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Coffee Maker With Water Line Connection – Direct Water Line Coffee Maker Review

If you’re like me, you don’t really begin to function until you’ve had that first cup of morning coffee. Unlike the relatively simple drink that is tea. Where the biggest questions are: bag or loose leaves and whether to put the milk in first or last, coffee is complex.

If you’re serious about coffee, a cup of instant brew won’t do Fortunately; there are many alternatives French presses. Italian coffee pots and in-cup filters are all easy and cheap ways to obtain something more satisfying than a cup of instant.

Suppose you want something to please a coffee connoisseur or supply a lot of coffee at once; none of these manual methods will suffice. In this case, you’ll want a coffee machine – and there are many on the market to choose from.

coffee maker with water line

Top 5 Self Filling Coffee Makers

TOP PICK: Brew Express Coffee System
  • Simple To Operate
  • Easy To Cost
  • Low Cost
  • Brews Great Coffee
BEST BUDGET PICK: Keurig K150 Brewing System
  • Easy To Use
  • Great Coffee Quality
  • Lifetime warranty & Great Support Line
BEST FOR OFFICES: Bunn Coffee Brewer
  • High Volume Machine
  • Simple To Use
  • Great For The Meeting Room
BEST TASTING COFFEE: De’Longhi Espresso Machine
  • Compact Machine
  • Barista Quality Coffee
  • Adjustable Water Pressure
EASIEST TO USE: Nuova Direct Connect Coffee Machine
  • Modern Design
  • Barista Quality Coffee
  • The Most Premium Coffee

What is a direct-plumb coffee maker?

Put simply, there are three types of coffee machines. The simplest kind requires you to pour water from a pot through a filter. The coffee will then slowly trickle down into the same pot, which is kept warm on a hot plate. The second kind has a reservoir of water to draw upon, which might last anything from a couple of hours to a couple of days. These are usually removable and require regular cleaning.

A third kind is a coffee machine with a line plumbed directly into your domestic water supply. This has several advantages. Firstly the water is always freshly delivered to the machine each time you prepare your coffee. Secondly, it is a lot more convenient. Finally, such systems can be used with some sort of automated water filter removing unwanted minerals or impurities from your supply.

You can buy conversion systems to plumb into a removable reservoir-based coffee machine. This can, however, involve drilling holes in your machine or otherwise adapting them in ways that could invalidate your warranty. Unless you are very confident in your adaptations, this is best avoided

95% of the machines on the market are designed with portability in mind and therefore need to be topped-up by hand. For most people, convenience means being able to plug in your coffee maker, fill it with water and coffee, switch it on and go. If your definition of convenience is not having to constantly fill and clean a reservoir of water, then you have to look a little harder.

Fortunately, if you want a coffee machine that is specifically designed to work this way, we’ve done the research for you. We’ve scoured the internet to identify five of the best across every price point.

1. Best Plumbed Coffee Maker – Brew Express – BEC-110

If you’re on a budget but want the convenience of a plumbed-in coffee machine, the Brow Express is the best value model available. It comes with an insulated stainless steel carafe and brews using the traditional paper filter method. You won’t be getting any lattes or espressos from this machine, but if its low-cost convenience you’re after, plus a steady supply of rocket fuel, the Brew Express is worthy of consideration

The Brew Express would probably suit a meeting room or home office more than a domestic setting. Its stainless steel carafe holds 8-10 cups, and the unit weighs in at 18 pounds (8.16kg). Operated at the touch of a button, the machine can produce carafes or individual drinks.

The Brew Express only produces filter coffee, and there are much cheaper reservoir-based filter coffee systems available, Therefore, you should only purchase this if expense, reliability, volume, and ease of cleaning are your main concerns.

PROS: Simple to operate, insulated carafe, easy to clean, low-cost 

CONS: Only makes filter coffee, no hot plate 

BEST FOR: Simplicity and price

2. Best Commercial Coffee Maker With Water Line – Keurig K150P Commercial Brewing System

Keurig is really the brand-leader for low cost plumbed in coffee machines. These simple, user-friendly machines perfectly suit the small office or coffee-hungry household. The machine can produce a variety of different espresso or milk-based drinks from k-cups (coffee pods).

You will still have to purchase a separate filtration system to fit between your mains water supply and the machine, so this low-cost solution will still require some basic plumbing know-how.

The filtration system is offered as a bundle with the basic machine, or you can choose an alternative filter supplier. The coffee machine is compact, light efficient, and easy to use, so even factoring in this additional cost, the Keurig could be a good entry-level machine. 

One quibble – the nozzle height is not adjustable, which can cause some splashing when pouring the smaller sized drinks.

