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50+ Unique Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers In 2022

For some, coffee is more than just a beverage. It is a part of their morning routine as a kick-starter from the time they wake up to make the bed, wash their faces, and then drink the best taste of morning caffeine to start a great productive day with energy.

Secondly, the great thing about coffee is that it is not only applicable to drink it during our productive days, individuals also drink it whenever it is raining and just want to stay cozy in their homes with the sound of raindrops falling down their roofs.

Moreover, coffee nowadays has a lot more varieties to taste and techniques to make. It just keeps getting better and better as years go by and as a consumer, having a proper expertise into making one will make your own drink the best one you can taste.

When thinking about gifts for these coffee lovers, we usually think that it must be hard looking for presents for them but to tell you, it is not. With the help of social media and other online selling platforms, it makes gift-hunting easier for us to buy and search for stuff that we need.

First thing to do is think of the basic tools that coffee lovers usually use on a regular basis. Think of what type of mug they would like, the shape of their coaster, and of course their favorite coffee flavor. Giving them presents like these is a great way to show them your appreciation that will surely melt their coffeeholic hearts!

gifts for coffee drinkers

Our Top 20 Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers:

  1. Mug Warmer
  2. Espresso Pod Machine
  3. Metal Straw
  4. Electric Kettle
  5. Coffee Beans
  6. Coffee Grinder
  7. Coffee-Scented Candle
  8. Coffee-Related Statement T-Shirt
  9. Coffee Body Scrubs
  10. Coffee Grounds Sifter
  11.  The World Atlas Of Coffee By James Hoffman
  12. Mueller French Press Coffee Maker
  13. Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker
  14. The French Castle Coffee World Tour Sample Pack
  15. Coffee Pod Carousel
  16. Wacaco Minipresso GR Portable Machine
  17. Coffee Mug With Golf Club Pen
  18. Coffee Novelty Socks
  19. Birthday Box Coffee Gift Basket
  20. Bean Box Coffee And Chocolate

1. Mug


One of the best and common gifts you can give to a coffee lover is a mug because they are very versatile and it can also be personalized.

Anyone who loves coffee will surely be excited to receive mugs as a present for it is useful in so many ways. You can also use mugs as a décor for your home.

2. Mug Warmer

Mug Warmer

We can’t let our coffee inside our mug be cold! Whilst mugs are a great idea, we cannot forget about the mug warmer.

It allows you to go on and do a lot of things while not bothering to think that your coffee is starting to get cold.

3. Coffee Pods

coffee pods

These capsules are higher in antioxidants and have a lot of benefits to offer compared to other instant coffees in the market.

With a lot of different options, you can’t go wrong with coffee pods, there are a lot of flavors you can choose and other famous coffee shops are selling their own coffee pods so it’s a great time saver if you don’t want to fall-in-line just to get a cup of coffee.

4. Espresso pod machine

Espresso Pod Machine

This machine brings convenience to make your morning coffee.

It can save you so much time because espresso machines get their job done by just a few minutes of waiting. You will surely get a nicely made drink as a result.

5. Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine

Although coffee machines tend to be expensive at most times, the price is incredibly worth it.

It can save coffee lovers so much time and money by not going to coffee shops anymore to drink one cup of coffee that costs so much, it’s also more convenient because now you can make your own coffee at home.

6. Metal Straw

Metal Straw

These are perfect to use in your cups and tumblers, many coffee lovers will surely love to receive a metal straw.

It can be used when you’re outside, inside your car, and even in your office since metal straws are strong, they are perfect to bring anywhere because they won’t easily break.

Not only does it look good in their cups, it is a great alternative for plastic straws because it is environmentally-friendly, with some cleaning and rinsing, you’re good to go!

7. Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle

Some people don’t have much time and energy to make coffee using a lot of different equipment.

Electric kettles are great for boiling water much faster, with some touch of instant coffee together with your fresh milk; you can make a delicious coffee by not spending too much time and money by going through coffee shops everyday.

8. Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

Even if you already have your own coffee grinder, your coffee is going to be as good based on the beans you’re using.

Coffee beans are different among other instant coffee that you can easily buy in the stores outside your house. It has a lot of health benefits such as high in antioxidants that protects our skin over sun damage, and the less use of chemical that are found in instant coffees. 

Therefore, choosing the best in the market is a must for the coffee lovers to like it.

9. Coffee Grinder

Coffee Grinder

Grinding your own coffee beans can be tough and would take much effort, thus, a coffee grinder will help your beans to be pulverized into tiny bits before brewing them into the consistency of a flour.

Then the machine will also be doing its job to drip the coffee that has been grind and filter for it to flow down to your cup.

10. Coffee-scented Candle

Coffee-Scented Candle

A scented candle brings such light in everyone’s mood, it brings back such memories through its smell, and gives a nice vibe into our thoughts.

Giving this gift to someone who loves coffee will help them stay sane by lighting it and smell the aroma of the coffee with these candles.

11. On-the-go Tumble

On-The-Go Tumble

Whether you love iced coffee or hot coffee, these ones are perfect for hot and cold drinks.

Choosing a great quality tumbler will help you store your drinks and keeping it to the temperature at your choice and just like on mugs, it can be easily personalized too.

You can put quotes and the name of someone you’re giving the tumbler to, just to add some spice.

12. Coffee-related Statement T-shirt

Coffee-Related Statement T-Shirt

You can never go wrong with t-shirts, it can be worn by a guy or a lady so choosing t-shirt as a gift won’t give you such a hard time where to buy it because you can look online or buy it in a mall and it’s there.

There’s a lot of shops that offer statement shirts about a person who drinks coffee all the time.

It will surely be loved by someone you’re gifting it to.

13. Pillows with Coffee-related Quote

Pillows With Coffee-Related Quote

Most people who love coffee are the ones who want to stay cozy.

That is why pillows as a gift is a great idea for them to use while they’re in bed, on a sofa, or even a house decor if you choose something aesthetically pleasing.

14. Coffee Body Scrubs

Coffee Body Scrubs

Applying coffee scrubs to the skin is healthy. The skin is most likely to absorb its antioxidant properties to prevent your skin from aging.

It is also great to lighten and fade the appearance of your stretch marks, scars, cellulite, and can also help stop skin breakouts, dry skin, to name a few.

15. Milk Frother

No products found.

It is a utensil used to aerate the milk making it thick that creates tiny bubbles and heavy foam.

Frothing the milk gives a lighter texture because of the air bubbles, its purpose was to achieve the creamy texture to give a mouthful of excitement to your drink.

16. Coffee grounds sifter

Coffee Grounds Sifter

Sifter are a great pair for your beans.

It will help you get rid of inconsistent particles in your beans for you to have the best brewed coffee.

17. Ice tray

Ice Tray

These are great for someone who prefers iced coffee instead of hot. There are different kinds and shapes of ice trays that’s being sold in the market.

Circle, square, hearts, stars, to name a few. A cute ice shape will make a huge appearance on your iced coffees.

18. Coffee Subscription

Having a coffee subscription on a certain brand lets you have different types of coffees according to what they offer.

This subscription allows you to customize your coffee and may grant a free delivery of coffee supplies on your door so you’ll never run out.

19. Coffee Bean Plant

Coffee Bean Plant

This is perfect for someone who loves plants as much as they love their coffee. This type of plant can be grown indoors or outdoors.

With proper care, there’s a huge possibility for you to harvest some beans in your own place.

20. Bamboo Coffee Filters


Bamboo coffee filters help in reducing the bitter taste upon the process of brewing your own coffee grinds. It also filters the residues and impurities so that you can safely drink your morning cup of coffee.

The bamboo ones are very strong and durable so you won’t have to worry about damaging it while filtering your coffee.

21. The World Atlas of Coffee by James Hoffman

This last one is an amazingly written educational book by James Hoffman that will make you wander around the history of coffee.

