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Espresso And Orange Juice: Everything You Need To Know

When I initially saw this drink on Instagram, the first thing that went through my mind was: Coffee with orange juice? What’s the deal? The answer is no. And I really doubt that I’m the only one that feels this way. It’s not the most appealing combo of tastes to me. On the other hand, I have no problem acknowledging when I am incorrect.

In this specific instance, I was correct. It turns out to be a really enjoyable experience. Today I’ll tell you everything about this unusual coffee drink and show you how to make it like on Instagram.

There are four things we must find out:

  1. What’s The Deal With Coffee And Orange Juice?
  2. How To Make Coffee And Orange Juice
  3. Recipe Variations
  4. Will drinking coffee and orange juice upset your stomach?
Espresso And Orange Juice

1. What’s The Deal With Coffee And Orange Juice?

It's certain to be one of the most unexpected coffee beverages you've ever tasted.
It’s certain to be one of the most unexpected coffee beverages you’ve ever tasted.

The combination of these two breakfast beverages will give you the revitalizing caffeine rush you didn’t realize you needed in the morning. You may refer to it any way you like: the OJ express, dawn, good morning, or even Vietnam. It’s certain to be one of the most unexpected coffee beverages you’ve ever tasted.

Nobody anticipates that it will be any good. And because of this, it is all the more entertaining to see the confused and pleased expressions that appear on the faces of first-time tasters when they take their first sips.

Even if you don’t wind up being a major fan of it, you can be sure that it won’t live up to the expectations you had for it before you tried it. It is intricate, and the tastes complement one another in a manner that is far more harmonious than they should in principle. In addition to that, it is quite revitalizing.

It’s possible that this is why it first gained popularity in the United States in Phoenix, Arizona, where the temperature stays over 100 degrees very much all year round.

Since then, it has expanded to coffee shops all around the nation, and the number of people who follow and support it is quickly expanding.

2. How To Make Coffee And Orange Juice

The good news is that preparing this beverage could not possibly be much simpler.
The good news is that preparing this beverage could not possibly be much simpler.

How do you cook this Arizona coffee shop favorite? I’ll show you how to make this zesty layered iced coffee. Let’s chat about its ingredients.

What You Need

There are just two necessities for brewing coffee and squeezing orange juice. You likely have a solid understanding of what they are.


Use espresso coffee, cold brew coffee concentrate, or any strong, powerful brew. AeroPress and Moka pot both work well. The standard dosage is a double shot of espresso in a 4 oz glass of OJ. If you’re using cold brew concentrate or brewed coffee, use the same quantity of coffee and OJ.

Orange juice

Two choices for OJ:
Use store-bought orange juice or fresh. I like fresh orange juice. If you can’t be bothered, carton cheese works well.

The Procedure

The good news is that preparing this beverage could not possibly be much simpler.
You just need to be sure you follow these three simple steps:

  1. Take a glass and fill it with ice until it’s approximately two-thirds full.
  2. Orange juice should be poured into the glass at this point.
  3. The coffee should be poured over the orange juice.
  4. An orange slice for garnish is optional.

The goal is to have the coffee sit on top of the juice so that you get that gorgeous layering. An orange slice for garnish is optional. If you are using espresso coffee, you may just pour the double shot right on top of the orange juice while stirring it slightly.

Quick Fact: If you are making coffee using a different method, such as cold brew, coffee made in a Moka pot, or coffee made with an AeroPress, you should use a spoon.

How to do it:

Hold a spoonful over the top of the glass before adding the coffee to prevent it from becoming cold. Slowly pour the coffee over the spoon, allowing it to make contact with the spoon before falling into the glass below.

In this manner, it will sit on top, and you will get that magnificent gradient effect – exactly like the ones you get in coffee shops that are worthy of being posted on Instagram.

3. Recipe Variations

Recipe Variations
Recipe Variations

Now, there are really quite a few different twists and turns that you may take with this recipe. If you are in the mood for some experimentation, here are a few suggestions for you to check out.

Coffee, Orange Juice, and Tonic

To finish it off, you might add a splash of tonic or soda water to the top. This is just one option. Your beverage will now have a bubbly, carbonated texture as a result of this, which is an improvement over the status quo.

Imagine a shot of espresso mixed with tonic water, then add a generous helping of citrus.

Coffee with orange juice, with a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

Cocoa powder is another ingredient that you might include. After you have made your coffee, combine a tablespoon of cocoa powder with a couple of tablespoons of coffee, and then combine that mixture with the remainder of the coffee.

Proceed with the remaining steps of the process in the same manner as before.

Coffee with orange juice and milk

The addition of milk to your coffee and orange juice is not always something that I would advocate. However, I don’t mind if there’s a little layer of icy foam on top of the drink.

Quick Fact: You may create it by foaming up some plant milk or milk made from dairy products. If you want to stick to a plant-based diet, some plant-based kinds of milk that froth exceptionally well are almond, soy, and oat.

Coffee, in addition to many other fruit juices

And lastly, if you’re not a fan of orange juice, you may use any other sort of fruit juice in place of it while you’re making your coffee.

Pineapple unquestionably tops my list of favorite fruits. This combination might also benefit from having a little bit of coconut milk added to it as an additional ingredient. Think pina colada meets latte.

Additionally, cherry and blueberry juice also has the potential to perform very well.
And as the last suggestion, you may want to try stirring some coffee into an ice-filled glass of lemonade. It is surprisingly tasty, and you may find that you like it even more than your morning coffee or glass of orange juice.


Regarding this beverage, it seems that a lot of individuals have a lot of problems, which I have seen.

Therefore, in this part of the article, I’d want to address some of those concerns by providing answers to some of the most often-asked issues that have surfaced. It is my sincere hope that this may put your mind at rest and inspire you to give this delicious beverage a try.

4. Will drinking coffee and orange juice upset your stomach?

Breakfast is frequently accompanied by coffee or orange juice for many people.
Breakfast is frequently accompanied by coffee or orange juice for many people.

Concerns regarding how coffee and orange juice may interact with a person’s digestive system are a common source of anxiety for a lot of consumers. People are worried because coffee and orange juice are acidic. Therefore, mixing them might induce gastrointestinal discomfort.

The agreement is, breakfast is frequently accompanied by coffee or orange juice for many people throughout the world. This is much the same.

Don’t get me wrong. If you have a stomach that is easily irritated, drinking coffee and orange juice together may cause you to have abdominal discomfort.

If, on the other hand, your stomach is able to process each one on its own while you are eating the same meal, there is a good possibility that you won’t have any problems while drinking them together.

Would your teeth become more susceptible to decay if you drank coffee and orange juice? One more thing that, when it comes to coffee and orange juice, a lot of people seem to be pretty concerned about is the effect that it has on your teeth.

Again, the stomach discomfort is the same. Consuming them together won’t harm your teeth more than drinking them separately. Their little acidity might make tooth enamel permeable. In 30 minutes, it will revert to its hard condition. Too soon after drinking something acidic, brushing your teeth can cause long-term damage. If you don’t clean your teeth within 30 minutes, the acid won’t hurt them.


A good number of individuals wrinkle their noses in disbelief at the thought of combining these two apparently unrelated things. But if you give it a chance, I believe you’ll discover that the taste is far better than you anticipated after you give it a go. But, then, who can say for sure?

It’s possible that this iced coffee drink may quickly get to the top of your list of favorites.

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