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Golden Eagle Dutch Bros: Everything You Need To Know

Not everyone has a knack for waking up early in the morning or staying up late ’til the mor-nights!

Caffeine is a crowd’s favorite for this particular reason: it’s the right drink to punch the energy back to the sleepyheads. Some underrated good stuff can be found at the Dutch Bros coffee chain, and they serve the perfect brews you might not have heard about. They’re also known for their peppy and friendly servers, who’ll liven up your days!

Dutch Bros features an extensive menu for those who love any iced, hot, and blended caffeine. However, are you a first-timer and don’t know what’s the best in it? The Golden Eagle drink should be one of the great picks.

Why not try their Golden Eagle drink if you’re still unfamiliar with the Dutch Bros selection? Let’s talk about it!

Golden Eagle Dutch Bros

Golden Eagle Dutch Bros

What is the Dutch Bros Golden Eagle?

The Golden Eagle drink is a vanilla and caramel breve with caramel drizzle.
The Golden Eagle drink is a vanilla and caramel breve with a caramel drizzle.

The Golden Eagle drink is a vanilla and caramel breve with a caramel drizzle. It is also a part of the Dutch Classics drink line, which Dutch Bro’s favorite picks and are said to guarantee to satisfy! There’s no way that you’re not going to enjoy this drink.

Quick Fact: The drinkers of Golden Eagle note that the caramel breve is thick, making the coffee the sweetest of the ‘em all. Sweet tooths would love it!

Meanwhile, if you prefer things with less sugar, you can ask your server to adjust the sugar level so it’s not overly sweet for you. The bold espresso is overpowered by its vanilla and sweetness, so for the bitter caffeine fans, this might be something new on the tongue.

The Golden Eagle can be ordered in three ways: the usual iced, hot, or blended, which is slightly different from the two. The blended Golden Eagle is the Dutch Freeze version, which is said to be frostier, creamier, and perfectly blended. It’s a shiver you need if you feel hot under the sun.

This caramel vanilla coffee is made of just enough caramel with a smooth and rich texture. Whether you’re a coffee enjoyer or not, it’s the caffeine drink that will suit anyone’s palate! There’s a lot to choose from on their menu, but the Golden Eagle is surely not a miss if you’re an enthusiast of sweet drinks.

How Much Caffeine Does the Golden Eagle Contain?

How Much Caffeine Does the Golden Eagle Contain
How Much Caffeine Does the Golden Eagle Contain?

The caffeine content varies on the serving size that you will be ordering. Approximately, for every 20 fluid ounces, you get 256 milligrams of caffeine. The Golden Eagle is made with a double shot of espresso, so its caffeine content is more than what you’d get in an Americano drink with only one shot.

Even if Golden Eagle’s caffeine content is above average, it’s still not bitter like normal coffee! It is because it’s blended with caramel, cream, and every sweet thing you could think of. Basically, the bitterness was toned down by the other ingredients that were mixed with it.

The caffeine you’re getting in a single drink is the same as what you’d get in any other espresso drink.

The Golden Eagle Nutritional Facts

Golden Eagle has three sizes: small, medium, and large. Its nutritional value depends on its serving size. Like any usual caffeine drink, its calories can range from 340 to 560 calories per serving. That’s about 20% of an average person’s calorie intake daily, so it’s not a heavy drinker.

For those under a calorie deficit diet, the Golden Eagle may have a lot of calorie content. Meanwhile, if you’re not under a strict diet and are a regular consumer of caffeine, it’s like any other coffee you drink in terms of nutritional value.

Quick Fact: Keep in mind that Golden Eagle’s sugar content is high as it is a sweet drink, so it’s not recommended for diabetic people. The cholesterol and sodium levels are low, on the other hand.

Is It Worth the Bucks?

Everyone is perky and welcoming, something that will uplift your mood.
Everyone is perky and welcoming, something that will uplift your mood.

Whatever drink you might want to get from Dutch Bros, we’re sure that it’s worth every single of your pennies!

The Golden Eagle is priced at $3.75 for small, $4.25 for medium, and $5.25 for large. For some who have tried other coffee chains, these prices might be slightly more expensive than usual. However, Dutch Bros are not playing around with their coffee menu.

Not to mention that the Dutch Bros coffee chain offers an experience you’d never forget with their employees. Everyone is perky and welcoming, something that will uplift your mood. They don’t just make your coffee, but they also make your day.

If you’re hesitant about the prices, try the Golden Eagle ones, and you’d probably squeeze it into your tight budget once the flavors hit your tongue!

Order Golden Eagle Now!

Ordering the Golden Eagle can never be easier.
Ordering the Golden Eagle can never be easier.

Ordering the Golden Eagle can never be easier. Dutch Bros coffee is a drive-through coffee chain with over a hundred locations around the United States. Their main headquarters are in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Go grab your car keys, slip inside your vehicle, and drive around until you find a Dutch Bros coffee chain in your area. You may check out the locations on their website to see if you have one near you.

Besides coffee, they also sell coffee, gift cards, mugs, and accessories, which are accessible on their online store: https://shop.dutchbros.com. Those fanatics of Dutch Bros should cop an addition for their homes.

D.I.Y. Golden Eagle

Firstly, no one could ever get the exact recipe from the original Dutch Bros. If you want something similar, here’s a recipe you should try out for yourself!

Blend your coffee beans like usual to get two shots of espresso. Next, get two tablespoons of caramel sauce and dissolve it in your blazing hot espresso. You can also use the caramel sauce to design the edges of the cup-like what they do in-store. Add the espresso, caramel mix, and half-and-half on top.

You can drink it as it is or add ice and whipped cream. Voila, you have your Dutch Bros Golden Eagle!


Dutch Bros is popular for its friendly atmosphere and, of course, its superb coffee brews. Unlike the usual cafes, Dutch Bros offer a variety of traditional and unique flavors, and one of them might be your favorite that you can never get from another brand!

The Golden Eagle is one of its most quirky flavors and might be your next favorite. Hit their drive-through and check out the drink for yourself!

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