It tackles about every coffee in the regions, how it is made, step-by-step tutorials, wonderful photos of coffee around the world, and a lot more knowledge you can learn about coffee in this book.

Coffee enthusiasts will surely be grateful to receive this as a present.

22. Bonsenkitchen Electric Milk Frother

Bonsenkitchen Electric Milk Frother

Perhaps your loved one enjoys making coffee from a machine at home but struggles to get the milk just right for their lattes and other milky beverages. This isn’t uncommon because some frothing arms are a bit weak.

So, why not make things a little easier for them by gifting an electric frother. All they need to do is push the button on the battery-operated device and put the wand in a jug of milk.

There are some nice colors to choose from too. It is simple effective, and could make a big difference to their coffee-making experience.

23. Mueller French Press Coffee Maker

Mueller French Press Coffee Maker

Or perhaps you are looking for something that will give coffee lovers a new way to prepare their coffee in the morning. Your recipient may have expressed an interest in getting a French press, so why not gift them one so they can try it out.

This one from Mueller is a high-end item with a four-level filtration system in an insulated stainless steel pot.

It is made to be tougher than some other devices but still highly effective and good-looking out on a kitchen counter.

24. Kavako Pour Over Coffee Maker

Kavako Pour Over Coffee Maker

On a similar note to the French press above, you could consider giving them a pour-over coffee maker instead.

This is an alternative way of making coffee that could be a great relaxing experience as well as an opportunity to learn. This is also one of the more attractive gifts for coffee lovers for the kitchen because of the style and materials.

There is a sleek glass carafe with a stainless steel filter, cork lid. and a leather collar between.

This sort of item is great for those that want to get away from the noise and electronics of a modern coffee maker and enjoy a nicer experience.

25. Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Another interesting way to make coffee is cold brew coffee. You may have a friend that became a little obsessed with iced coffee last summer. This iced coffee maker could be a great gift to help them brew their own at home.

The glass container has a stainless steel filter and 1.5 liter capacity to allow for plenty of iced coffee in one go. Users can leave it to brew in the fridge and pour as much as they want over the course of the week.

The air-tight seal keeps the drink fresh for longer and each element is of high quality.

26. The French Castle Coffee World Tour Sample Pack

The French Castle Coffee World Tour Sample Pack

Of course if you are going to get gifts for coffee lovers that encourage them to make lots of interesting drinks, they will need the coffee to go with it.

This set brings together small tester packets of coffee from across the world.

With 14 to try. this should keep users interested for a long time. It is a great opportunity to compare flavors and get to know some coffees from more unusual parts of the world.


27. Ororon Coffee Mug Warmer for Desk

Ororon Coffee Mug Warmer For Desk

Anyone that wants to set themselves up with a practical home office desk needs some great practical gifts for coffee lovers.

One of the more obvious options is a coffee mug warmer. But perhaps so obvious that people wrongly assume that the recipient already has one. This model is great because it is compact enough for a small desk but still has a secure area on the 4.3 inch plate.

There are also settings for different temperatures and a timer for up to 8 hours.

It seems to be pretty easy to use and the automatic shut-off means that users aren’t going to waste too much energy.

28. Coffee Pod Carousel

Coffee Pod Carousel

If the coffee cup warmer was obvious, this little gift is a bit weirder. If you have friends and family that love having a pod of coffee from their little coffee machine on a work break, they need somewhere to keep the pods.

This little Lazy Susan style carousel has space for 35 pods and uses can spin it to find the flavor they want for that break. It is smart and a great addition to a desk without getting in the way.

This one is chrome but there is a black version too if that will better match the aesthetic of the workspace.

29. Wacaco Minipresso GR Portable Machine

Wacaco Minipresso GR Portable Machine

The next step up in desk-based coffee making has to be to an on-desk coffee maker. This is actually made more for camping and traveling. However, the right space in a home office could house this little device with ease.

This handheld espresso maker uses manual pressure and hot water to extract the best out of coffee grounds in the filter. It is the sort of device that will take some practice to perfect.

But those that love their gadgets and that see the greater potential in applications outdoors can have a lot of fun.

