

Espresso machines typically make smaller amounts of coffee but provide a connoisseur a fuller, deeper flavor.

⦁ Usually, have options to make many types of drinks – cappuccino, latte, and macchiatos generally.

⦁ Most espresso machines can only make one shot of espresso at a time.

⦁ Ease and attractiveness are often factored into the design of these machines.

Single-serve or One Cup Coffee Makers

This type of machine is gaining popularity, and while they do have options that can froth milk to make different drinks, they are not technically espresso makers.

⦁ These machines are a favorite of many, in part, for their variety of flavor options.
⦁ Great for offices or anywhere multiple coffee drinkers as they can brew to their own tastes
⦁ Cleanup is a breeze.

Drip Coffee Maker/Brewer

Traditional and dependable, these machines are what most people picture when they think of coffee machines. They typically brew a pot of coffee, which means multiple cups are available at once.

⦁ Convenience – the availability of several cups of coffee in each pot makes this a popular option in restaurants and break rooms.

⦁ Inexpensive – because of the variety of options, there is almost definitely one in everyone’s budget.

⦁ This cannot make fancier coffees or espressos. Generally require a separate frother to add milk – but again, coffee brewed in these pots is not espresso.

espresso machine with milk reservoir

Quick FAQs

Can you put coffee in a milk frother?

The short answer is. No – you don’t usually mix the coffee and milk together and then froth. There are some who have found innovative ways to froth their creamers or non-dairy milk with some success, But generally, you make the coffee first, then froth the milk, and add it to the coffee

Can you put non-dairy milk in a milk frother?

Another short answer here, yes! There are many vegan options for milk that can be frothed in place of cow’s milk. These typically have lower fat contents and are more similar to the skim milk foams – a drier or more stiff foam. But it is entirely possible. Some users report using creamers in place of milk as well, though we don’t necessarily recommend this option.

Where do I put the steam wand?

Of course, if you choose an automatic milk frother. This won’t matter. If you are using a steam wand, then there are a couple of things to know before you steam your first pitcher of milk. Ideally, you will keep the wand in the middle of the milk; this typically results in a quiet sound, and the milk will swirl as it is steamed and the foam forms.

You will occasionally want to push the wand further into the pitcher toward the bottom to ensure the milk at the bottom is mixing and frothing as well.

How long does it take to froth milk?

Of course, this depends upon how stiff you want your foam. But typically, you want to froth the milk until the pitcher begins to feel lukewarm.

The best way to ensure that you have enough foam is to watch the volume of the milk; it will increase as the foam forms, so when it has increased by half, that is usually about right for a latte and a bit more for a cappuccino cap This usually takes less than one minute.

coffee maker milk frother

How long does it take to froth milk?

Of course, this depends upon how stiff you want your foam. But typically, you want to froth the milk until the pitcher begins to feel lukewarm.

The best way to ensure that you have enough foam is to watch the volume of the milk; it will increase as the foam forms, so when it has increased by half, that is usually about right for a latte and a bit more for a cappuccino cap This usually takes less than one minute.

Final things to keep in mind when purchasing a new coffee machine with milk frother:
We’ve covered the basics. Here are some final things to consider when it comes to actually make a purchase that will keep you satisfied.

Counter Space – do you have the space for the coffee machine of your dreams? It doesn’t matter what your coffee hopes and dreams are. you won’t be happy if you have to devote a spare room to your coffee machine

Cost – again, if you can’t afford it, then it isn’t worth your time researching and pining over. By all means, save up for your dream machine but in the meantime – find something that will work for you right now.

Coffee Preferences – if you are new to coffee drinking or aren’t especially picky, then you probably don’t need a top of the line machine. If you are a coffee aficionado, then investing in exactly the right machine makes much more sense for you.

Convenience – consider things like cleanup time and effort quantity of coffee made (will there be a waste?), programmable settings, built-in grinders, and frothers. Warming options etc. These features can really make or break your at-home coffee-making experience.


Thank you for sticking with us and learning more about what might make a coffee maker with milk frother right for you.

We sincerely hope you can find the machine of your dreams, or at the very least, a machine that makes your morning coffee routine a pleasurable part of your day. Remember what matters most are your personal preferences, budget, and counter space. That’s it. You are now equipped with the information you need to make an informed purchase! If you are looking for more articles, we have guides on the best coffee maker with a water line, a keurig k425 review and the best coffee percolator!

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