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Cuisinart Extreme Brew Reviews – Cuisinart Extreme Brew 2650 Review

Cuisinart is one of the most popular and well-known coffee maker brands on the market today. One of there most well-received products has to be the Cuisinart DCC 2650, coffee maker. So today we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the Cuisinart DCC-2650 with our in-depth Cuisinart DCC 2650 review.

cuisinart dcc-2650

Cuisinart Extreme Brew Reviews

Cuisinart has a line of coffee machines that go by the Cuisinart extreme brew name, and these are some of the best coffee makers I have been able to get my hands on. Firstly, this has a beautiful stainless steel design, with a double-wall insulated thermal carafe! This allows for a durable and easy to assemble coffee maker.

The Cuisinart also has fully automatic 24-hour programmability and a self-clean option, with a 1-4 cup setting and even has adjustable auto shut off, all these features allow you to program your machine to your liking.

The machine has a brew pause feature that allows you to enjoy your coffee even before brewing is completed. When we used the coffee machine, we also noticed that is very easy to fill up the water reservoir and has a very neat feature where you can see the water level so you don’t overfill the machine.

Another amazing feature we noticed is is has a 60-second reset which recalls setting and position in the brewing process just in case you lose power, which is really neat. The only negative is that obviously we all these advanced features, this machine is going to come at a higher cost than other coffee machines on the market today. 

But overall, this is an amazing coffee maker that will allow you to brew some high-quality efficiently and quickly.

Cuisinart DCC-2650 Coffeemaker Review

This coffee maker is a well-known DCC-2650. This model is upgraded from 2650 and brings a bunch of new and existing features to boost your coffee experience. The 12 cup carafe has an ergonomic handle, dripless spout, and a knuckle guard which allows you to make coffee while keeping a clean kitchen! The fully automatic 24-hour programmability, self-clean, and automatic shutoff features allow you to program your coffee maker to your style.

This coffee maker also adjustable carafe temperature control, allowing you to brew the perfect coffee. This coffee machine delivers 25% faster coffee than the coffee makers before it, and allows for a more efficient and relaxed morning routine. You can even take control of your blend’s strength, allowing you to choose from regular or bold. You can even set your brew up a day in advance for instant cafe service.

Overall, this is a great coffee maker bringing all the great features from previous Cuisinart coffee makers and just improving it 5 times!

Cuisinart DBG 625 BC 

Even though this is a Cuisinart DCC-2650 Review, we wanted to review the DBG 625 Cuisinart coffee maker so we could create some contrast to 2650. The DBG 625 is a 12 cup automatic coffee maker with a built-in bean grinder, whereas 2650 is only a 10 cup. The DGb-625 includes a measuring scoop and instruction booklet and has a charcoal water filter and permanent gold-tone filter to ensure only the freshest coffee flavor will flow through your machine.

The product is built to North American Electrical Standards and has all the extra features the DCC-2650 has. The auto-shutoff, brew pause and grind off option are all features that both coffee makers have. The DBG 625 is more expensive than 2650 as it is a newer version of Cuisinart coffee machines and packs more features. They both make beautiful coffee, so it really does depend on what your willing to spend on your machine and what type of features you want.

Cuisinart DCC-2650 Buying Guide & Review

Cuisinart DCC-2650 Aesthetics

Sporting nearly the same build as it’s predecessor the DCC-2600, the DCC-2650 has a few extra aesthetic features that make it look professional and slick. The carafe has switched from a strainless steel accent to a more black plastic look. The Cuisinart is still a slick and stylish coffee maker. The machine does look great on any countertop and in any kitchen, will become a focal point. 

Is the Cuisinart 2650 worth it?

Being the most recent and innovative Cuisinart coffee machine, is it really worth it? Well since it is the most expensive this is a good question.

The Cuisinart is in the high end of coffee machine prices, so what does it bring to the table? Well, the coffee maker has a fast brew, is fully programable, and brews an amazing cup of coffee. Some cons of the coffee maker are that there has been a report that nearly 10% of the Cuisinart 2650 coffee makers experience some sort of leaking, which can be really annoying.

The pricing is also much more expensive than 2600. Overall, it is worth it if you looking for a long-lasting coffee maker that will last you a long time. But there are cheaper options that may not brew as good coffee, but still can do the job the Cuisinart is doing. It’s all about whether or not your willing to fork out the cash for the quality.


In conclusion, we have reviewed the Cuisinart 2650 in-depth and have told you the pros and cons of the coffee maker. In case you don’t like the sound of the Cuisinart 2650, we also gave you everything you need to know about 2 other Cuisinart coffee makers so you can decide on the perfect coffee maker for you. We hope this article was able to help you out, and we hope you enjoy your CozyCoffee!

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