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Best Energy Drink: 15 Energy Drinks Listed From Best To Worst Selling

A lot of people care a lot about their health since illnesses are a big cause of concern so the majority decides to exercise, and in order to have a proper effective one, you need to have an energy drink to boost your spirit. In this sense, sales of energy drinks are quite high all around the world, but not specifically all the time.

Energy drinks also have various brands. In this article, you will learn about the top-selling brands of energy drinks and other more information about them.

15 Top Selling Energy Drinks

In the United States of America, there are 5 energy drink brands that are on top in 2020.

According to James Foster, 25th of March in 2021, these drinks are ranked respectively from first to fifth, Red Bull (117 calories & 80mg caffeine), Monster Energy (210 calories & 160mg caffeine), Bang Energy (0 calories & 300mg caffeine), Red Bull Sugarfree (10 calories & 80mg caffeine), and Monster Ultra (10 calories & 150mg caffeine).

Top Selling Energy Drinks
Top Selling Energy Drinks

Their sales in USD millions are $2,891 for Red Bull, $1,763 for Monster Energy, 0 for Bang Energy, 7 for Red Bull Sugarfree, and 7 for Monster Ultra as well.

It can vary from demand and supply each year, this information is not permanent and is only gathered data for a certain date and country. It is different in every nation and it is done in separate research.

Worldwide, the energy drinks’ market size is still growing and was $61 billion in 2020. The global brands are ranked by incorporation’s place, market share, and owning company.

The following energy drinks brands are the top 10 global in 2020 Red Bull (Austria), Monster (USA), Red Bull (Thailand), Rockstar (USA), Eastroc Super Drink (China), Hi-Tiger (China), Lucozade (Japan), NOS (USA), Oronamin (Japan), and Burn (USA).

The company that sold $4.6 billion worth and worth of energy drinks in 2020 was Monster Beverage Corp, which was 9.5% higher than the previous year.

Another type of energy drink is energy shots. In the USA itself, the market of the entire energy shots in 2020 totaled $977 million, 5 Hour Energy dominating 89% of all of it. Although the energy shots’ sales decreased by 7.9% from 2019 to 2020, it is still considered a pretty good number of market sales.

The top 5 selling energy drinks (shots) in the United States of America in 2020 respectively from most selling are 5 Hour Energy (4 calories & 200mg caffeine), Tweaker Shot (0 calories & 275mg caffeine), Stacker Extreme Energy Shot (0 calories & 205mg caffeine), Stacker 2, and Bang Shot (0 calories & 300mg caffeine).

Their sales in USD millions are respectively as follows: $867.7 for 5 Hour Energy, $20.7 for Tweaker Shot, $14.3 for Stacker Extreme Energy Shot, $10.8 for Stacker 2, and $10.7 for Bang Shot.

Quick Fact: You might be wondering why these energy drinks have caffeine in them. Caffeine is known to stimulate brain function and improve concentration and alertness. Actually, not all energy drinks have caffeine, just the majority of them do.

The potential high energy level when caffeine is mixed with other ingredients is researched and has been proven for plenty of years already.

What are the most popular energy drink brands?

What are the most popular energy drink brands?
What are the most popular energy drink brands?

Since 2013, energy drinks’ sales have increased at a rate of roughly 5% each year. Red Bull continues to reign supreme as the most popular energy drink, with Monster (original) coming in second. After an 80 percent increase in revenue from 2019 to 2020, VPX’s Bang Energy went into the top 5.

Currently, Red Bull still holds the title of most popular energy drink brand. Everything is a matter of preference but in this case, it seems like Red Bull is proven effective for boosting one’s energy. In fact, there may be some people who are addicted to energy drinks, specifically Red Bull.

In the Philippines, things and situations are rather different. Unlike the most popular Red Bull, the energy drink that won the hearts of Filipinos is Cobra. It is an energy drink sold in grocery stores, restaurants, shops, and even in sari-sari stores or “tindahan” in the Philippines.

The price is unbelievably reasonable and the access to purchasing one is a piece of cake. The Cobra energy drink has 180 calories in 240ml or 1 serving and also has safe levels of caffeine included.

There is also Red Bull and other popular energy drinks available in public stores and shops in the Philippines but due to the status and standard of living, Filipinos tend to prefer those that are much more affordable.

In addition to that, drinking from bottles or glass is not the only way to drink Cobra, in sari-sari stores, it is put in plastic and drunk from a straw.

What brand of energy drink is the healthiest?

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What brand of energy drink is the healthiest?

From one of the writers or researchers in caffeine informer in 2021, a site on the internet, the healthiest energy drink is Bang Energy with 0 calories, next is Red Bull Sugarfree and Monster Ultra with 10 calories each of the both of them.

In fact, the demand for these energy drinks is increasing as they also have no sugar or zero sugar, of them. There are also other energy drinks that are healthier, contrary to what the majority of the people think “energy drinks are unhealthy”. As a matter of fact, there are certain energy drinks that are antioxidants and have nutritious content.

In a conclusion, there is a variety of energy drinks, each with different content but all with the same purpose to boost one’s energy and spirit through an affordable drink. The sales of each of them depend on demand and vary with supplies.

There are lots of factors to consider in buying one and each country has different availability of products and brands. It is definitely worth buying one but before doing so, monitor your health and know your limits first.

Do you have any questions? If yes, then feel free to ask. If not, have a great day!

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