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Caffeine Makes Me Tired: Why Does Caffeine Make Me Sleepy?

coffee puts me to sleep

Coffee is the world’s most popular natural stimulant drink, many people consume it in order to feel more active during the day or perhaps to stay awake at night. However, there are people who claim that coffee does not have the same effect on them, why?

Next, we will talk about coffee, its properties, what causes you and why you and many other people do not take away tiredness, but on the contrary, it makes it intensify. So why does coffee make me sleepy, and can coffee make you sleepy, well we are here to answer your questions?

This drink is obtained from its roasted and ground grains, possesses a high level of caffeine, so it is associated with the group of stimulating elements for the nervous system. Coffee has become the second most-consumed drink in the world, with water taking the first place, why is this success? People consume it as an energy drink, and it is less harmful to health compared to energy drinks. Are you one of those who don’t get this same effect? We tell you the reasons.

Caffeine, the dominant element in coffee.

Before we talk about Why Does Coffee Make You Tired? It’s important to know exactly how it works and what usually causes insomnia or give energy to our body.

coffee makes me xname

Coffee is a product of plant origin that presents a series of components similar to others that we can find in other foods. This has an element called Caffeine, this is not only here but in cocoa, walnut tail, tea, and many more plants. This element has an influence on adenosine, a substance in charge of the tiredness of the body, when drinking coffee the receptors are blocked, and the body is put on alert because it has been lost that is responsible for regulating tiredness and sleep. The effect of caffeine is always going to be this, but the body’s reaction won’t always be the same. It will all depend on a number of elements that we will explain to you soon.

Coffee makes me feel tired, why?

The information we’re used to is that coffee is an excellent drink to keep our nervous system active, which means that a cup is enough to keep us awake for hours. In fact, many people don’t even usually take it at night because they claim they have insomnia problems.

This was all the reality we all believed, but what if not everyone gets the same effect from coffee? This is totally normal because all people have a different way of processing each food, and coffee is no exception. So if you’re one of those who wonder Why Does Coffee Make You Tired? And this one doesn’t even cause you little insomnia, as usual, we give you the certainty that you’re not the only one.

It is vital that you include and take into account coffee is not the one who can make you feel tired; in itself, the one that causes all this is caffeine, who works as a predominant element in this drink. The reasons why this happens are varied, we will talk about the most common ones so that you can identify your situation.

1. The production of adenosine remains the same

This is a chemical that is part of the nervous system responsible for regulating the sleep cycle. While we are awake, the amount of adenosine increases, and when we sleep decreases. You’ll wonder what coffee has to see? Normally this drink prevents the brain from receiving this chemical, but the production does not stop, so an excess of chemicals is created in our body, and that makes us feel very tired.

Since our body keeps producing adenosine, everything is stored, and when caffeine leaves our body, you get hit by the effects of all this chemical and cause you fatigue that makes you feel tired. This is the main reason that you can feel that immediately sleepy after coffee, and you can feel tree after drinking coffee.

2.   Sweeten your coffee with sugar

That’s right, sugar can be the element that’s causing the feeling of fatigue in your body. This is because the body quickly processes sugar and leaves caffeine aside, which means that once all the sugar is consumed, the body experiences low energy. If you want to avoid it. Don’t put any additions to your coffee. So Why Does coffee make me sleepy immediately, well not putting sugar can be a reason

3.   The body has created tolerance

Coffee is addictive, that is its nature, so it is common that the more you drink it, the more you need it Sometimes your body becomes completely tolerant of the dose you usually consume and a kind of fatigue or tiredness begins to be installed in you. The solution for this is to pay special attention to the amount you are consuming. So Coffee can make you tired if you have drank enough to become tolerant.

caffeine puts me to sleep

4. Coffee is a diuretic drink

While many people sure love this feature, this could be the reason you feel tired when taking it. Being a diuretic drink will make you urinate many more, which could cause severe dehydration, and this will make you feel tired. It is not the coffee directly, but it is an effect caused by it.

5.   Dehydration

In addition to the reason we mentioned you in the previous point, it is also possible for this to happen through sweat. Caffeine increases your heart rate, and this can increase the temperature in your body and make you sweat, so you’ll say goodbye to all the fluid in your body, the blood will thicken, and you’ll feel more tired.

The dehydration process is more or less this way:

  • The time you take a little bit, your body feels like you should urinate when you urinate you lose water.
  • The blood’s thicker, we get less oxygen.
  • The less oxygen you receive, the slower you feel.
  • If you feel slow and tired, you decide to have more coffee, and history repeats itself.

6. Genetics related

This has more to do with caffeine; according to scientific studies, there is a gene called CYP1A2. This affects how quickly we usually metabolize caffeine and, therefore, does not get the usual effect. The funny thing is that this gene can cause our body to want caffeine even more even though it will cause nothing but tiredness.

