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Soft Top Dutch Bros: How To Order One

The perfect taste and texture in a topping. Looking for a way to spice up your go-to drinks? Trying to be more adventurous with your homemade coffee or chocolate drink recipes? Ditch the usually whipped cream topping and try out Dutch Bros soft top for a new and unique taste and texture to top off your drink!

Dutch Bros soft top is a topping recipe made by the company Dutch Bros, which is an Oregon-based drive-thru coffee chain. Aside from their specialty coffees, they also serve teas, smoothies, fruit drinks, and more! All these could be made more exciting by adding their soft top specialty!

Dutch Bros Soft Top

What Is A Soft Top?

The soft top is a foamy and creamy topping to their drink, which almost feels like a softened marshmallow when you drink it. It adds a sweet and creamy taste to your drink while gracing your tongue with a whole new texture!

But, if Dutch Bros is based in Oregon, how will the coffee enthusiasts around the world be able to try it? Don’t worry, we got you covered! We have a recipe to recreate the Dutch Bros soft top to quench your thirst and satisfy your cravings!

Before that, if you are in a time crunch and prefer to get your soft top in an instant, you may use Rich’s On Top. It is a soft whip topping and naturally flavored sweet cream, similar to what Dutch Bros uses. This is available on Amazon, which ships to a lot of different states and countries.

Dutch Bros Soft Top Recipe
Dutch Bros Soft Top Recipe

Dutch Bros Soft Top Recipe

Now, for those who want to make their soft top from scratch, pay attention and get your materials ready! You will need 2 tablespoons of buttermilk, one-half cup of heavy cream, two tablespoons of icing sugar, one splash of vanilla extract, one-fourth teaspoon of gelatin, and two teaspoons of water.


First, chill your mixing bowl by placing it inside the freezer. In a different microwave-safe bowl, mix the gelatin and the cold water. Wait for five minutes until the mixture achieves a gel consistency.

Next, take out the chilled bowl and put the heavy cream and the buttermilk, and whip it using the medium speed on the mixer until it appears solid. Then, add the vanilla extract and icing sugar and whip them. Be sure not to overdo it so the texture is still a little loose.

After this, place the bowl with the gelatin in the microwave and heat it for 5 to 10 minutes until it liquefies. Then, add this to the whipped mixture and continue whipping it until you get the texture you desire, and voila! You’re done.

Put this on top of your drink of choice and savor the creamy and sweet addition to your go-to beverages! You may store the rest of the mixture since it is still safe to consume for three days after making it.

Quick Fact: For health-conscious people, it is also important to know that while the drink is gluten-free, it is not vegan as we use dairy to make it. One serving of it also has around 50 calories and 2 grams of sugar, and that is on top of the drink itself.

Thus, no matter how delicious the soft top is, it is still best to consume it in moderation as with anything else in life!

Now, for those who are into curating their Instagram feeds, the soft top won’t disappoint you as well as it fits any aesthetic you may want. It is a good addition to your favorite drinks so that they may look fluffier and cozier for the Instagram photo dumps you may have brought about by its marshmallow-like appearance.

Indeed, the soft top is the perfect way to spice up your favorite go-to drinks! You won’t have to constantly drink the same thing or worry about looking for a whole different drink to suit your adventurous taste.

Now, you can just add the soft top to satisfy not only the taste buds but the whole tongue as well because of the unique texture it exhibits!

The sweetness of the topping would also surely provide you with more dopamine kick along with your preferred coffee or chocolate drink to boost your mood and productivity.

Not only that, you have the option to either get it from the Dutch Bros store, buy it from Amazon, or even recreate it in the comfort of your own home! You may even add your favorite ingredients and tweak the recipe we provided to suit your taste.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Dutch Bros or recreate the soft top recipe and your taste buds will surely thank you!

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