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Dutch Bros Keto Drinks: Best & Newest Options

So you have decided to do the Keto diet. Whether it’s for health reasons from your doctor or choice, you have probably already realized all the things you will be giving up with this lifestyle change. Bet you thought your favorite drink stop was one of the things you would be cutting out.

What if I told you it did not have to be? If Dutch Bros is your “go-to” for your caffeine fix, I have great news for you! Dutch Bros is known for mixing up drinks, changing them up to please a customer and so many options that are not even on the menu! Dutch Bros has many keto-friendly drinks available so you can stay awake all day, and night.

Dutch Bros Keto

Dutch Bros’ keto options are bigger than most caffeinated drink spots. With the large variety of drink mixes they offer, you are sure to find a Dutch Bros Keto-friendly drink you will love!

I may not have all the Dutch Bros keto options here, so always feel free to ask your barista if they have recommendations as well. But here are some of the favorites I found me and others have really enjoyed. Let us start with coffee-flavored choices.

Americano is a classic. No question about it, it is keto friendly for sure! Americano is just espresso and hot water. With no carbs at all, you can have this drink hot or cold. Like your coffee drinks on the creamy side? Add half and half or some heavy cream. You can also change that coffee taste and add one of the many Dutch Bros’ sugar-free syrups.

Cold Brew is another classic. Also an obvious keto-friendly drink. This one is just coffee grounds and water, so no carbs there either to start. Do not forget you can add your favorite sugar-free flavor to this one as well if you would like. White Mocha or Coconut are my favorites. If you are needing to bump up that fat content and like it creamy, add some heavy cream.

Nitro Cold Brew is tricky when ordered. The original order is keto friendly. If you come across other ones with flavors on the menu, make sure you ask your barista if it is keto friendly or asks to change the flavor to a sugar-free one.

When you change from the original flavor to a sugar-free version, this nitro cold brew has less than 10 grams of carbohydrates.

Dutch Bros Soft Top Recipe
Dutch Bros Soft Top Recipe

Now for more flavorful drinks, if you do not care about coffee, Blue Rebel and Peach Rebel, are both made with an energy drink that is specifically only available at Dutch Bros locations. Most describe it as really close to a Red Bull. These are both offered as sugar-free, but both have a perfect amount of caffeine.

Carburetor-style drink is a blended frozen drink. This drink is typically made with a Dutch Bros freeze mix, but it has dairy and sugar in it. So the barista will replace some of the ingredients to make it keto friendly. As always, ask the barista for a sugar-free fruit flavor to excite your taste buds!

Do not forget Teas. If you are like me on a hot summer day, tea is what I crave. Green Tea or Paris Tea are both keto-friendly and low-calorie just by themselves. But some days I just need a little extra sweetness. I ask for the Truvia or Splenda to be added, keeping the carbs still low.

Dutch Bros Chai is NOT keto friendly. Sorry friends, it’s a great drink I know. But Dutch Bros uses a premix that has milk and sugar.

All of the Dutch Bros classics can be made sugar-free with sugar-free syrups. But remember, they still have carbs. If you can have the carbs, these drinks all have many options of flavors (staying with sugar-free syrups) with a single sugar-free classic drink having about 10 grams of carbs.

So to sum it up and maybe even write down and keep a simple starter cheat sheet in your wallet, here is where you can start. Classic drinks on the menu that can be made sugar-free are the Kicker, 911, Annihilator, Caramelized, Cocomo, White Mocha, Double Chocolate Mocha, Double Torture, and Golden Eagle.

Quick Fact: Sugar-free flavors include white chocolate, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, chocolate macadamia nut, hazelnut, Irish cream, coconut, raspberry, peach, and strawberry. As always, if you are not sure, ask your barista!

Dutch Brothers Keto Drinks

You may be surprised to learn a coffee chain like Dutch Brothers has some good choices for keto followers. But here are some drinks that will fit right in with your keto regime:

1. Americano


It’s made with espresso and hot water, you can have it hot or iced. It has zero carbs. You can also add heavy cream or half and half, plus sugar-free syrup.

2. Cold Brew

Cold Brew
Cold Brew

It’s made from coffee grounds and water. You can boost the taste and flavor in the same way you do with the Americano.

3. Blue Rebel and Peach Rebel

Blue Rebel and Peach Rebel
Blue Rebel and Peach Rebel

These are energy drinks, and the sugar-free Blue Rebel has a taste similar to Red Bull. The Peach Rebel has sugar-free peach syrup. As with most energy drinks, these have a high level of caffeine.

4. Breve


This drink is probably the standard for keto followers because it uses half and half with espresso. The high-fat content is in keeping with a keto diet.


As you can see, Dutch Bros’ keto options are plentiful. There are probably so many more even I am not aware of! They are constantly coming up with new concoctions to please customers, so always ask what options they may have for keto or what you are looking for flavor-wise.

Here are just a few drinks to definitely stay away from when ordering from Dutch Bros while on a keto diet. Do keep in mind, many of the menu drinks can be made sugar-free, but some just cannot. Make sure to clarify with your barista.

The Unicorn Blood Rebel has 425 calories with a sugar count of 97 grams. The name alone you know it’ll be too sweet to consume.

Cocomo sounds delicious the standard way it is made with a mix of chocolate and coconut syrup blended perfectly. Many even add the extra whipped cream on top. This one is a whopping 730 calories with 100 grams of sugar.

The Ninja is for all mint lovers! A dreamy drink of mint and the white chocolate mix is definitely delicious. But can you handle the 730 calories and 127 grams of sugar? No thanks!

Do not forget to visit your local Dutch Bros on your birthday for a free drink. You must have the app in order to get it. It is so easy to download and use, if you need help, the baristas are always happy to help you with it. Enjoy the refreshing drinks without all those sugars!

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