30. Coffee Mug with Golf Club Pen

Coffee Mug With Golf Club Pen

There is a whole section below on mug gifts for coffee lovers. However, this is a little different as it is as much a game as a drinking vessel.

The idea here is that this mug provides a stress-relieving game there is a little tunnel shape built into the base of the porcelain mug.

Players then take the little ball and golf club pen and practice their shots through the mug It would be better with some spare balls, but it is still a lot of fun for those moments of writer’s block or waiting for an email to arrive. The print on the mug is also nice with the flags and green.

31. Wooden Balancing Blocks Coffee Break Game

Wooden Balancing Blocks Coffee Break Game E

This alternative gift could either fit here or in the relaxing gifts for coffee lovers below. This is a coffee table game where players balance a series of wooden rocks into different towers and arrangements.

It is all about patience and balance, and a great way to take your mind off things for five minutes with a cup of coffee.

The blocks are nice colors and tactile shapes. The pieces and arrangements will also look nice as decorations on the desk as players continue their work.

With 16 pieces in total you can get some nice creations and fun challenges.

32. Wildcrafter Botanicals Organic Decaf Coffee Pods

Wildcrafter Botanicals Organic Decaf Coffee Pods

Coffee doesn’t just have to be for a work break and a way to get a good caffeine boost to fuel the rest of the working day.

In the right setting, and with the right coffee, it can be relaxing too. Decaf coffee pods are a great alternative to herbal tea and coffee lovers in need of stress relief are sure to appreciate these.

You get 12 pods in a pack and each pod is enriched with botanical elements to promote stress relief.

Friends and family with K-cup and Keurig machines can set this up as they wind down after a long day and feel the benefits of the chamomile, passionflower, and holy basil.

33. Coffee Vanilla Scented Candle

Coffee Vanilla Scented Candle

One way to make the atmosphere even more relaxing during a soothing coffee break at home is to burn a scented candle.

This will add to the sensory experience as recipients savor the taste of the coffee, sink into a comfy chair, and inhale the pleasant aromas. To be honest, any relaxing scented candle will help.

But, this ’Afternoon Tea” option with the notes of coffee, caramel, and vanilla is sure to evoke the feel of a coffee house and make users feel a lot better. It is a natural soy candle in ajar, so easy to burn, and is set to last for 50 hours.

34. Thoughtfully Gifts Coffee Therapy Set

Thoughtfully Gifts Coffee Therapy Set

Another way to enhance the enjoyment of a relaxing coffee break is to add a luxury edge to the taste.

This aptly named coffee therapy set provides a series of flavorings through sugars, powders, and syrups. It is the sort of thing to add on a special occasion to make a latte or other drink a little more decadent.

The four syrups are Vanilla. Hazelnut Amaretto. and Salted Caramel. You then get two types of sugar and cocoa powder. It all comes in a cute little gift box too.

35. Educa 4000pc Puzzle Le Petit Cafe

Educa 4000pc Puzzle Le Petit Cafe

Continuing the idea of a relaxing coffee break at home perhaps your intended recipient likes to take their mind off of work or tasks via puzzles.

A real jigsaw puzzle – rather than a digital app – can be very rewarding and great for stress relief. Granted, 4000 pieces could be daunting for some people but this is the sort of puzzle to complete in little sections on small breaks.

The adorable French cafe scene is perfect for a coffee break and for a little escapism from the real world Buyers also note that the pieces are of good quality.

36. Coloring Book Cafe Coffee Life Coloring Book

Coloring Book Cafe Coffee Life Coloring Book

On the same sort of theme as the jigsaw puzzles, we have this coloring book.

Coloring books have proven to be highly therapeutic tools for a lot of people and you may have friends and family that swear by them. So, if those relations are also coffee lovers, they may love the chance to work on the images in this book.

The designs aren’t as complex as other adult books, so great for a 10 minute break in an afternoon with a mug of coffee. Still, there is plenty of room for creativity.

The additional slogans and affirmations are also appealing without getting too sentimental.