The Keurig comes in an easy-wipe black and silver casing and features a straightforward touchscreen control. It is 10.5 x 13.6 x 14 inches in size and weighs 18 pounds (8.16kg). This model currently scores 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon with over 300 reviews.

PROS: Simple to use, low-cost, lifetime warranty and support line

CONS: Can be a little messy, does not brew carafe coffee – cup only

BEST FOR: Its combination of simplicity and coffee quality

3. Direct Water Line Coffee Maker – BUNN CWTF15-APS

Bunn are the industry leaders in commercial filter coffee machines – they make the glass carafe machines you’ll commonly find in your local diner. This comparatively low-cost model is designed for office use and comes with an ’airpot.’ 

This is basically a 1.9 liter or 3-liter flask you can take away and set down to dispense coffee remotely into cups. The coffee is dispensed by pressing down on a button on the top of the flask.

This would be an excellent solution if you hold a lot of meetings or dinner parties and want to keep the pot warm and nearby. You can purchase additional airpots. So that one can be brewing while another is in use. 

They can also be used just to dispense hot water for the tea drinkers in the group. It can also be used as a pour-over machine and has a separate faucet for hot water.

The airpot technology should keep coffee hot for several hours, without resorting to the hotplates used by other filter coffee systems, which can scald the coffee. The machine can produce between 600 and 120 cups of coffee per hour, so it could even serve a small event or conference. 

The airpots are highly portable, and the machine itself is incredibly simple and narrow (9 inches wide by 23.6 inches tall by 18.5 inches in depth).

PROS: High volume machine, very flexible great for the meeting room 

CONS: Filter coffee only, do you really need that volume

BEST FOR: Work meetings and events

4. Best Plumbed In Coffee Machine – Rocket Espresso Dual Boiler R58 V2

If filter coffee isn’t your thing, the Rocket Espresso dual boiler might fit the bill. Bring out your inner barista with this dual boiler espresso machine. 

This machine has a built-in bean grinder, automated pressure and temperature controls, and a steam nozzle for lattes and cappuccinos. 

Wow your guests with a cafe-quality hot milk drink or a strong shot of espresso. It’s a considerable step up in price but compared to the industrial models in big restaurants, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars, this compact version is a steal.

Two boilers allow you to pour a coffee while steaming the milk separately. A unique PID ( Proportional-Integral-Derivative) controller uses an algorithm to maintain a range of temperatures set by the user. 

This means you can demonstrate your connoisseur credentials by brewing the specific coffee you want at the right temperature

However, although the machine does have an outlet for mains water supply, you may have to buy a conversion kit in order to attach this to your faucet or dedicated water supply. Here’s a video showing you how to do it. 

You can also attach a waste-water pipe to the drip tray.

Also, this brand is temporarily not currently available on Amazon but can be bought via several suppliers online.

PROS: Barista-quality espresso coffee, compact machine, adjustable water pressure

CONS: A little pricey, will require some basic plumbing work, must use select supplier

BEST FOR: The best home-brewed espresso money can buy

5. Best Plumbed Coffee Maker With Grinder -Nuova Simonelli Musica Direct Connect Version

At almost $3000 (at the time of writing), this is the most deluxe yet compact plumbed-in coffee machine on the market. It is stylish, easy to use, and should be easy to plumb-in. It is a true Italian barista classic, with a beautiful design and straightforward pre-programmed settings as well as manual control. 

Nuova provides machines for the National Barista Championships, so you can count on it being top-quality. Make sure you order the Direct Connect version since Nuova also produce a version with a 3-liter reservoir

This model is a little larger than the Rocket, which is its closest competitor and has a modern rather than traditional styling. 

Finished in stainless steel, with light blue or white LED detailing, the Nuova is easily the most beautiful home espresso machine you can buy. It would make an impressive addition to any top-end domestic kitchen and is sure to wow your guests.

PROS: Modern design, barista-quality easy to use

CONS: Water spout splutters a little, not a budget model!

BEST FOR: Complimenting your state of the art kitchen / impressing the neighbors

What to Look for When Buying a Direct Water-Line Machine:

Can I use tap water in my coffee maker?

It is advisable to filter your water, to decrease the amount of limescale that builds up. Water that runs through certain environments, such as chalk or limestone, can contain magnesium or calcium carbonate (CaC03), which can be built up and clog your machine. 

If you want to avoid having to regularly descale your coffee machine (or have it professionally serviced), it would be wise to add a water filter to the supply before it enters the machine. Some manufacturers provide these as add-ons, but there are a host of third-party suppliers making filtration systems too. BOS has reviewed most of them.

Alternatively, you can add in an under-sink filter so that all the water coming from your taps is filtered.

