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Best El Salvador Coffee Beans In 2024 Guide

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El Salvador coffee beans are some of the highest-quality beans on the market today. El Salvador beans are known for the strong citrus tasting coffee. Like many other South American countries, El Salvador coffee has growing regions with high altitudes, allowing for high-quality coffee.

Today, we’ll be giving you everything you need to know about El Salvador coffee and we will also recommend some El Salvador coffee you can purchase. So here top 5 coffee from El Salvador for sale today!

1. Larry’s Organic Fair Trade Whole Bean Coffee – El Salvador Dali Blend

Larry’s Coffee produces some of the most well-known and tasty coffee in the world, and they have not lowered there standards for these coffee beans. Larry’s coffee is one of the most well-known El Salvador coffee brands.

These beans do not disappoint. Grown in El Salvador, these coffee beans have very little to no acid and have a light nutty flavor. A problem I had with other El Salvador coffee beans is that many times the coffee beans would be oily or burnt, but when we saw these beans, there were 0 burnt or oily beans meaning you get bang for your buck.

This is also quite a cheap coffee for the quality. If you’re looking for some everyday El Salvador coffee, we definitely recommend you purchase these coffee beans!

2. El Salvador Coffee, Whole Bean, Fresh Roasted, 16-ounce

Volcanica coffee has come back on our list with another top-quality coffee, this time obviously coming from the hills of El Salvador. This 100% El Salvador coffee is a rich full-bodied coffee coming with a very smooth, bright flavor and an aroma you can’t miss.

The Medium roast of the beans allows the true flavor of the beans to come through, and the beans are roasted by the order so when you order, your beans are freshly roasted then immediately packed and sealed to preserve the beans and ensure the beans are fresh! Volcanica has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you will love these beans otherwise you can return them!

These beans are some of the tastiest and well-packaged beans on the market today. These beans are a little more expensive, but overall they prove to be worth it with the taste and freshness unmatched.

3. Rhoad Roast Coffee – Coffee From El Salvador

Here we have the Rhoad Roast coffee which is a dark roast El Salvador coffee made for the people who love strong coffee. If you don’t like strong coffee, we DO NOT recommend this coffee as it is very strong and has a powerful aroma to it.

The Nutty chocolate and apricot flavor combine beautifully to form a smooth and wonderful taste. These coffee beans are freshly roasted each morning and shipped in the afternoon per request. This ensures you will receive fresh coffee beans at your doorstep in no time! The Region these coffee beans are grown at is the Apaneca Mountains, which is one of the best places for growing coffee as it has a high altitude.

This coffee isn’t for the faint-hearted. The Rhoad Roast El Salvador coffee is a strong powerful coffee but is top-quality coffee. Despite these coffee beans costing more than others on the list, if you really love strong coffee we do believe these are worth the try!

4. Mt. Comfort El Salvador Coffee

These whole bean coffee beans from El Salvador are a cheap alternative to the other beans on this list.

These beans come in much cheaper than the others on this list, and that is because the quality isn’t as high. But these are still useable if you’re on a budget as they still do produce high quality 100% Arabic coffee. These coffee beans come from Apaneca El Salvador straight to your doorstep! Mount comfort is working with some good farms, and for a low price, they do provide some good budget beans.

If you’re on a budget and are looking for some high-quality coffee beans, these beans will provide you with a budget alternative! 

5. Aroma Ridge El Salvador Coffee

Last but not least, we have the Aroma Ridge El Salvador coffee. This is one of the best El Salvador coffees on the market today. This rare, organic coffee comes at a cheap price and provides you with a taste like no other!

These coffee beans are freshly roasted and vacuum-sealed per order, ensuring your order will be the freshest possible. The farmers that farm this coffee are very careful to only pick the best quality coffee beans and care about the environment, so that’s why these beans are organic. At TheCozyCoffee, we care about the environmental impact that farms can have, so seeing a farm that cares about the environment and practices sustainability is great.

Overall these beans haver fantastic smooth taste, and if your looking for some high-quality organic El Salvador coffee beans these are the best beans on the market for you!

El Salvador Coffee Buyers Guide 

el salvador coffee beans
Concepción de Ataco, El Salvador

History of El Salvador Coffee

The history of El Salvador coffee can be linked to El Salvador’s history itself. Being a small country, El Salvador is no slacker in the world of coffee. With some of the best coffee growing regions worldwide, El Salvador has grown a reputation of being one of the best coffee growers.

Many years before coffee, Indigo was El Salvador’s most important export, but in the 1880s coffee took over as the leading crop and was seen as the path for the countries progress. Coffee is seen as more than just a crop in El Salvador, it has changed the countries history and left a deep print of the countries development. Coffee created great wealth and landed opportunities to rule for the elite.

In 1895, over 6000 hectares of land were desinated just to coffee growing alone. Many coffee farmers saw coffee as an escape from financial poverty. In the 1920s and 1930s coffee exports amounted to 90% of all El Salvador’s exports. But putting all there eggs in one basket saw the country on the brink of collapse as the global depression of the 1930’s dropping coffee price down one third, and with not enough money to work, coffee rotted in the fields. 

el salvador coffee brands
Pacas Mill, El Salvador

In 1932, thousands of peasants’ rural discontent turned to anger, and riots were started across the country. Around thirty thousand workers were killed, and this caused the demand for coffee farmers to skyrocket. Despite these devastating events, the coffee industry did survive, and after the great depression did prosper. El Salvador was known as one of the smartest coffee nations and created some of the most sophisticated farming systems still used to this day. 

By around the 1970s, El Salvador was the world’s 4th largest exporter of coffee. But tragedy struck again, the 1979 Salvadoran Civil War started and through 13 brutal years, thousands were killed and this slowed down the coffee industry. Following the war, reforms started to come and many coffee farmers got back to work. Today, the effect of the war still lingers with many farmers having their own farms of 20 hectares. In 2018, coffee was 60% of El Salvador’s exports. The introduction of fair trade has made a huge improvement to the livelihood of coffee farmers from El Salvador, providing more opportunities to other farmers to grow high-quality coffee. The industry continues to grow, and we are here for it!

El Salvador coffee taste profile (What does it taste like)

El Salvador coffee can be compared to many other South American countries. It depends on the region the coffee is grown. El Salvador coffee is known for its good body, average flavor, and high acidity. Depending on the region, the coffee beans can have a floral and spicy aroma or a sweet and fruity aroma. If you’re looking for a new taste in coffee, the El Salvador coffee is something new and tastes great!

Growing conditions In El Salvador

The growing conditions for coffee in El Salvador are very similar to other countries just like it. Many of the coffee farms are located at high altitudes, allowing the coffee to grow at the highest quality. Many of the regions are in hot climates, and the coffee-growing conditions are perfect.

Coffee growing regions in El Salvador

In El Salvador, you can find 6 main coffee growing regions. All these regions grow high-quality Arabica coffee beans. The 6 main coffee regions are the Apaneca Mountain Range, the Tecapa Chinchontepec Mountain range, Alotepeque Metapan, Nahuaterique Mountain Range, and the El Basalmo Quezaltepec Mountain range. Do you see the pattern? All mountain ranges.


So, there’s all the information you could want to know about El Salvador coffee. We hope we were able to give you all the information you need, and if you were looking to buy some El Salvador coffee, we hope you were able to find the right coffee beans for you! Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you soon!

Thank you! If you’re looking for more country coffee, we have guides om Brazilian coffee and a Colombian coffee guide!

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