37. Coffee Mug Yoga Stress Relief Gift

Coffee Mug Yoga Stress Relief Gift

Although we’ve moved onto the drinkware section of this guide, this also works as a gift for coffee lovers that need to relax.

The little 11 5oz mug is the perfect size for a quick coffee break or for a morning coffee after a yoga session or workout. The slogan on the front is simple: ‘Let that S*** Go*. Clearly this is better for those that don’t mind that sort of blunt affirmation as they work on their self-care.

The image of the Buddha with the lotus flower is nice without going over the top. The pink marble effect is also very pretty.

38. Nofinis Heat Changing Mug

Nofinis Heat Changing Mug

There are so many heat-sensitive mugs with changing patterns out there that there is sure to be something that suits your chosen recipient.

This image is a classic and something that a lot of coffee drinkers can relate to. The black mug shows a clean outline of an empty battery. As the mug heats up with the freshly brewed coffee. The battery recharges with a green bar.

It is a simple piece of symbolism for recharging our own internal battery on a work break. It is simple but effective.

39. Spoontiques Insulated Travel Mug

Spoontiques Insulated Travel Mug

The next mug is another one with a humorous edge for those looking for funny gifts for coffee lovers. But the style of the mug is completely different.

Here you have a tall insulated coffee mug for travel, such as for taking to work in the morning. There is a secure lid and a big handle on the side.

The design mimics a prescription for a “Liquid Pick Me Up” with directions to administer throughout the day. As with the Yoga mug. the appeal will depend on the sense of humor of the recipient.

But the right person will love this design and also find this to be very practical.

40. Yeti Rambler 14oz Insulated Mug

Yeti Rambler 14oz Insulated Mug

This next mug is one for those that need something practical rather than something with novelty appeal. You may not be drawn to this yourself because the design is more boring – although there are lots of colors to choose from.

However, the coffee lover in your life may find that this is precisely what they need for keeping coffee hot and secure on the move. There is a 14oz stainless steel mug that is vacuum insulated and that has a secure lid on top.

The handle is also designed to be big enough to use with thick gloves. Yeti made this for campers, but it is also great for hikers.

41. HUNU Leakproof Collapsible Cup

HUNU Leakproof Collapsible Cup

Finally, for these various mug-based gifts for coffee lovers, we have this interesting collapsible mug. This could be something that friends and family have seen and thought was a neat idea, but never got around to trying.

By gifting this, you can provide a portable solution for drinking coffee on camping and hiking trips The ergonomic sage green cup folds down into a tiny shape with a secure strap.

It will then fit neatly into pockets and take up less room in backpacks The BPA-free silicone also means that it is safe to use and flexible.

42. Coffee Novelty Socks

Coffee Novelty Socks

Sometimes, all you want are little novelty gifts for coffee lovers.

These little gifts are great as add-ons to presents or as little treats for achievements and smaller occasions. This pair of socks is sure to raise a smile and make its way into the regular wardrobe rotation of friends and family.

The underneath of the socks read ‘if you can read this bring me some coffee’ – a great message for days when wearers are literally taken off their feet by their workload.

The coffee-related designs and colors on the rest of the socks look great too.

43. Crazy Dog T-shirt

Crazy Dog T-Shirt

There are lots of novelty t-shirts out there with images and slogans to amuse coffee-drinkers. Many have a fairly asocial edge for all those that really can’t deal with people before having a morning coffee.

This shirt reads. “I like coffee and maybe 3 people’. It is something that many people can relate to.

This women’s shirt comes in various sizes in a poly/cotton blend and also has a range of nice colors to choose from. If in doubt about the correct size, order a size up as this is a slim-fit as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

44. Engraved Stainless Steel Coffee Spoon

Engraved Stainless Steel Coffee Spoon

This is something a little bit different. Those that love the routine of making their coffee from the coffee machine every morning will appreciate the chance to use a coffee spoon with a difference.