How easy are they to plumb in?

This depends on the manufacturer. Generally, it is fairly simple and should require no specialized knowledge. Instruction videos are available online. You have the choice of either attaching a valve to an existing water line or using a connector that simply connects over your kitchen sink faucet. 

Bear in mind that if you connect the hose to your faucet, should you draw water through another faucet, the water pressure in the supply leading to your coffee machine may drop. To prevent this, try to plumb it directly to your domestic supply using a switchable valve. You may wish to hire a professional to do this, however.

How long can water sit in a coffee maker?

You should not leave water in the coffee machine reservoir, particularly the removable plastic ones, for more than 12 hours. This is because bacteria or particulates such as dust and mites can settle in the water. 

A germ study carried out by the National Sanitation Foundation found that coffee machine reservoirs were the fifth-highest source of domestic germs.

Having a steady source of fresh filtered water with both improve the taste of your coffee and potentially your health.

automatic coffee maker with water line

How to choose the best coffee maker with a water line?

There are a number of considerations to factor in when buying a coffee machine with a direct water line. In summary, these are: What volume do you require – how many cups per day?

The Keurig Rocket and Nuova can all produce one or two cups at a time – good for anything up to a small dinner party. If you’re hosting a large party, busy meeting, or have a small workplace to service, the Brew Express or Bunn models might be your best bet.

Do you want to filter coffee or espresso-milk drinks or both?

There’s often a huger gulf between the espresso aficionados and the coffee drinkers who just want a mug of straightforward coffee. The coffee revolution of the past few decades has brought milk-based coffees into the limelight. To make these, you’ll need either a k-cup-based system ( or a barista-style

How much space do you have available?

Most of these models are fairly compact, but the BUNN requires quite a deep counter space, and both the Rocket and Nuova require some elbow room when operating the steamer and hot water nozzles. For an especially compact space, you’d probably want to choose either the Brew Express or the Kuerig.

Potential noise pollution – bean grinders, vibratory pumps, and steam nozzles can all make a lot of noise!

This won’t be a problem with the Bunn. Keurig or Brew Express models, but the two barista models could prove a little more disruptive.

plumbed coffee maker reviews

Can your budget stretch to a high-end espresso machine?

These can cost several thousand dollars.

It all depends upon your priorities, of course, and whether you want your coffee machine to make a “statement*. Workers are often fueled by their coffee machines, so this may not be an area in which you want to skimp.

Who will be making the coffee?

It’s an important consideration. Not everybody wants to become a barista every time they want a cup of coffee (although for others, it’s a distinct pleasure). If you fit out a workplace, consider if there will be someone to ‘learn the ropes” of preparing espressos or whether it might be more practical to use a K-cup or carafe-based system. 

The pod-based coffee systems do still impart a sense of luxury, while the carafe-based systems are better for sharing and socializing.

Environmental pollution – K-cup (or pod) based coffee systems produce vast amounts of plastic waste.

When you consider the Kuerig alone, you sold 1 Q.8 billion K-cup pods in 2015. you can see the extent of the problem. 

Until biodegradable or fully recyclable pods are widely available, these ’disposable” plastic containers contribute significantly to landfill waste and remain in the ecosystem for potentially dozens of years. 

The availability of local recycling for these pods may be a factor you want to consider when making your choice.

Do you have the technical know-how to plumb-in your direct water line?

Although it is a relatively simple DIY procedure, you should be a little careful doing anything which involves accessing mains supply water. If in doubt, consider hiring a professional

Top 5 Coffee Makers With A Water Line

  1. Best Plumbed Coffee Maker – Brew Express – BEC-110
  2. Best Commercial Coffee Maker With Water Line – Keurig K150P Commercial Brewing System
  3. Direct Water Line Coffee Maker – BUNN CWTF15-APS
  4. Best Plumbed In Coffee Machine – Rocket Espresso Dual Boiler R58 V2
  5. Best Plumbed Coffee Maker With Grinder – Nuova Simonelli Musica Direct Connect Version

In Conclusion:

Domestic direct-plumb coffee machines are currently something for a rarity. However, as more people work from home and the prices of espresso machines comes down, expect to see a wider range of brands available with a direct water source capability.

In the meantime, you need to ask yourself if the convenience of never filling up is worth the added expenditure. If having great fresh coffee readily to hand with the minimum of inconvenience is your main consideration, you can find clever solutions, as outlined above.

 If you’re willing to go to a little effort and spend a little cash, you can add that all-important touch of luxury to your kitchen or workplace.

Just don’t forget the tea drinkers! If your looking for more guides, check out our smallest keurig guide, best coffee percolator guide and our under cabinet coffee maker guide!

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