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Decaf Iced Coffee Dunkin: Everything You Need To Know

If you need to reduce caffeine intake, you might wonder if Dunkin Donuts offers decaf iced coffee. Dunkin is among the top quick-service restaurant chains or QSRs in the U.S, and most people recognize them for serving hot and iced coffee than serving donuts.

And if you come to this page, you are probably an avid Dunkin customer or looking for an alternative to your regular iced coffee. So as you become more health conscious, reducing caffeine intake has become your priority. In this article, we’ll help you with how you can enjoy iced coffee with less caffeine at Dunkin Donuts.

Does Dunkin Have Decaf Iced Coffee?

Dunkin offers Decaf Iced Coffee.
Dunkin offers Decaf Iced Coffee

Before we answer your question, here’s what you should know about decaf coffee. Decaf coffee is the product of coffee beans with the caffeine removed. Decaffeinating removes about 97% of the caffeine in the process, making it a great alternative for coffee lovers who wants to limit caffeine while still enjoying coffee.

And the best part of it is it tastes the same as your regular iced coffee, meaning it retains the natural earthy, chocolatey, and nutty notes of the coffee beans.

And to answer your question, yes, Dunkin offers Decaf Iced Coffee. They also serve decaffeinated beverages like iced tea, Vanilla Chai, and Dunkaccino. Their range of decaf coffees goes from ready-made, ground coffee, and k-pods. The common ways of decaffeinating coffee are using water, solvents, or CO2 extraction. Dunkin Donuts uses water to remove caffeine from its coffee beans.

They soak the green coffee beans in fresh and clean water and let the caffeine float over the water surface with the caffeine and ground coffee oil. They let the beans dry, roast the dried coffee beans, and then ground them at their peak flavor. At this point, you can now brew the decaffeinated coffee beans.

Decaf Iced Coffees Can You Get At Dunkin

Decaf Iced Coffees Can You Get At Dunkin
Decaf Iced Coffees Can You Get At Dunkin

You can always ask the barista to serve you a customized iced decaf coffee. To do this, he would dissolve the ground decaf coffee in hot water and then pour it over the ice. After this, he will mix it with sugar and cream. Now you can ask the barista to top it up with some flavored shots or swirls.

Dunkin also serves decaf espresso-based beverages. However, you can compare Dunkin’s decaf espresso caffeine content to a shot of regular espresso. It usually runs out fast, so better ask the barista if it is currently available.

Also, kindly note that iced decaf coffee still contains caffeine. So if you’re ready, here’s how to enjoy various decaf iced coffee versions at Dunkin.

Decaf Iced Coffee

This coffee mix is the most basic decaf iced coffee you can order from Dunkin. Using the signature Dunkin decaf coffee granules, they would have to mix it in hot water until the powder dissolves and then mix it with cold water, sugar, and cream or milk, topped with ice. You can choose to have it black for a bit stronger flavor or with more milk.

Decaf Iced Americano

If you think of espresso-based drinks but need to reduce your caffeine intake, you can do it with Dunkin’s decaf ground coffee. Ask the barista if decaf espresso is available. Do not ask for Iced Americano. Make it clear that you need the decaffeinated ground beans in your cup.

Your barista will only combine espresso shots with water and ice. It is no other different than drip-brewed coffee over water and ice.

Decaf Iced Macchiato

Dunkin Decaf Iced Macchiato
Dunkin Decaf Iced Macchiato

Decaf Iced Macchiato is an espresso-based coffee drink poured over skimmed milk and served cold with ice. The difference is that the barista should use the Dunkin ground decaffeinated coffee beans.

So again, if you’re ordering a decaf espresso-based drink, ask the barista if it’s available. One thing you can look forward to in these decaf iced coffees is you can make them more exciting by adding flavor shots or swirls. Like in iced decaf macchiato, you can ask the barista to pour some caramel shots.

Decaf Iced Latte

In this espresso-based beverage, the barista pours thick milk over the espresso mix with ice. You only have to ensure that the barista will use decaf espresso. Also, you can drizzle the decaf iced latte with French Vanilla Syrup.

How much Caffeine is in Dunkin Decaf Iced Coffee?

After decaffeination, coffee still contains about 3% of it.
After decaffeination, coffee still contains about 3% of it.

Dunkin Decaf Coffee is not completely free from caffeine. After decaffeination, coffee still contains about 3% of it.

Every 8-oz cup of Dunkin decaf coffee contains about 7mg to 10 mg of caffeine. For decaf espresso-based drinks, the caffeine content is as much as a single shot of the regular espresso, which is 64 mg on average.

Quick Fact: A single regular espresso shot is about half of the caffeine content of a regular cup of coffee, which means significantly less than your usual cup.


Dunkin offers decaf iced versions of your favorite espresso-based iced coffee drinks aside from the basic iced decaf coffee. However, you should specify this to your barista, especially if you are watching over your heart. They use the Dunkin decaf coffee granules to serve these decaf iced coffee flavors.

If you still have questions about decaf iced coffee, let us know. It only takes reliable info to find out how we can still enjoy our favorite part of the day without compromising our health.

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