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Dutch Bros Straw Meaning: Is It Real?

You’ve undoubtedly already heard of the Dutch Bros straw code if you’re a frequent coffee user and frequent Dutch Bros to satisfy your coffee addiction. There are conflicting views in the long-running discussion of whether the straw code is accurate. Straw code is straightforward.

According to rumors, Dutch Bros staff created the straw code to communicate with clients about their true feelings for them. The color of the straw the barista hands you may be intended as praise or an insult. According to the supplied straw colors, the employee will tell you if they think you’re cute, ugly, or just okay.

Dutch Bros Straw Code

What Do the Dutch Bros Straw Colors Mean?

What do the Dutch Bros straw colors mean?
What do the Dutch Bros straw colors mean?

The straw system is relatively simple, with each recipient receiving a different message from a straw of a different color. Granted, the straw code boosts business for the coffee shops since who wouldn’t go out and buy a ton of coffee to find out which straw they would get?

What the employee who handed you the straw thinks of your appearance or personality is shown by the color of the straw. Below is a list of the many straw hues and what they imply.

Many coffee junkies walk through the drive-thru at Dutch Bros expecting to obtain the pink straw in their coffee drink because they believe that:

  • If the barista gives you a pink straw, it signifies they think you’re cute or pretty.
  • If you receive a green straw with your coffee, the barista who prepared it believes you are unattractive or unpleasant.
  • If you get a cup with an orange straw, it either suggests you’re mysterious or strange, or the staff member finds you odd.
  • If the straw in the cup you’re given at the drive-thru window is yellow, you’re average or merely mediocre.
  • If the straw that protrudes from your smoothie is blue, the person who made it believes you are rude.

Where Did the Straw Code Originate?

Where did the Straw Code originate?
Where did the Straw Code originate?

It has yet to pinpoint the straw code’s source. Nonetheless, it has generated much debate online, on social media, and among regular Dutch Bros customers who are ardent coffee lovers. According to a few websites, like The Veronica Show, customers have stated that sometimes the straw code is in action, and other times it isn’t.


The existence of the straw code is still unknown. But the reality is that customers will still place regular drive-thru orders for coffee and smoothies at Dutch Bros, hoping to receive that pink straw.

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