7. Coffee overload

If you drank too much coffee during the day, the energy in the body would have been dissipated, this leads to excessive exhaustion. Caffeine triggers neurons and excess of this activity triggers the rapid production of adrenaline, when it goes away, your energy decreases completely. This happens every time you drink coffee, and that’s why you’ll feel much more tired or even depressed.

can too much coffee make you tired

8. If you’re not sleeping well, it doesn’t work:

According to research conducted at the Walter Reed Army Research Institute, coffee doesn’t work if you have a long time without sleep. The study was conducted in two groups, one had only one sleepless night, and it worked; the other group had 48 hours, and the effect was not as expected.

9. There could be something about health

This is the option we least want, but we can’t rule it out. Many diseases have fatigue as characteristics, so it is important that if you persist, visit a doctor to be sure that everything is going well and that it is only a problem with caffeine. These are some of the most prominent and relevant reasons, the most common is the creation of resistance due to high consumption. This usually happens because some of its components are likely to cause tolerance, so consuming a dose over a period of time does not have the same effect on our body.

Why Does Coffee Make You Tired? 

It is a question that is little heard but is valid, this is something that also happens in many people, the good news is that an investigation has been created that seems to bring us an answer to this question. Although the explanation might be a little disappointing because if you ever feel the energy effect that the coffee brings with you, you might not want to feel it

The research was done by Jay Hosking. A Ph.D. candidate inside the Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia, who claims that coffee is not a stimulant and does not increase the level of motivation unless you are a lazy person. That’s right; if you’re an active person, then coffee won’t give you that energy stroke we’re used to.

To base this research. Jay Hosking used two groups of rats: one was active and the other lazy or unmotivated, both groups were given coffee. Rats that were active were unmotivated and tired, while rats that were lazy were active. This shows that some stimulants can have an opposite effect, all depending on our disposition.

Could drinking more coffee be the solution?

The answer is no. It’s quite likely that your body is asking for more coffee, but this doesn’t mean you should give it to them; high coffee consumption might work and stay awake, but at some point, your body may get used to it again, and you’ll have to increase the dose. This is not very beneficial. Coffee is not toxic to your body, but in excess, it’s not the best thing.

Notice why you’re getting so sleepy that it makes you want to remove it with coffee, do you feel extremely tired in the morning when you wake up? Assess your sleep schedules, you may be taking fewer hours of night rest. The number one most important thing you should do is try techniques that rest your body completely.

If the problem is sleep, it’s time to review your habits, here are some tips:

•     Create sleep routines, always go to bed at the same time, and get up at the same time.

•     Evaluate that your rest equipment such as mattress, pillow, and base is right for a quality break.

•     Don’t sleep after dinner, wait at least an hour.

•    Check that the conditions around you are perfect for you to have a complete dream; among these elements can be temperature and light, Just like the noise that might surround you. The most important thing is that it is in a place where you feel comfortable.

•     Avoid activity two physicals at least two hours before bedtime.

These techniques will surely help make your rest better, avoid the disclosure, and only leave them for completely necessary cases. Coffee is an excellent complement to stay active, but the body should be rested just like our brain, but not even the highest amounts of coffee will get you the energy you need.

why doesn't caffeine keep me awake

Another way to limit the fatigue effects caused by coffee are:

•     Limit the amount of coffee you drink to just 2 or 4 cups of coffee, which corresponds to 400 milligrams of caffeine.

•     Avoid coffee after 2pm.

•     While you’re drinking coffee, try to consume water. At least 8 glasses of diarrhoeal water.

•     Avoid putting too much sugar in it.

In which people is it more common than coffee to cause tiredness?

As mentioned above, caffeine is the one who blocks the effect of adenosine, this alteration in our body is not the same in all people since it all depends on metabolism and how it processes this element. Age is usually linked to the effects of coffee; in an older person, the effect is slower; however, this does not mean that in younger people, this does not happen. In the case of being male or female, researchers claim that the effect of coffee causes a greater impact on men.

Should I look for a drink that soothes coffee, so I don’t feel tired?

Not necessarily, as we indicate above the element in charge of coffee making the desired effect is caffeine, if the plan is to take any drink like cola or tea to eliminate tiredness you should keep in mind that these also have a level of caffeine that does the same job that it does in coffee. So if you don’t rest beforehand, this won’t have any effect on how you feel either.

What should I do if the recommendations don’t work, and I still feel tired?

We know that asking you to give up coffee is almost an insult the same if we tell you to switch to decaffeinated or some supplement, so that’s not what you have to do. What we do recommend is that you should try to detox, it will be a little difficult the first few days, but everything will be for the better.