An engraved coffee spoon could be a nice sentimental gift or one that simply raises a smile on a miserable morning This is definitely designed to be the latter thanks to the neatly engraved ‘to-do list* on the spoon.

It is a mix of gallows humor about the repetition of the working week and affirmations to make the best of things.

The spoon is stainless steel, so long-lasting and comes in a nice box.

45. Coffee Cover Lover Keychain

Coffee Cover Lover Keychain

Next, there is this cute little keychain. Keychains are great as gifts for coffee lovers because they become treasured little personal items.

Users can reach into their pockets and road the messages and see the meaningful charms. There are two charms on this metal ring. The first is an engraved bar that says ‘with enough coffee. I can rule the world”. This should prove inspiring on a coffee break at work

The other charm is a little takeaway coffee cup that seems to be based on the Starbucks logo. It is an affordable and simple gift that will keep on giving.

46. Coffee Passport Journal

Coffee Passport Journal

The last of the novelty gifts for coffee lovers is a bit different but also something that coffee enthusiasts could love.

The Passport Journal is a little book with pages for recording various experiences with coffee tastings and other aspects of trips.

It is a good way for users to compare coffee in various locations and to take note of what they might want to use in their machines in the future.

Each page is neatly laid out and easy to use so that travelers can record fine details and have a lot of fun at the same time.

47. Birthday Box Coffee Gift Basket


Finally, we have sets of gifts for coffee lovers. This one is specifically for a birthday present, which could limit the possibilities slightly.

Still, it is a great gift that will be greatly appreciated This set is diverse with a range of food items, wearables, and more. There is some coffee and biscotti to get people started, a cute tumbler and straw to drink it from, and other fun coffee-themed items.

The fridge magnet is sure to brighten up a kitchen and the coffee-flavored lip balm is an unusual addition.

This is the sort of set that can bring joy to a coffee enthusiast beyond their morning cup or afternoon coffee break.

48. Golden Gift Box Coffee Lovers Gift Basket

Golden Gift Box Coffee Lovers Gift Basket

This next gift set for coffee lovers isn’t too tied into a birthday, so could also work well for anniversaries or maybe Father’s Day.

The bold print on the box reads “all you need is coffee’ and this is sure to raise a smile before recipients even see what’s inside. There is a greater focus on food-related items here with the different types of snacks and treats to go with, or maybe even in the coffee.

There is also a nice mug and another pair of socks. This one is a little more masculine in feel with the colors and general tone.

49. Silly Obsessions Coffee Lover Gift Box

Silly Obsessions Coffee Lover Gift BoxE

This set doesn’t have quite as much as some of the others, which makes it a great choice for friends and family when you don’t want to go too over the top.

This box contains three coffee-related items to bring a little joy. The socks are similar to those mentioned before with the same ‘if you can read this bring me coffee” slogan Then there is a tactile ceramic mug that says “When life hands you lemons, give them back and ask for coffee”.

The final item is unusual and more practical. It is a coffee scoop that doubles up as a bag clip. The only downside is the lack of coffee or food items. But, this may mean it will travel a lot further without damage.

50. Bean Box Coffee and Chocolate

Bean Box Coffee And Chocolate

This next gift set for coffee lovers is a little different again This one does away with all of the silly extras and design and focuses purely on a great taste experience. The box is simple with eco-friendly packaging and ‘good morning sunshine” written inside to brighten the start of a day.

There are four packets of coffee in the smallest set. allowing for different flavors and a chance to compare to some new providers.

Then there are four bars of Jcoco chocolate in interesting flavors. Recipients can enjoy paring the two together on coffee breaks to see which go together the best. There is also a 16-piece set in the range with double the options if you would prefer.

Or, you can swap out the ground coffee for beans if your relation has a bean-to-cup-machine instead.

The ideal gift for coffee lovers is out there.

As you can see the world of coffee-themed gifts is broad and there is sure to be something your loved one will want, need or just find amusing. You can tailor the gift to a situation or specific like, or go all-out with some of these gift sets. Either way hopefully, this guide has inspired you and you will find the perfect fit.

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