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Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth? – Does Caffeine Stunt Growth?

There is no scientific evidence up to this day that drinking coffee could stunt growth. In the US, adolescents are believed to enjoy caffeinated drinks a lot, second to only energy drinks. Keeping this in view it’s only wise to investigate the bases of this belief.

Early research found that caffeine in coffee is responsible for decreasing the ability of our body to absorb calcium. While lower absorption of calcium could lead to low bone density and hampered bone development, it was found that the actual level of reduction in calcium absorption that could be associated with the consumption of caffeine, amounted to be so minuscule that it could have no possible effect on the growth of bones. Furthermore, this amount of unabsorbed calcium could be sufficiently made up for by adding a couple of tablespoons of milk to your cup of coffee.

This belief that coffee could stunt growth also originated from the false marketing schemes of companies like Postum, that sought to sell caffeine substitutes.

Moreover, we can all enjoy coffee in moderation and get the vitality and leisure needed in our lives.

Is Coffee Safe

A lot of us love to joke about how we are a machine that runs on coffee, about how people shouldn’t talk to us unless we have had our morning coffee first… but, of course, we worry that too much coffee intake can damage our health and mental wellbeing. Is coffee safe, and in which quantity does it become dangerous ?

Well, as per the very big amount of studies done on the properties of coffee, this delicious beverage is not dangerous as long as it is taken in moderation; and it might in fact have health benefits such as cardiovascular disease prevention, it can counteract fatigue, promote weight loss and make us more alert and focused.

On the other hand, just like with anything, coffee should be taken in moderation because while caffeine overdose is extremely rare; caffeine addictions and tachycardia due to too much caffeine are habitual for people that drink over 6 cups a day.

Can Coffee Stunt Your Growth?

It is a widespread old wives’ tale that kids should not drink coffee, as it will stunt their grow and make them skittish; and that until they teens they should only have a drop or two at most and not on the regular. However, a lot of old wives’ tales are just that, tales, so how much scientific truth is there to this one ?

As per Harvard University’s numerous studies on this caffeinated drink, there is no link between coffee and anything that might stunt growth: no loss of calcium, no osteoporosis, no curvature of the spine… however, there is some scientific truth to the tale that coffee will make kids skittish, as caffeine can make people feel more agitated and jittery and even cause anxiety in kids. So, as long as you are drinking coffee in moderation and keeping a healthy diet you shouldn’t fear coffee having negative effects on you ! So does coffee stop growth, no. Does caffeine stunt your growth, no.

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