To make it easier, we’ll leave you some tips so you can get down the amount of coffee you eat. Keep in the back of your head that this won’t be forever; you’ll just try to make your body have a caffeine detox so that the next time you consume it, the effect doesn’t cause you to become tired.

why do i feel tired after drinking coffee

1.  Keep close track of the amount of caffeine you consume

It’s recommended to be less than 400 milligrams a day. From that point on, you should try to reduce the amounts.

2. Remember that caffeine isn’t just in your coffee:

you should evaluate the foods you’re consuming that may have caffeine, some of which are tea. Chocolate, energizers, and spirits. These must also be in the daily count of the quantity you consume.

3.  Reduce The Amount Of Caffeine

The easiest way to reduce amounts is by guiding you by the number of cups you consume, if you previously took four cups daily, you should reduce this number to an amount Remember that this is only momentary for a few days, then you can consume it again the way you used to.

4.  Don’t Stress Drink

  According to studies, our body knows in what situations caffeine requires. The recommendation is that you anticipate them, avoid situations that give you craving of coffee and have a plan in case the stress is high, you can try to consume some fruit

Keep in mind that this is just to improve your receptivity to this drink, once your body has completely eliminated caffeine you can consume it quietly and test if this works with the situation of feeling tired when you consume it If you have any questions, you can talk to your doctor, but this action doesn’t merit more advice than you can give yourself.

Away from taking sleep away is its only benefit; in fact, this drink has more benefits than you are sure to know. For some reason, it is the second most popular drink in the world, so we talk about some good things that will make you not stop consuming it. If it doesn’t take away your sleep. I’m sure you’ll love some of its other positives.

im drinking oots pf caffeine but still tired

1. The risk of cancer decreases.

Drinking around four cups of coffee daily will decrease the chance of developing colon and rectal cancer; this happens because coffee causes the cause of these diseases, that is. The secretion of bile acids is lower.

2. Asthma and allergies are improved.

Bronchi are dilated thanks to caffeine, this contributes to reduced allergies and asthma attacks. This is why caffeine is an active substance in many drug medications.

3. The risk of Alzheimer’s is lower.

Drinking coffee in moderation reduces the risk of developing this disease, and patients who already have it demonstrate an improvement in the permanence of memory.

4. It increases concentration, improves short-term memory, and the alert sense is more active.

These benefits from coffee consumption are because it stimulates the transmission of nerve impulses.

5. It doesn’t hurt the heart or arteries.

Studies show that coffee does not affect heart rate, does not significantly increase blood pressure, and does not cause heart attacks.

6. Its diuretic.

This means that if you’re on a diet, you won’t have to quit, plus it increases your urge to urinate and relieves constipation.

7. Reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

Coffee makes it less likely to get type two diabetes because of caffeine, as they stimulate pancreatic cells, which produce insulin.

8. Combats headache

This relieves the tension of the blood base because it dilates them.

9. Provides antioxidants

Reduces the cellular damage that the body may present and thus make the aging process slower.

10. Prevents depression.

The energy input that introduces our body and helps to cope with the disease

why does coffee make me sleepy instead of awake

Can Too Much Caffeine Make You Tired

Can Caffeine make you sleepy, well yes. Coffee Makes me sleepy too, and if your tired after coffee, this is not unnormal. If you wondering why coffee makes me tired, or why does caffeine makes me tired, well the reasons are list above.

The perfect formula

We have brought you all the information you needed to know about Why Does Coffee Make You Tired? We leave solutions that we hope you use and tips that you should follow so you can get an improvement in the quality of life. Remember that coffee is not bad as long as it is consumed in the right way.

There is a formula that ensures that your life will improve from the moment you implement it. It is the perfect equation: naps 20 or 30 minutes that fill you with energy + caffeine -full happiness.

Why a nap? All the fatigue that you bring materializes in the molecule called adenosine, this will make you feel even more tired. When you take a nap for the set time, these molecules leave and leave your brain active.

When you take this nap, you will be able to consume caffeine without a problem, because your brain and nervous system will be rested and will be able to deal with the effects of this element. In this way, the duct that creates adenosine will not be found as far, and the extreme fatigue will not come.

You can also consume caffeine minutes before your nap. while it takes effect the brain will continue with the production of adenosine and once you decide to rest you will have a perfect nap because you will have a high level of this molecule in your system and it is ideal because it is who you are. Responsible for monitoring sleep.

Our final advice is that you never use caffeine to eliminate the effects of caffeine itself, nor do you believe in miracle blends that include coffee because this will only give you a stroke of energy that will last a couple of hours, and the tiredness will be even greater. If the discomfort persists seeing a doctor, perhaps there’s something else that’s causing that tiredness, and the best way to make sure is with a professional.

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